14 May 2019
Iran should coordinate with Russia for Defense
in Russia

The world cannot afford America to go for a war in Iran. The Establishment might mislead the Trump Administration to use “war” as a re-election strategy. Sending warships to the Middle East … sending 120,000 troops to the Middle East … all of this was done during the war with Iraq. It’s the same build up. Its an active buildup for war with Iran. Why? It has nothing to do with Iran … its about the internal chaos in America.

  • Leadership vacuum. Trump has left a huge leadership vacuum in America. His Presidency has been mainly consumed in fighting off demonization and lawsuits, instead of leading the country and working for the people. This leadership vacuum is attracting everyone to the White House. Everyone wants to remove Trump and lead the country.
  • Investigations against Trump. To take opportunity of this lack in leadership, the Democrats have launched more than 80 investigations against Trumps in order to remove him from the White House.
  • Trump being cornered. This is leading to Trump being cornered where the media is against him, the Establishment is against him, the Democrats are against him and many of his own Republican Party members are against him.
  • “War” as re-election strategy. Here is where some malicious elements might mislead Trump into using “war” as a re-election strategy. They might mislead him into thinking that “Presidents don’t get impeached when there is an ongoing war. Using wars and fear he can get re-elected.” And so on. Trump does not know that the Establishment is already using his war moves as an excuse to build up a case for jail against him.

What we are basically having here is a “cornered President” who has aggression against him from all sides at the Domestic level and he is being shown war as a strategy for re-election and the continuation of his Presidency. He does not know that it will be a sure shot end of his Presidency. Till date, no one has a genuine reason to impeach Trump or put any Trump in jail. And these wars will give the Establishment exactly what they need to remove Trump from power.

The buildup of a war against Iran

  • Pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Imposing of sanctions on Iran
  • Sending two warships to the Middle East
  • Considering the deployment of 120,000 US soldiers to the Middle East
  • Ordering the non-essential employees of the US Embassy out of Iraq

Let’s see what Russia and Iran can do … to defend themselves from this ongoing chaos in America. Yes, starting a war with Iran is not the right thing to do and not justified in any way. But so were the wars with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. The situation is very complex in America and everyone is fighting for leadership. We should in no way be the victims of their infighting.

  • Mutual Coordination. Iran should immediately coordinate with Russia to establish proper defense mechanisms to ward off this threat.
  • Don’t wait for the surprise to become real. Don’t sit there expecting reason and logic to be followed. If reason and logic was followed then the War on Terror would have not been launched at all. Things are very acute and desperate in America. Start immediate coordination with Russia.
  • Apply countermeasures. If they deploy two warships … Russia should deploy two warships. If they send troops … Russia should send its troops. Don’t sit there defenseless and be caught in a surprise.
  • Political Action. Use Iranian and Russian political leaders to expose the war and its deadly consequences in the media.
  • Media in motion. These countermeasures will put the media in motion in America. And they will start discussing the need, the pros and cons of a war with Iran right now. “When there is no provocation from Iran then why a war with Iran? Russia is sending warships … are we ready for a war with Russia?”
  • Don’t use only threats. Using only threats against each other will only create the required tensions to start the war. Try to use reason and logic … to show that there is absolutely no threat from Iran and that there is no need for this war. Show the deadly consequences that this war can bring to the world … for Europe, for America and the world.
  • Warding off war. The above process will help us ward off a deadly war that may take us by surprise. Just because one person is being misled by some malicious elements … it does not mean that all of us have to be victims of the wrong decision of one person. We can act beforehand to derail this mistake from happening.
  • Peace will eliminate issues. The resultant peace that will be maintained in America and the world … this peace will help us fight off the major issues in America and the main miscreants behind them. War will only bring us death and destruction. The worst is planned for the Trump Family during and after this war … but when war is concerned … its about all of us.

Iran should immediately start coordinating with Russia to establish countermeasures. Do not wait for the surprise.