11 Dec 2017
Russia and China teaming up against the Western Establishment System?
in Russia

So, China wants to finance, huh? Seems like China likes to challenge the Establishment in the West. It is interesting to see how China is showing dual behaviors. On one side it is challenging America's wars and vetoing war resolutions. It is providing a kind of balance in world power by teaming up with Russia against America's unnecessary wars.

But on the other hand, it is a Communist country. Communism is a system setup by none other than the Jewish Establishment. And it is also protecting the Banker's gold reserves. These are dual behaviors.

As far as Communism goes, I don't mind a single party rule. Most Kingdoms are single party rules ... provided you understand how the Jewish Establishment functions and how it extracts wealth from the country and its people. Many of our systems can be accomplished via single party governments. Breaking down the Establishment monopoly will actually strengthen the Chinese government ... and also make China and the Chinese people more free and rich. Eliminating debt based systems is good for both ... the country and the people.

If China wants to get in the game. It will be welcome. There can be a lot of good things for China as a country and as people. But there will be some conditions.

Point Number One. We don’t work for any government or politician. We will not be a part of any readymade companies or organizations or government. This is my own "private" organization which needs to be totally independent of any government or political control. That is the only way we can realize 100% people centric systems. We need to keep people first and it cannot be done when a politician or a government is breathing down our neck.

Point Number Two. You cannot expect us to support the current Global Trade policies or favor China in world trade policies. We promote, setup and support "people centric" systems. It is in the best interest of every country that it does its own manufacturing ... that it supports its own people, technology and industries. Countries will import only under the case where they cannot make the product on their own. We will be promoting this policy in every single country.

These are the only two points that concern us when it comes to China and Chinese support for our project. If China is okay with the above two conditions then it is welcome to break the Western Establishment System that is centered in America and Europe. Breaking down this Establishment System will be of immense benefit for every single country in the world. And it includes China.

It will totally redefine how countries are setup, owned and run. It will create a distributed system where the Government will be the most powerful entity in the country, after the people. A single corporate Establishment will not own or run the country. It will create massive amounts of growth and prosperity for the people as well as the country.

Trump or America cannot be the primary targets
If China wants to team up with Russia and challenge this Western Establishment System ... then it is more than welcome. But I will not suggest you to make America or Trump as the primary targets. Our objective is not to destroy any country. Our objective is to eliminate the Western Establishment Monopoly. And it will be great if America and Trump also team up with us. It will create a unified front against the Establishment. We can easily get a clean sweep.

The Establishment will try to divide us only to weaken our support base. We should give priority to a unified approach.

Do not allow one leader to stall
While we prioritize a unified approach, at the same time ... we should not allow one leader or one country to stall our work. Trump is in a massive crisis, as of now. He has no idea of what is going on or how to manage it or how to even play the Establishment game. What Trump does not know is that ... there is a 50% chance that it will be Mike Pence in 2020 standing against the Democrats. There is a 50% chance of Trump's removal even before 2020. Right now, Trump is in such a crisis that he does not understand who is his friend and who is the enemy.

If Trump makes the right decisions then it is good. But just waiting for the cooperation of one person who is in such a crisis ... is not a great idea. I would suggest not taking any hardline approach against Trump or America ... and remain flexible ... at least in the initial stage. In the later stages, for some reason if Trump becomes extremely against us then obviously we will team up with the Democrats. He is a nice guy … hopefully he will do what is right.

A chance to take a lead
That's as far as Trump goes. We are not destroying America or doing anything against America ... or for that matter against any other country. If the team is China and Russia ... don't expect to do anything against America. That is not our work. We help every country and every people.

The only advantage that you will get is ... if Trump or America stalls then ... you get to lead. It is like the industrial revolution. The West grew very rapidly because they got the industrial revolution first. They became the pioneers and leaders ... and the East followed several decades later. It is something like that. These are fantastic people centric systems that will change the entire country. If you guys lead then America will follow ... after several years ... after their stalling comes to an end and they realize that this is the right thing to do.

It may not be a huge gap of several decades ... but you can say at least 5 years lead. That is when America is concerned. As far as the rest of the world is concerned ... it all depends on how many years those countries will take to follow. It might be 10 years or 20 or more.

Don't follow a limited team setup
Russia and China may lead the initial work. You can be the first two countries to support us. But we will be following a flexible and expandable strategy to incorporate almost every country in the world. Later on, countries from Europe, South America, Asia and other parts of the world may also join us. So, just because you pulled the initial finance ... don’t assume that it will continue to remain a solely Russia-China campaign.

Keeping it solely as a Russia-China campaign will greatly limit our work and it will become a subject for attacks. We have to move democratically and flexibly in America and all across Europe. We can make this happen when we expand our work into several countries with several government and individual donors. It helps in creating a distributed network. It is not just about the money. There are several other factors that we need to incorporate once we get started.


You are welcome to join. But don't come with any rigid ideas or plans. Please be open and flexible.