10 Oct 2015
TRus101 - Tips for Putin and Russia
in Russia

This will be a section for tips for Putin and Russia ... in dealing with the international scenario. If you observe, Russia has been mainly secluded from international affairs when it comes to “economic development”. Yes, you have fought a few wars in the past together but I am referring to the economic part. Here is where you are lacking.

I don’t blame you for that. You were busy with the Czars and then immediately you had Communism take over ... which consumed several decades of your country ... and just recently since the past 10-15 years you have opened to international affairs. You had a lot of chaos in the past and dealing with your own issues was itself a challenge. And the second major reason for this seclusion is that ... Russia is a big beautiful country blessed with splendid natural resources. You don’t need other countries to support your survival.

But then again ... in the current world, if you remain secluded then it can become an issue. When things are right ... everything is nice ... but if some nasty people take control over other important nations then they can try to trouble you. In such a scenario, it is always best to have relations with countries in such a way that ... doesn’t matter what the world says ... they are always by your side. And there is a way to establish such relations with other countries around the world.

If you look at the current sanctions that Russia is being put through ... it is being done collectively through a network system. One guy calls the shots and others follow ... it is easy to set up such systems. I will show you how it is done.

The advantage of such a system is that ... under a worst case scenario ... if anyone wants to isolate you from the world and take action against you ... then you will not be alone. Like right now ... you have hardly any countries supporting you ... Iran, Syria and China ... may be North Korea a little bit. This seclusion severely limits your existence. But if you setup a system where at least half of the world is with you ... supporting you, standing next to you ... then it becomes terribly difficult to do anything against your country. If you have 50 countries or a 100 countries supporting you then only a fool will try to mess with you.

This international network, that you will create, will give your country a huge boost ... not only politically but also economically. You will get hundreds of billions in trade from these countries every year. If you see the value of this trade in a decade ... it will be in trillions. This international network will strengthen Russia in case of any negative international politics ... as well as it will give you a very strong economic stability in the world.

(This is a weekly or bi-weekly post ... one page will be posted every week or two weeks, hopefully)