15 Jul 2018
Sanctions and war alert for Russia
in Russia

Two major alerts for Russia … sanctions and war. Take a look.

Election Interference
This whole thing about Russian election interference started off with this article:

Donald Trump should declare One Million Dollar prize for Hillary's deleted emails

What we told him was “crowdsource” this work to get Hillary’s deleted emails. Declare a million dollar prize and allow everyone to come into action … hackers, China, Russia, NSA agents … whatever it might be. The idea was to crowdsource the work. But instead of crowdsourcing … lol … he directly makes an open public request during his campaign rally asking “Russia” to get Hillary’s emails.

If he had crowdsourced it … then the first people to reach out these hackers would be the media agencies because they would pay far more for this information. Trump would have got Hillary’s emails and kept him also safe … because “hacking” is technically not a legal activity. So the blunder that Trump makes is … he invites a foreign country to carry out an illegal activity against his opponent during the elections. Not only that but he follows it up with several direct meetings.

Blaming Obama for inaction
His blunders don’t stop only there. Now, what he is doing is … blaming Obama that he did not take any action against Russia. It seems Obama knew that Russia hacked the DNC server but he took no action. Exactly what action is Trump expecting Obama to have taken? To eliminate Trump from the election because he openly colluded with Russia and he had evidence that Russia hacked the DNC? By blaming Obama, Trump is openly requesting that Obama should have axed his legs right there itself.

Throwing Russia under the bus
Russia might have hacked the DNC but at whose request? It is Trump who openly and publicly requested for this. Why blame Obama for inaction? What is Trump actually trying to do here, is this … Trump works for Trump … it’s all about him … he has lived in utmost comfort all his life and he has no idea how to manage crisis. And the moment trouble walks in … he will readily throw the other person under the bus in order to protect himself.

He has done this to several people who have worked under his Administration … the moment they are in trouble … “okay, bye bye … I don’t know you … who are you again?” This is Trump’s strategy of keeping Trump First. This is why he makes hypocritical statements like:

  • The whole Russia investigation is a hoax. And then he also says …
  • I am going to be tough on Russia … nobody has been more tough on Russia than me.

If the whole Russia investigation is a hoax … then why do you want to be tough on Russia? If you want to be tough on Russia … then why is the Russia investigation a hoax? What Trump is basically doing is … in both of his statements, he is protecting himself …

  • He says that the Russia investigation is a hoax so that these investigations stop.
  • He says that he will be tough on Russia only to please the Establishment and so that Mueller can go easy on him.

In both of the statements, Trump is keeping Trump First.

Fight politics with politics
What Trump basically should have done is … fought politics with politics. This whole Russia Investigation and Mueller is nothing but a delegitimization campaign … this is not an investigation but it is a political propaganda designed to terminate Trump’s Presidency. Trump should have delegitimized everything that Mueller did … instead, he keeps throwing his team members under the bus.

Putin makes one statement that “yes, I did it because Trump requested me to.” Then his Presidency will be over and out. Trump will face criminal charges of Collusion … the FBI has the evidence and the testimony. With one statement Trump’s Presidency can be over. All it needs is Putin to accept that Trump asked him to do it.

Trump can do nothing to Putin. Putin is an immensely popular and powerful President … his Presidency will continue. Trump’s game will be over. Europe is already tired of Trump and they are already knocking on Russia’s doors. Putin has shown himself to be a much wiser, just and good leader for the world than Trump. I am sure Putin will not do that to Trump because he is a much wiser person. He is not the type who tosses his team members under the bus.

Acceptance means consequences
When Trump is not fighting back … and he is accepting the evidence that Russia hacked the DNC and saying that Obama should have done something about it … it only means that Trump is accepting that Russia hacked the DNC … and this will lead to consequences … primarily for Russia. As Trump is going to put all of the blame on Russia and protect himself. Because that’s what he does.

This means that in the coming days or weeks … the Congress is going to hatch up:

  • An additional round of sanctions or
  • Diplomat expulsions and
  • Try to worsen relations with Russia
  • They might also try to use European nations in this
  • They will also try to put in additional measures and restrictions wherever possible

Why is this going to happen to Russia? Because Trump doesn’t fight for his team … the moment trouble comes … he will be the first one to flip and toss you under the bus.

How to handle this?

  • Pressurize Trump to fight politics with politics. Trump should stop being the Establishment’s bitch and stop doing everything that they want. He should learn how to fight politics with politics. This whole thing is political propaganda … no real harm was done. He should fight off all evidence, investigators and investigations as “propaganda material”. He should protect his team members … he cannot repeatedly keep throwing his team under the bus again and again. He cannot make two-sided statements that … these investigations are a hoax and also that he will be tough on Russia. He needs to learn to stand up for his team and remain consistent on it.
  • Tap on hand. For some reason … if Trump is too chicken to do that … then any action taken against Russia should be only a tap on the hand. Trump should do everything possible indirectly via Europe to secure Russian interests.

It’s impossible to work or cooperate with Trump when he will just toss you under the bus and the only person that he cares for is himself. He has to stand up for you in one way or the other. That’s point number one … the second point is …

Planning for war in the Middle East
Yes, Trump is still planning for a war in the Middle East. Trump is not a puppet but he is doing everything to be a puppet of the Establishment. Everything that the Establishment wants … he jumps for it. It might be:

  • Repealing Net Neutrality
  • Promoting Radical Islam
  • Banning Refugees
  • Massive Defense Spending
  • Massive Tax Cuts
  • Ready to bomb other countries
  • Jerusalem Embassy
  • Allowing Israel to bomb its neighbors with no questions asked
  • Increasing interest rates for Central Bankers

Trump is still on a major “Establishment appeasement” track. This small change in the stop of wars happened only because we shot down his efforts to start a war … and not because Trump is a changed person. It is an accomplishment of Intervention Forces … it is not a Trump accomplishment that we have peace in the world. Trump is still very keen on war. Trump has made a few moves that are nice ... like tariffs and American Energy. But that's just 5% of goodness ... 95% of his Presidency is still a total disaster.

This is what you need to understand about the Trump Presidency … “he is in for the cash”. Just like he buys a hotel and reaps the benefits off it … similarly, he has invested $200 million in the Presidency and he wants to reap benefits from it. When Trump is working on this angle … then the Establishment becomes his close partners.

  • Blowing up trillions on defense … benefits the Establishment and also benefits Trump
  • Trillions in tax cuts benefit the Establishment and also benefit Trump
  • War is a major cash cow … benefits the Establishment and also benefits Trump

There is a major “cash connection” between the Establishment and Trump. To add to that … Trump thinks that the Establishment will save him from jail. Which is why he readily does whatever the Establishment asks him to do. If you observe his comments on his current visit … he is talking about:

  • How we should stop immigration
  • How Muslims are spoiling “Europe’s fabric”
  • About terrorism and how cities are in chaos
  • About what’s happening in the Middle East
  • And how we should fight terrorism

What is Trump doing here? He is literally reading from the Establishment guidebook. Firstly, if you start and sponsor civil wars that destroy the entire country … and displace 10 million people from their homes … millions of people start fleeing war and death to save their lives … because of the non-stop war in the countries. Giving refuge to people fleeing war and death “spoils the fabric” of your country? If that was the case then why did you start the war in the first place? Why are you starting military interventions in other countries … if you don’t care for their people? What are those millions of people supposed to do? Where are they supposed to go? Just die in the Ocean? Yes, thousands of them already did die in the Ocean … trying to find shelter in one country or the other.

Secondly, this is not Trump talking about Muslims. He is just trying to revive Radical Islam and the concept of terrorism. He does not know anything about any exploitation systems in America. The only thing that he does is blindsight the people with “jobs, jobs, jobs” … everything is great in the country … and now he should explore war. He knows nothing about fixing anything in America. He has zero know how.

When the guy knows nothing and everything seems nice … then “war” seems like paradise … let’s go and blow up some trillions … bomb some countries and make some cash. This is exactly what Trump is working in his current tour … trying to pull countries for his future war plans … trying to demonize Muslims and the Middle East. He is expecting cooperation for war.

The Establishment + Trump = Disaster for Russia
What does this actually mean for Russia? Trump is on a major appeasement track for the Establishment. He has not changed that yet. The Establishment wants sanctions and worse relations with Russia … that is exactly what Trump is doing by blaming Obama. He should have stood there and fought for you. But instead, he is working on a path that will create more sanctions and restrictions for you.

The Establishment is against immigration … Trump is against immigration. The Establishment wants to promote Radical Islam … Trump is trying hard to revive this concept again. The Establishment wants war … Trump will try to start war. The Establishment wants war against Russia … what do you think Trump will do?

We have to stop Trump in his first step itself. If Trump wants to be the Establishment’s bitch then only his ass hole should be affected. It should not affect the people, the country or anyone else whatsoever. We should stop him in his initial steps itself before we stand in front of disaster and wondering what to do. We simply cannot allow him to do anything whatsoever to the peace that has been accomplished after 17 years. It has cost us trillions and devastated half a dozen countries. It is nothing but plain genocide. Trump is literally trying to start these genocidal wars again.

Trump has literally fired everyone from his team that were against war … including Rex Tillerson and McMaster. He has pulled in guys who are anti-Muslim and who will support him for wars. He has a kinky fetish for war. This is one of his weaknesses. And there is every possibility that he will discuss war in your meeting with him. Russia has proven itself to be a fantastic and independent leader of the world. President Putin is far more respected and adored than Trump in the world because of his wise and tactical leadership. Trump is very immature and childish … he has a lot to learn. Please do not support him in any of his war plans. He will destroy the world with his kinky fetish and craze for wars. You have to lead in protecting the world from Trump.