16 May 2019
Iran is a stepping stone to a war against Russia
in Russia

This is what Russia should note about the Establishment’s plan for a war against Russia. The Establishment is going to use Iran as a stepping stone for a war against Russia. Establishment elements have repeatedly pushed for a war against Iran … mainly owing to the major changes coming in America and Europe where the Establishment is losing control in the countries and people are repeatedly protesting against Austerity measures like the Yellow Vests protests in France.

  • Marketing Iran as a threat. Netanyahu repeatedly shows Iran as a major threat and danger to the world and pushes for war against Iran.
  • Attacking Syria. Netanyahu has repeatedly bombed Syria, a country protected by Russia, only to start a conflict with Russia.
  • Calls for attacks on S300 Systems. Israeli leaders have called for the bombing of S300 Russian Defense Systems placed in Syria … only to design a conflict with Russia. They know that if Russia comes into the picture then automatically they will pull America in the war … and they get a world war that they desperately need.
  • Attacks on Iranian ships. Israeli leaders have called for attacks on Iranian oil shipments in the region.
  • Mischief already in play. After calling for attacks on Iranian oil ships … interestingly, Saudi Oil Ships are sabotaged. If Israel had attacked Iranian oil ships then it would receive condemnation from all UN members … Iran would come out as the victim. But if malicious Establishment elements attack and sabotage Saudi oil ships … then Saudi would immediately blame Iran because it is the regional enemy … which would show an escalation of friction in the region. Trump has already sent two warships in the region based on this.
  • The design of the major event. These guys are war designers … just like 9/11 was used as a major event to justify wars on Afghanistan and Iraq … similarly, a major event will be designed in the Middle East and this event will be blamed on Iran … such as blowing up of Saudi ships. Saudi ships are already being sabotaged … now, if one or two ships blow up … Saudi will immediately suspect and blame Iran. This event will be used as a “declaration of war” from Iran. This is exactly what the Establishment is working on right now.
  • Chemical attacks in Syria. Chemical attacks in Syria were used to bomb Syria. Obama understood how the Establishment functions and he restrained himself from bombing Syria based upon these chemical attacks. But under Trump, two times Chemical Attacks happened and in both times … Trump attacked Syria.
  • Blowing up of Saudi Ships. The Establishment is so desperate for war that it created “chemical attacks” in Syria. It already has a President in the White House who is saying that … “if anything happens then Iran will face severe consequences”. The question here is … how is Trump going to handle a major malicious event in the Middle East? Trump himself is being shown “war as a re-election strategy” … he himself is being shown war as very lucrative for his Presidency. On the other hand, we have an evil and malicious Establishment that resorts to chemical attacks to create war … blowing up of ships is tidbits for them. What will Trump do when Saudi ships blow up or any other major event is created in the Middle East?
  • The Target is Iran. The Establishment has already been failed in all of its anti-Russian propaganda. “Russia is hacking elections … interfering in Democracies … cyber war fare … attack on electric grids … collusion” and bla bla bla. All of this has been failed. The Establishment is back on focusing and “framing Iran” to start a war against Russia.

Russia should focus on two major things now:

  • Defense for Iran. Russia should actively take measures to defend Iran. This war is designed to move into Russia very quickly. The Establishment is losing on many fronts in America and it is very desperate for a war against Russia. Russia should not wait for the bombs to fall on Moscow. Russia should create an active defense system for Iran ASAP.
  • Handling the next “major event”. And the second most important thing that Russia and America must prepare to do is … handling of the next major event. Iran is the target and the blame game on Iran is already active. Saudis are openly blaming Iran for the sabotage of their ships. The sequence of the buildup has already begun. If you see the truth, then there is no evidence that Iran attacked Saudi ships … it is only suspicion. It is these “mind games” that the Establishment uses to run its agenda via events that they create. This is just a buildup for a world war.

The Justified and Intelligent ways of handling “major events”
Starting wars with Afghanistan and Iraq based upon 9/11 was not the justified and intelligent thing to do. Bombing Syria again and again based upon chemical attacks was not justified and the intelligent thing to do.

  • The Establishment creates events and
  • The US Administration goes on a bombing spree

There is no justification or intelligence in this sequence. This sequence needs to be broken down. Trump should lead in breaking this sequence … show great leadership, justice and intelligence … and Russia should help Trump follow this path.

  • Don’t jump into war. Don’t start bombing the moment any event happens. Do not follow bad advisers who will mislead you. Do not follow bad media outlets who want you to bomb countries … its all malice.
  • Understand Establishment malice. Understand the Establishment’s path and what they are planning. The Establishment’s major targets are Russia, Iran and Trump. All of the schemes that they design somehow lead to the demonization or attack on Russia, Iran and Trump. The Trump Presidency is itself a major target of the Establishment. They are trying to frame Iran and they are actively scheming for a World War. Don’t give this criminal Establishment what they want. Just hold back … don’t respond instantly … and follow a justified and intelligent path.
  • Start an investigation. If any event happens … instead of starting a war … start an investigation. First collect evidence from the crime scene … don’t follow mental voodoo … find out who the main culprit is via real evidence at the crime scene.
  • Involve the Security Council. Involve Europe, Russia and other nations into an investigation on the event. Let everyone have their say and take their inputs. No European nation wants a war with Iran because it will bring enormous destruction in Europe.
  • Proportionate Response. Most of the time … you will never get evidence of the target carrying out the malice. Just like there is no evidence of collusion or Russia attacking electric grids. All of it is propaganda. But in case, you get some evidence or caught Iranians red handed on the crime scene … then make sure that your response is proportionate to the crime committed. If a ship is sabotaged or blown up … then do not start bombing their cities. Iran is not Syria who will take your bombing in silence.
  • Do not drop the first bomb. The moment you drop the first bomb in Iran then President Trump becomes the one who started the world war. Doesn’t matter what event was created … it might be ships blowing up or whatever happened … if Trump drops the first bomb on Iran then he becomes responsible for the entire world war. The guy who drops the first bomb holds the entire responsibility. If Iran drops the first bomb on any Middle East country, then feel free to respond. But even in your response, keep it proportionate … try your best not to convert it into a full-scale war. There is no reason for Iran to start dropping bombs anywhere.
  • Do not respond with violence. The best option for the Trump Presidency is … at this moment in time where Russia and Iran are being framed as targets is … do not respond with violence. Russia wants to do business with the world … and Iran wants the same. There is no reason that these countries will start a world war. It is only Establishment malice that will frame these countries as targets … just like they frame Trumps as targets at the Domestic level. Your best option is … use sanctions and not violence. You will come off as a far more intelligent and wise leader on this path.
  • Russian Leadership. Russia should alert other world leaders and countries of the “expected malice” in the Middle East and prepare a proper reasonable path of handling such events. The best way of handling Establishment malice is by exposing it and preparing for it 10 steps ahead.

War with Iran will help the Establishment take down all targets
Why is the Establishment so keen on a war with Iran? Because a war with Iran will help the Establishment take down all of its main targets. If you have observed, the main targets of the Establishment since the past 3 years are Iran, Russia and the Trump Presidency.  A war against Iran will help the Establishment take care of all of its targets.

Iran is not Syria that will sit there taking a shower of Tomahawk missiles on its cities. Iran will immediately respond with a shower of missiles in all directions. European countries will respond to Iran. Russia will defend Iran. The Establishment will maliciously place an attack on Russia. Russia will respond with an offensive. The whole thing is very carefully planned out to be a chaotic war.

The interesting this with this chaotic war is that … the Establishment will eliminate a major rival in the region … that is Iran. It terminates America and Europe via Russia thus covering up its debt based malicious systems … Russia will be destroyed to a great extent in the process. Because Trump started this World War, the worst will be unleashed on the Trump Family. The Establishment gets to take down all of its targets via a war with Iran.

This is why the Establishment is very keenly and routinely marketing for a war with Iran. It is a must for Trump and Putin to join with other world leaders and suppress this war momentum against Iran. It is a must for them to find peaceful ways of handling any major event designed in the Middle East that will be blamed on Iran. Mutual and peaceful coordination is a must. Understand what and why they are planning and be prepared in advance. This is the best way to derail the Establishment’s worldwide malice.