22 Dec 2016
Pulling Russia in the War on Terror
in Russia

The Jewish Establishment is planning to keep America and Europe occupied by terror and chaos internally in the next US Administration. Radical Islam is one such technique that they will exploit. It will result in fear and insecurity in the society ... and their political leaders will spend billions of tax payer money to fight with these artificially created terrorists that never go away. If you note ... all of these countries are extremely debt laden ... this debt is caused because of Establishment policies. This terrorism and insecurity is just one way of keeping these countries diverted and busy.

We have made fantastic progress in reaching out to the White House ... to the Obama Team as well as the Trump Team. And both of them understand that a conflict with Russia is not in the best interests of America. You will find far more stability with Russia under a Trump Administration. But that is only 95% guaranteed ... there is still 5% chance that Trump can flip against Russia ... but it will be still better than the Obama Administration. Since we have successfully made Trump realize how disastrous a conflict with Russia can be ... there is very very less chance that a Trump Administration will go against Russia.

Since the Establishment cannot create a conflict with Russia ... at least in the initial years that is ... they will try to pull Russia in the same program as NATO countries. They will want Russia to join the War on Terror and spend billions in fighting bogus artificial enemies. To facilitate this ... to encourage Russia to join the War on Terror and start fighting with “Radical Islam” ... they will create events to pull you in this direction. Some sponsored idiots will target Russian personnel or civilians ... and the blame will be put on ISIS and Radical Islam ... in an attempt to pull you in this program. Creating events is how they sell their strategy. Till now, no Russians were harmed ... till date they were only pushing for a conflict between NATO and Russia ... till date there was no reason for any terrorist to attack Russian personnel or civilians. But since the conflict with NATO is not going to work ... we have alternate events being placed. All of this is a preplanned Establishment designed strategy.

Till date if you saw ... all of the attacks on Russia were NATO based. It might be the sanctions on Russia or banning of athletes in Olympics or exposing Putin’s corruption ... all of these techniques were NATO based. But now with Trump ... it is going to be a different ball game ... which is why you are seeing an alternate technique being used.

If you buy this “War on Terror” agenda ... it will only create hate, division and chaos in your society. This was at its peak during the Bush Administration in America. Obama eliminated all of that insecurity and brought the country on a peaceful foothold. It is planned to be reversed all over again. If you follow them ... then that’s exactly what will happen in your country ... only chaos. And you yourself have seen how they monstrously destroy countries like Libya, Syria and Iraq. You have witnessed the destruction that all of this leads to. Trust me, there is nothing for any country to gain from this bullshit agenda.

I would strongly advise you to intelligently evaluate how you participate in this program, if any ... when requests come from the West. I am sure they will approach you and request you to follow in their footsteps ... but please don’t. America is on an awful chaotic and destructive path. All of these events design their next steps ... and the goal that they are being pushed towards is total destruction.

Alternatively, I would suggest you to focus on building a fantastic Russian Union in the East. America and Europe is going to be pretty darn busy fighting bogus artificial enemies. While they realize what is going on ... while they come on the right track ... you have a fantastic opportunity to lead in the East. The East is beautifully stable ... no issues of terrorism ... no issues of massive debt ... you guys have full control over your countries. It’s the perfect time for you to rise.

And just in case ... they repeat or create more such events in Russia or targeting Russian personnel ... you know exactly where to put the pressure. Put the pressure on their banks, corporations, cash flow, communities and international relations ... you will easily ward off this curse of terrorism. They should know that you know ... and they should know that there will be a response. That is the best way to put them on check and control them.