28 Aug 2018
Trump is a good guy who is being misled
in Russia

This is basically what is going on in the White House. There is enormous amounts of legal pressure on the Trump Family and the Trump Presidency from the Establishment. There are some people in the Trump Team that are either malicious or don't know how to handle things. The advice that Trump is being given is that "do whatever the Establishment wants you to in order to save yourselves from jail". This is the basic decision making policy that is being used in the White House.

Trump is a good guy but he is being misled. He is under immense pressure and he does not know how to handle the situation ... and he is following whatever advice that he is getting. Yes, he is taking some steps against the Establishment at a private level but at the front end public level ... he is trying to be pro-Establishment.

This is the main reason why:

  • He set up the Jerusalem Embassy
  • He put sanctions on Russia after Helsinki
  • He canceled Net Neutrality rules
  • He spends trillions on the Establishment
  • He is trying to stop our work
  • He will readily bomb any country
  • And the list goes on and on

Most of the things that Trump does is as per Establishment wishes ... if the Establishment wants something then Trump is being misled in doing it. What you should know is that this massive anti-Trump and anti-Russian propaganda are all designed by the Establishment. It is not a great idea to support the Establishment. The Establishment is like a pile of snakes. The more you support them, the more you get hurt. Trump is under severe legal pressure and you never know when Trump will stand up to this Establishment.

In this immense pressure mode, Trump is ending up being the hand of the Establishment. He is being misled into doing everything that the Establishment wants him to do. He is being hostile to us only because that's what the Establishment wants.

  • He is creating legal problems for us because that's what the Establishment wants.
  • He is trying to shut down our work because that's what the Establishment wants.
  • He is trying to cancel our financial routes because that's what the Establishment wants.
  • He is trying to use Russia and Putin to shut us down only because that's what the Establishment wants.

We are the ones who saved his Presidency from racist rallies. There were mass protests against Trump on his Travel Ban and policies against Muslims, Blacks and Latinos. We guided him how to reform these policies and how to use the right terms so that these racist rallies disappear. We showed him how KSA is a key ally of America because of which he got about a trillion dollar defense deal from them. We stopped wars many times under his Presidency. The policies of Tariffs and American Energy that he is running is something that we had promoted on our site.

Despite giving him so much support, bringing peace and stability in his Presidency and create excellent job growth in the country ... Trump is turning against us and becoming hostile against us. He is being misled into thinking that it will be a "favor for the Establishment" ... by shutting down our work. He is trying to use legal & financial pressure and also help from Russia to shut down our work only to please the Establishment.

But if you see, what has been the Establishment's response to all of Trump's favors? They have only piled up more lawsuits, they are putting more Trump members in jail and the investigations against Trump have not stopped. There is zero positive response from the Establishment. And it is this same Establishment that wants sanctions on Russia and a war against Russia. This Establishment has been creating a bad image for Russia in the world since the past 4 years. This Establishment is running a massive anti-Russian propaganda all around the West.

Trump will make a few promises in private against the Establishment. And we know that he wants to root out the Establishment himself. But these small private assurances are not enough. If Trump truly wants to take down the Establishment then you will see him initiate measures to break down their monopoly. Until and unless Trump does not break down their monopoly, he will continue to remain under their pressure and he can flip against anyone at any time. And this includes flipping against Russia ... as you have clearly seen this after the Helsinki meeting.

The way to handle this would be DO NOT FOLLOW Trump when he is doing stuff only to please the Establishment. There will be no logic, reason or common sense in such decisions and policies ... except that Trump is under legal pressure and that he is being misled. These decisions include:

  • War plans in Syria or any other country
  • Domestic and National policies that drive benefits only to the Establishment
  • Sanctions on Russia and isolation of Russia in any field
  • Being hostile towards us and trying to shut down our work
  • Support for bankers and high-interest rates

All of these are Establishment agendas. Simple ways of how you can avoid taking action against us and stop Trump's hostility are:

  • Tell him that I am just one simple person. Why is the President of the United States fearing one simple person?
  • Our work is only positive and it has helped Trump rise in ratings and become more and more popular.
  • The Establishment is a pile of snakes, their aggression on Trump will only increase doesn't matter what he does for them. There is no point in shutting down work that will save Trump from these snakes.
  • I am a harmless people-centric person that has only great policies and plans for the world.
  • We are not hurting, killing or stealing from anyone.
  • We are not doing anything illegal.
  • Why aggression against someone who has only goodness for you?
  • Tell Trump to focus on the actual guys who are abusing his family and trying to put him and his family in jail.
  • Why misdirect anger, hate and hostility towards someone who has only helped your Presidency?

Please use any excuse that you can but please protect me from Trump's hostility. Trump is a great guy. If he comes on the right track then he will be a great President. He is being misled into venting out his anger, hate and hostility towards the wrong person. And guess who wins in this misdirected hostility? It is the Establishment that will win. It is the pile of snakes that will win and create more abuse for Trump. And only God knows what they will do next.

Your kind cooperation is requested. Please stop following Trump. You have to take the lead now. You are providing excellent world leadership for everyone. Following Trump will only lead to disasters as Trump is being misled in many fields. He does not even know that. You have to follow the law, use logic & reason and make the right decisions for the world. Trump is not in a position to lead as of now. You have the capacity and freedom to use courage and intelligence in doing what is right.

He might also come into a deal-making mode. "Shut this guy down and I will give you this ... beat him up and I will give you this and this." Please do not buy all of that.

Please don't fall for all of the promises that Trump will make in private. The only signal that you should see is "will Trump break Establishment monopoly?" If he does that then he is on the right track, otherwise he is just trying to use you to do what the Establishment wants.

In the next phases, things are actually going to get very bad for Trump. He is going to have a lot of legal problems and he will face a major crisis. This hostility towards us is nothing. Only God knows what Trump will do when things will get even worse. Managing Trump's hostility and bad decisions will be one of the things that Putin and Russia will have to do. This is how you lead the world ... you stop bad decisions and do what is right. Managing Trump is one of the key responsibilities of Russia's world leadership role. Just because you stood up to Trump and his strikes on Syria ... you got immense support from Europe and the world.

Until and unless Trump comes on the right track and does what is right ... this will be a place where Russia has to lead. You will get phenomenal support from Europe and the world. I guarantee you that.