29 Nov 2017
Keep all options open
in Russia

Some important information for Russia and President Putin. This page will show you who is the main target and how the work will benefit Russia.

Don’t follow a hardline defined and limited path
It is terribly important for us not to follow a hardline defined and limited path. We need to keep all options open and use a lot of flexibility. Examples:

  • Iran. We cannot create a limited team like … Russia, Turkey and Iran … where Iran sponsors the entire project and they will dictate us the direction of the project. Iran will say that … I don’t like Trump and I want Trump to be impeached. Therefore don’t do anything that is good for Trump. Formulation of such a team with such objectives will greatly limit our work. Because Trump is not the target here.
  • China. In another case … China is very keen on challenging America. China may sponsor the whole thing and say … I will help in taking down the Establishment but I want all of the great stuff and you should not harm any of my trade deals. We cannot allow a single donor to control the entire work. Just because they are pitching in with the funds … we cannot allow them to dictate and control the work. It will greatly limit our work.

Limitations of a hardline path
If you maintain a fixed team and maintain a hardline path then:

  • Limits our team. Firstly, it will easily define who we are and who our sponsors are. It will be very easy for the Establishment to target us. If Iran is the sponsor … then they will say that … this project is sponsored by an enemy state. If China is the sponsor … then they will say that … this is a Communist agenda. If our team is limited … then we will be easily subject to demonization. They can easily target us.
    • How to handle this? To combat this limitation … we need to keep the doors open for sponsors. We need to have some base sponsors so that the project never stops. But then again … we need to keep pulling more and more sponsors from various countries like … Turkey, Qatar, Iraq, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, America, Germany, Spain and other European countries. All of them don’t need to donate billions … partial amounts are enough. What this will do is … it will create an ever increasing spectrum of donors. The Establishment can never attack us based upon who is sponsoring us. It will provide us great flexibility.
  • Limits our presence. The second major issue is that … it limits our presence. Check this page: http://active-democracy.com/tips/america/1475-multi-point-frontend-strategy.html. If we do the work under the banner of only one company … then that company will easily be the target. Thus, we will be setting up several companies … under different names at different locations with different staff … each of them sponsored by different people. Getting several different sponsors helps in the creation of several different independent companies. If the Establishment targets one company then we will have an army of other companies to provide support and backup.
  • Limits our leadership. Another major disadvantage of working with only one politician is that … it limits our leadership. Your target zone that has to be revolutionized is the entire of America and Europe. One leader is not enough for the work. One leader may lead the work … but he is not enough. We need to pool in dozens of leaders from several countries to support and accomplish the work. We need to be open and flexible in terms of leadership as well. Don’t pin all of your hopes only on one leader. Spread it across and you will get an entire medium of leadership in your favor. If one buckles then others will support him. It will be helpful for the leader as well … because it would distribute the pressure for him. Only one guy will not be taking the entire risk. Working with multiple leaders helps us in risk distribution and risk elimination.
  • Limits the scale of the operation. The primary interest for Russia is Europe … it is not America. America is of course a key country that will help us work in Europe … but it is not the only country that you need trade from. There are 50+ countries where Establishment has to be rooted out. Remaining focused only on one country … again greatly limits our work. We need to open up … remain flexible and work across the spectrum.

What’s in it for Russia?
How is this whole thing going to benefit Russia? Where is Russia’s benefit? This is what you need to keep in mind … you have a common enemy here.

  • Debt Based Systems. The debt based systems that have been setup in America and Europe are creating a massive economic crisis. These systems are malicious and do nothing but exploitation. Most of these systems are setup by the Establishment. The Establishment is the “mega criminal” in America and Europe.
  • Sanctions and Isolation. The sanctions and isolation that have been levied on Russia … is from the same Establishment. All of this aggression against Russia is designed by the same Establishment in order to turn Russia against the West. They just want to use you to destroy the West. This war would be just a cover-up for their malice.

What you have here is a common enemy. The same entity that has created a debt crisis in the West … this same entity is putting sanctions and isolating Russia from the world. Both of the activities are facilitated via Establishment monopoly.

Project’s Main Objective
The main objective of the project is the “elimination of the common enemy”. The common enemy is the Establishment. The solution is ... the elimination of Establishment monopoly which will lead to the elimination of debt based systems and exploitation systems. It will root out the Establishment’s monopoly from all major spheres of life. Thus they will not be able to continue with the anti-Russian propaganda anymore.

Russia in an “indirect beneficiary”
Russia cannot directly ask America or Europe for the elimination of sanctions and the resumption of trade … because all of these actions are implemented via Establishment monopoly.

  • First Step - Eliminate Establishment Monopoly. The first critical step is to eliminate Establishment monopoly. Show Russia as the hero … show your goodwill … show great policies … show that you are supporting what is good for America and Europe. Save them from this crisis. You have already shown that you are the fearless unbeatable black belt champion when it comes to beating the Establishment. It might be in your own country or in Syria or at any other place. This is a superb capability that Russia has … which America and Europe does not have. You are totally Establishment free … you are totally fearless and you kick ass.
  • Second Step – Automatic Fame and Support for Russia. The second step will be automatic fame and support for Russia. You saved the damsel in distress … you will be the knight in shining armor. You will save America and Europe in the tune of trillions of dollars. You will put them on a fantastic and historic path to greatness. Not only you will get resumption of trade … but you will be dearly loved.

That’s why it is important for us not to remain fixated on one country or one politician. This is widespread malice that spans through continents. We have 50+ countries at our disposal and hundreds of politicians. The possibilities are countless. Remain open for all options and welcome anyone who wants to take down the Establishment. Because this Establishment is the “mega criminal” of our time. We need to stop this criminal at any cost.

Timeline – How long will this take?
I will give it about 5-6 years to see good results. This is revolution … it is lengthy work. Heh … not the type of revolution you had in Russia … but a good and positive one. It requires a lot of media coverage, involvement of leaders and politicians, a momentum from the people and the creation of legislation. It is not a fixed time duration … it will vary from country to country … based upon how fast they follow our instructions and the accomplishment of the required changes.

Flexibility provides safety and security
If we put everything under one banner and if that particular company is banned or blacklisted for whatever reason … then all associated activity will be affected. Not that we will be carrying out blacklisted activities … but just like they made RT register as a foreign agent … they can do something like that to us in order to control our works.

But let’s say … if we setup a Research Institute in Turkey or Malaysia and we do all of the ground work in that Research Institute … without carrying out any frontend activity from that institute … then they cannot stop us. Russia has every right to sponsor research in Turkey or Malaysia. And we are researching on Communist crimes in the East. Whatever we are doing is 100% legal. There is no way that they will be able to stop our ground work.

This Research Institute is not doing any frontend activity … no media or promotion. It is plain research work. There is no way they can stop this work … doesn’t matter who the sponsor is. It will provide enormous amount of safety and security for a major chunk of our work.

Trump’s Role
I know that under the Trump Administration things have gotten only worse for Russian relations. But it is not Trump … it is Establishment activity. The good thing about Trump when compared to most of other US politicians is that … he loves his country and he is not an Establishment puppet. In fact, he is one of the biggest victim of the Establishment. The Establishment has only demonized and humiliated him and his family. There is a 95% chance that Trump will be in favor of the project and he will work with us.

He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. This project will cripple the Establishment and put enormous powers and trillions of funds into the hands of the President. Trump has nothing but to gain from this project … in fame, in power and in cash.

Trump’s involvement will be good … but don’t sit there and wait for him. There are 50+ countries out there. For example, you already have good support in France … Le Pen is already super pro-Russia. Another fantastic support point is the Pope himself … it was good for the Russian Patriarch to meet with the Pope. We can use several support points to move the work forward.

Sub-Divided the work into several companies
This is the main reason we have sub-divided the work into several companies. Based upon from wherever you are able to pull support … we can start the work. It might be Turkey, Germany, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi, Spain, UAE, Russia or Europe. Based upon the sponsor we can start in that particular module. The most basic work that needs to begin is of the Think Tank … the Research Institute … this will be the backbone for all of our works.