29 Nov 2016
Russia, the Golden Rose of the East
in Russia

We are not a political party. We are not a media agency. Politics and Media are some of the tools that we use to make great people oriented nations. You see the photo above? That is our fulltime job ... this is what we do for countries ... "we make fantastic people oriented nations". Welcome to Active Democracy.

Twofold Operation
It is a twofold operation.

  • One - stop the worst from happening ... expose and eliminate malicious systems
  • Two - implement fantastic and fabulous people oriented systems

First things First
We would need you to track everything that we publish. It contains crucial information on how malicious systems are designed in America and how these systems will affect other countries globally, especially Russia.

Secondly, when it comes to moves coming from the West ... these are the things that you need to keep an eye on:

  • Donald Trump's support for Russia is "planned" to be temporary
    What you should know is that ... these sanctions against Russia were not designed by Obama. A lot of things have happened under the Obama Administration ... but trust me ... Obama is not the mastermind behind most of those things ... and one such thing is sanctions on Russia. Obama has nothing against Russia ... Obama has nothing against Putin. These are Establishment Politics ... they only use the politicians in power to run their agenda. Which is why ... Obama being replaced by Trump ... doesn’t necessarily mean 100% good relations with Russia ... because Obama was not the one who was holding a grudge against Russia ... it is the Jewish Establishment. Will give you details on this later.
  • Continued Aggression from Europe
    And this continued aggression from Europe ... it is not American designed. It is designed by the Jewish Establishment ... and they use elements from America and Europe to facilitate this. Why are they doing this? They just want Russia to come and destroy these debt laden countries ... simple as that. They are just inviting Russia to ... please come and destroy these countries ... that’s all it is ... nothing more than that. This aggression will not stop until and unless we break the monopoly of the Jewish Establishment. Details later ... I want to focus on another topic on this page.
  • Chaos in America
    The third factor is ... keep an eye on the chaos in America. They are using Trump to run racist and chaotic policies in America. More the chaos in America, more are the chances of its destruction via Russia. They will just create any event and initiate the war. Increasing chaos in America is not good for the world ... it only signals of a major coming disaster. We are in touch with the White House regarding this ... but you also should keep an eye on this.

Russia can blossom into a beautiful Golden Rose in the East
Coming to the main topic of the page ... we know that if Russia works with Active Democracy ... Russia can easily blossom into a beautiful Golden Rose in the East. You can be simply fantastic and splendid ... we can take you to levels beyond your imagination. These things are so fantastic that you will wonder in amazement that such things could even be realized in the real world.

Levels of accomplishments with Active Democracy
Here are some of the multiple levels of accomplishments for Russia when it works with Active Democracy.

  • Level 01 - Tackling the aggression coming from NATO
    • Awareness within America about the malicious destructive moves. We will be creating a massive campaign within America and alert the American people of how their leaders and politicians are being maliciously used to create destruction for the country.
    • Pushing back America from a war with Russia. We were quite effective in stopping America from a war with Iran and Russia by only reaching the White House. But if we reach the American people then we can totally terminate these destructive and malicious plans for good.
    • Allowing Russia to focus on internal economic growth. This peace and security with America and Europe will help Russia to focus on its own economic growth.
    • Elimination of all sanctions and restrictions on Russia. Trump may eliminate the sanctions but it will be only temporary. With our work ... we will be rooting out the main culprits behind this aggression and sanctions. We will create a permanent and long term relief of sanctions and eliminate the aggression coming from Europe ... creating fantastic mutual relations.
  • Level 02 - Elimination of Malicious Systems
    • Independence from Exploitation Systems. There are dozens of exploitation systems run by our lovely Jewish Establishment under various skins. These exploitation systems only deplete and leech out the resources of your country. We will show you all of those exploitation systems and give you fantastic techniques of eliminating all of those systems. It will secure the Russian economy and strengthen the country as a whole.
  • Level 03 - Implementation of fantastic people oriented fabulous systems which will take Russia to new heights
    • Fantastic and fabulous progress of the country. We will show you how to eliminate malicious systems and show you fantastic people oriented systems that will help your country blossom into a magnificent and beautiful Golden Rose in the East. Russia will be out matching Europe in every way possible. European countries will be amazed at the growth and progress of Russia.
    • Doubling and Tripling of the GDP with immense economic growth. This growth of the country from several angles will result in the doubling and tripling of Russia’s GDP.
  • Level 04 - Russia becomes a World Leader
    • Several East European countries moving into the fold of Russia. Today, Russia has been pushed into isolation with only a few friends like Syria, Iran and North Korea. But with the implementation of the fantastic systems that Active Democracy will give you ... and with the fantastic growth it will create in Russia ... and with the beautiful changes in lifestyle that will come in Russia ... there will be several East European countries wanting to come back into the Russian fold.
    • Several countries will line up to seek Russia's help in fixing the systems in their countries. Every country will want the same growth and the same systems ... and they will seek your help. Here is where Russia will make a lot of friends.
    • From the current isolation ... Russia becomes a world leader that dominates the East. You will dominate the East ... and you will be the shining light that the East will follow and you will become a dominant world leader.
    • A world leader providing a healthy and positive competition to NATO. Russia’s competition with NATO will not be of aggression and conflict ... but instead Russia will provide a beautiful healthy and positive competition to NATO. Russia will be a role model for NATO.
  • Level 05 - Vladimir Putin immortalized in History Books and in the lives of the Russian People
    • Putin in history books. Putin will go down in history as one of the most loved and celebrated leader who brought about fantastic changes for Russia. Are changes are so beautiful and fantastic for the people that every prominent leader ... who fought for these changes and who brought about these changes in his country ... he will go down in history for making such fantastic changes for the people and turning a new chapter of progress and success of the people.
    • Several cities will be named after you ... President Vladimir Putin ... several cities will be named after you. The growth of the country will be so fantastic that several cities will be named after you. And these cities will be stunning, modern and beyond beautiful. Will give details once we start the work. People will not remember you just by reading about you in history books ... but you will be immortalized into the lives of the people by having several cities named after you. Your name will be on their address, postcards, letterheads, trains, buses, shops and businesses. You will literally be immortalized in their lives ... and you will be remembered as long as those cities will survive ... which will be like till the end of the world.

Russia is a "People Ready" Nation
You are ready to take every action that will benefit the people and the economy of the country ... unlike the West. The West is still trapped in the glitches of the Jewish Establishment. These systems can be implemented at the fastest speeds in countries like Russia under fantastic Presidents like Vladimir Putin. The same applies to Turkey and Erdogan, by the way ... even Turkey is People Ready. The common thing between Russia and Turkey is that ... both of them understand "Jewish Malice". And both of them have leaders who will take swift action against this malice and make decisions in favor of the people. It makes Russia and Turkey uniquely People Ready. Some other countries that fall in the same line are Malaysia, Indonesia and a few Ex-Communist countries.

How will this happen?
We love Russia and we love Putin. The Russian people are not only beautiful but also immensely talented. Russia is a mountain of treasure waiting to be unleashed. The World will simply love Russia's leadership and contribution in every sphere.

How we work?
We formulate modules ... that address every system. Each module is like a portal ... an ever developing portal ... that contains the facts and statistics of the current systems and how these statistics will change with the implementation of the new systems. You will know exactly what and how it is taking you down ... and how to come over it with new regulations and systems. Instead of going down ... we will show you how to go up

The portal will be hosted on a secure server in your country and only your authorized personnel will be given access to the portal. The portal will be empowered with the best technologies, tools, techniques and policies from Germany, Japan and from all corners of the World pertaining to each subject.

It will provide you with the best options that are possible or thinkable. That is just step one ... in the next step we will show you how to make stuff even better than that under every aspect of country development.

Some of the systems that we cover as of now are:

  • Banking
  • Politics
  • Media
  • Manufacturing and Industry
  • City Planning and Development
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Weapons Industry

People Intelligence Network
It works like an "intelligence system". An intelligence system that is focused on the people in order to build fantastic nations. It will be a continuously developing portal and the collection of all of these portals will work like an intelligence system ... an intelligence system that will help you empower people and create the best people centric systems for your country. The continuous gathering of information from around the world in every aspect will keep your methods and techniques at par with the best in the world.

You will fiercely compete with the most developed countries in the world in every aspect and raise Russia to a new level of golden success. And all of these countries that are leaving you right now ... because they are more attracted to the progress of the West ... all of them will come back and try to be a part of your greatness ... the great Russian Federation.

An Open Source Version
There will be an open source version of the information collected ... we will keep some of the generalized information available as open source ... which will enlist every exploitation and malicious system that exists out there under each module or topic.

Module Formulation
The portal for each module is equipped with the below information for each system.

  • Inputs from the current system. We work with your subject experts and take inputs from them about each system.
  • Malice, flaws and incompetencies of the current system. We show you all of the flaws and malice in the design and operation of the current system.
  • Replacement with new fantastic people oriented systems. We show you how to replace the incompetent old systems with new people oriented systems.
  • A collection of the best technology, practices, techniques and systems from around the World. We will show the best that is already being done in the world under each system.
  • New Rules and Regulations required for each system. Most of the new systems require a change in laws and legal framework. We will show you how these laws need to be designed and implemented.
  • Estimation and Costing for each system. Yes, every system will have its cost. We will work with your experts in estimating the same.
  • How to create funds to implement each system. We will show you how to generate the required funding to implement the new systems.
  • Implementation Techniques and Procedures. Complete guidelines will be given for the implementation of each system.
  • Handling of all obstacles in the successful implementation of the system. We will work with your team in predicting and handling all possible obstacles for the project including ... political, corporate, technology, finance, implementation, training, maintenance, upgradation issues.

It is not just an “information system” ... but it is an “intelligence system” ... it will show you every possible glitch known under each topic ... and it will show you how to handle that and successfully implement the solutions. Once the module is formulated ... it itself works as a guide that will help you through every possible obstacle and take you into successful completion of each project.

It works via a direct on the ground interactive work process ... which evolves and grows with the implementation of each step.

Two Major Obstacles
We are fighting with two major obstacles right now.

  • One is finance ... it is quite an expensive project ... we are looking for ways to raise the finance for the same.
  • Secondly, America is on its way to destroy itself and to destroy the rest of Europe and Russia also in the process.

So, while we are trying to raise the finance ... we also need to stop America from destroying the world.

America is one of our top priorities
The systems that we will unleash ... they will benefit almost every country around the world. These are systems for the "people" ... these are systems that are fabulous for the people. So, if you have "people" in your country then these systems will benefit you.

One of our beloved countries where we would love to implement these systems is America. It is one of our top priorities ... I don’t think we should allow the current American incompetence and inaction to slow or delay the work for other eager and deserving countries. We should initiate the work in other countries ... I think it will catalyze pulling America into the right direction.

America and Europe are not "People Ready"
The issue with them is that ... America and West Europe ... they are not "People Ready". They are still in the glitches of the Jewish Establishment. And by the time we free them from the Establishment ... countries like Russia and Turkey can easily start implementing these systems for their people and start their rise to greatness. You can start modernizing ... you can start revolutionizing ... you can start your rise to greatness while the West struggles to come out of the Establishment control. You will get a massive lead with the fantastic systems at hand.

America will take a minimum of 3-4 years to get started
America is in massive trouble and almost every system in America is rigged. Even if Obama or the next President gets in touch with us and if we start the work today to address those issues ... the formation and training of the required teams itself will take 5-6 months. Then it will take 1-2 years of national level campaigning to create an awareness of the current malicious systems and to get the people to take an initiative against these systems. Once the people rise ... there is another lengthy process of eliminating politicians who will obstruct the new regulations which will again take another 1-2 years to be done. So ... all in all ... you easily have a lead of 3-4 years before America gets started on the new systems. Trust me ... you can do magic with 4 years of time.

Russia doesn't need to go through the same process because it already has a President who will instantly implement all of the fantastic systems. You have a fantastic advantage here.

The only Prerequisite for the Project
The only prerequisite for the project is that you love people enough to leave the Establishment behind and make decisions that favor the people. That's all that’s needed ... which is why I know that Russia is People Ready.

Russia is not under the influence of Israel or the Jewish Establishment. Russia has a fantastic President, Vladimir Putin, who would love to keep people first and would love to see the rise of Russia as a great nation.

Trust me ... that's just one prerequisite that we need.

To get this prerequisite in the West ... it is pretty darn complicated. Most of them have Establishment promoted Politicians who will stand there and do totally the opposite ... it is not easy to get this simple thing done in the West. It is a lengthy battle to get this done in the West. You have to permeate through the media ... you have to permeate through the political system ... change the political system in order to get the new regulations approved. It’s a freaking lengthy battle that we need to fight.

On top of that Obama is busy doing nothing as usual
He is either busy doing nothing as usual ... or he is stuck in a loop of ... should I? Or should I not? ... should I? Or should I not? ... should I? Or should I not? Lol ... I expected him to have a little bit more courage. The good thing about him is that ... he takes immediate action when alerts of war are concerned ... that's all Russia needs from US Presidents right now ... that they don't frantically start new wars that will destroy the world. And luckily we were able to reach the White House, American Intelligence as well as American media on these topics. These 3 elements are more than enough to stop any military aggression against Russia.

However, it has to be an ongoing effort ... because our lovely Jewish Establishment is not going to stop until we break their monopoly. We will take care of that.
Since Russia has already had its experience with the Jewish Establishment in the form of Communism. It has already eliminated all forms of Jewish Monopoly in the country. It has a leader who knows all of these systems ... a leader who is ready to take action against these systems. It makes Russia uniquely People Ready.

Russia should take the lead while the West struggles with the Jewish Establishment
So, what I would suggest is ... while the West is struggling to get its mind around ... what is causing the debt? Who is the culprit? How to stop these systems of exploitation? You can go ahead and take the lead with fantastic people oriented systems. And pull back all of the countries that are leaving Russia for the European Union.

And yeah, we know how to stop America from blowing itself up ... we know how to stop America from a war with Russia. That we have already successfully accomplished during the Obama Administration. And we are 90% sure that we will definitely succeed in stopping the Trump Administration as well. We know that Trump is a great guy and we will give him the know-how to stop the war with Russia. But instead of killing several years of time ... only in stopping wars like under the Obama Administration ... why don't we also work on making Russia great and a model for the world to follow?
God willing ... we will definitely stop the wars ... but let's also do some great things.

America will follow Russia's lead
An interesting phenomena that the world will see is ... America will follow Russia's lead. Yes, America will follow Russia ... and this will only make Russia shine even brighter in the East ... that is has become a role model for America to follow. This will drive even more countries into the Russian fold. America will be copying systems being implemented in Russia.

America knows that there is no shame in that
America knows that there is no shame in following what is right. That is the key essence of the American people ... they love to follow what is right and they will fight for what is right. On top of that ... our systems are so fantastic that ... they are as if ... there is a bag of gold in the Earth below your feet ... all you need to do is just dig and take it. Will Americans say, no? Will they say ... no, that is what Russians do ... we like to snatch the candy from the other guy and take it, we don't care what we have? No, they will not say that ... they will love to follow ... not only Americans but the entire world will follow.

That too ... they will not get their independence from the current exploitation systems without Russian support. There is no change for America without Russian support ... Russia is crucial to rescue America. The Establishment is so strong in America that they will simply squish any politician who dares to go against their flow. Change in America will not come without Russian support against the Establishment.

Americans will rejoice and celebrate Russian support for bringing out massive positive changes in their country. They will only love to follow. The relationship between America and Russia will change quickly once we launch the project.

Balance in World Power and Peace in the World
One nice thing that will result indirectly because of this project is that ... it will create a balance in World Power. It will pull a huge chunk of the world in the Russian fold ... this distribution of World Power will result in more peace for the World. Rather than the current unilateral policies and actions of America ... which by the way, are quite destruction and a waste of money for all involved. The current Establishment Policies from America only consume our financial resources ... incite hate against others ... and bring about destruction. And this will change very soon.

America Will Lead Eventually
But what you should also note here is that ... yes, you might get a few years lead while the West struggles with the Establishment ... but the moment America implements these systems ... they will get in the race like fire. They will most likely leave Russia behind because of a few American factors. Americans will absorb this project very very effectively ... and their nature is terribly well suited for this project. The schemes, the systems, the policies, the methods ... everything associated with this project will flourish in almost every American city.

They will beat most countries of the world in this because of their huge economy, technological superiority, best brains from the world, active democratic lifestyle and their very American nature. Ultimately, despite your initial lead ... America will be the world leader with these systems. But then again ... if there is one superpower ... it does not mean that there cannot be another superpower. By the time America implements these systems ... Russia would have already taken a huge chunk of the world under its umbrella.

America is in North America ... whatever America will do ... they will do it in America. You my dear Russia, you are in the East ... you will retain your regional superiority. Given the immense talent and hard working nature of the Russian people ... you will definitely be a formidable competition in the East ... and you will be beyond splendid.

The performance of every country with these systems will be different. In the initial phase, every country will move ahead into a fantastic new level. But once you move into the new level ... how you move forward from there ... and how much you accomplish will depend upon your leaders, initiative, commitment, technology, resources and know-how. Which is one of the reasons why we are creating a "People Intelligence Network" so that at least at a general level every country can have access to the best technology and resources.

Motherly Competition
The thing with this project is that ... in a way, there will be competition ... and in a way, there will be no competition. I can’t give all details on this page ... but let me give some idea. It is something like “motherly love”. If you look at a mother’s love ... she does anything and everything for her children ... she goes through all of the pain and difficulties ... puts herself at risk ... only to make sure that her children are safe, secure and are happy in every way. Almost every child loves and respects his mother. If you curse someone’s mother ... it pisses him off ... why? Every child knows what their parents have done for them ... how they have been there for them ... how they have loved them and cared for them.

A poor kid will look at the toys that the rich kid has ... but a poor kid will never compare his mother to a rich kid’s mother. The other woman might be a millionaire ... but you will love and respect your mother. When you reach a particular phase then money does not matter. It is the love, care and effort that matters.

Country building follows a similar pattern. Today, can we say that our government loves us and takes care of us in every way? You can’t even imagine comparing the government at the same level as your mother. Because the current systems are totally obsolete and they don’t work anymore. But when you start caring for the people ... start reforming and building better systems ... that care and support the people in every way ... then this equation changes ... this connection develops.

Sounds like fantasy land?
If this sounds like fantasy land then let me give you a live example ... of this very same scenario. Let’s consider the Sultanate of Oman as a case study for this. Sultan Qaboos is the King of this Sultanate in the Middle East. Just go to Oman ... in any city ... in any corner of the country ... and say “Sultan Qaboos is an asshole”. Just say that and see how the Omani people will beat the shit out of you. The Omani people have this connection of love and respect for their King. There is a 90-99% of love in the hearts of Omani people in every city of Oman for the King, Sultan Qaboos. Our politicians have an “approval rating” of 40% and 50% ... this is not approval rating ... this is “love and respect” to an extent that they will not even tolerate any kind of disrespect for their King.

Why? Why do they love their King so much? Because before Sultan Qaboos ... during his father’s rule ... Oman was totally backward ... it was a desert jungle. The streets did not even have electricity. If you went outside at night then you had to go out with a lamp in your hand. If that lamp got blown off by the wind or you ran out of oil ... then you had to stand there ... at that exact place where the lamp blew off ... and wait for a policeman to come and take you to where you were going at night. If you were found at night outside your house without a lamp ... then you were considered a thief or an arsonist. As there was no electricity ... there were a lot of robberies. And this was one technique used to control crime in the city. This was the state of the country right before Sultan Qaboos came into power. And Sultan Qaboos grew up in UK ... in London ... one of the most developed cities of the world. When he saw his country in this state ... he was freaking shocked. And he started rapid modernization of Oman ... within a couple of decades he modernized the entire country ... right from roads, hospitals, schools, colleges to every possible modern infrastructure required in a modern country.

The Omani people know exactly where they were and where they are now ... and they know who brought those changes for them. They literally love their King. Almost everything in the country is named after him ... right from Mosques to hospitals ... to schools and businesses. Every single shop and business in the Kingdom will have a photo of the King on their premises ... out of love and respect. This was the fantastic level of connection that Sultan Qaboos was able to form with his people.

During the Arab Spring ... there were some protests in Oman as well. Sultan Qaboos asked ... why are my people protesting ... what do they want? He was told that ... they are protesting because they don’t have jobs. He said ... okay fine ... hire everyone ... give jobs to all of them. Based upon the background of each candidate ... they were hired in the army, air force, schools and hospitals across the country ... everyone was hired. And no more protests at all ... only love and respect.

This connection with the people is possible ... there is a massive need out there ... there are massive works that need to be done. Sultan Qaboos converted his country from a desert jungle into a modern country. We need to take these modern countries into the next level. The systems that surround us are totally obsolete right now ... they don’t work anymore ... it is all kaput. The need for change is there ... and we will show you exactly how to get that done.

And yeah, the Omani people don’t look at New York’s skycrapers and tell their King that he should have done better ... lol ... no they don’t. They love, respect and adore their King ... and they don’t bother comparing. So, in a way the project will not have competition. But sometimes ... parents look at their children ... and the children of another couple who might be doing very well ... and then competition enters the game from another angle. Lol.

Beautiful Loving Motherly Competition

Yes, there will be a kind of competition ... but countries will be competing with each other in doing the best for its people. Just like parents fight through their lives and try to do what is best possible by the means that they have for their children in every way possible ... from health, education, recreation, culture and mannerism. Similarly, countries will compete in doing the best that they can do for their citizens in terms of healthcare, education, real estate, security, culture ... every single aspect they will compete to do what is better and better for their people. That will be one of the accomplishments of our project at a global scale.

Don’t you think it would be something beautiful that we can have this? That each country competes in doing what is better and better for their citizens? This is exactly what Active Democracy aims to deliver at a global scale.

Why should I listen to Active Democracy?
Well you might say ... who the hell is Active Democracy? Why should I listen to Active Democracy? I am the President ... I am the Prime Minister of the country ... it is my government and it is my rule. Why should I listen to one third party company?

Well that’s a good question. The answer is ... we are not dictating anything ... we are not giving any orders to follow ... we are not interested in running your country.

  • Full Confidentiality. In fact with countries like Russia, Turkey and the Middle East where we don’t have a major immediate need for political change ... the entire work will be done via a closed and secure portal. The complete information will be accessible only to authorized personnel.
  • No Political Campaigns. We are not going to enter your countries and start campaigning and raising the people against the malicious policies ... we will not be doing this in your countries. Whereas this is exactly what needs to be done in the West because their politicians are quite unlikely to make any positive move that favors the people. In the West we have to raise the people to initiate a movement in the right direction.
  • A list of fantastic options. We don’t tell you what to do. Of course, it is your country and you are the chosen leaders. We just give you an entire list of fantastic options on a platter ... and it is 100% your choice ... what to choose, what to get done first, what you like, what you don’t like ... the complete discretion is in your hands. You get to choose everything. In each sphere of work ... we will just show you the fantastic possibilities ... we work with your subject experts in providing you with realistic feasible options ... then you get to choose and decide.
  • 100% Your leadership. Active Democracy is not going to come into your country and start running your country ... no, it does not work that way. It is a 100% your leadership ... you will choose and you will decide how to implement it in the best manner that suits your country, economy, culture and people. Everything is done under your leadership.

Realization of the massive projects
The advantage of working with us is that ... firstly, you get to know the fantastic systems for your country. Secondly, we show you how to make it feasible in your country. Because what happens is ... in such large scale projects ... there are a lot of glitches and hindrances in the work.

  • Fantasy. Some will say ... “hey, this is fantasy ... it is not even possible.” They don’t even know how to realize the project and they back away saying that it is fantasy and imagination. What they don’t realize is that every project begins with an imagination.
  • Political Obstacles. Some will say that ... “we don’t have the laws and regulations to facilitate this project.” We will show you exactly what laws you need ... how to formulate them and how to get them realized. We will also show you the laws that need to be taken down.
  • Financial Feasibility. These are massive countrywide projects ... the costing of which will go in billions. Some will say ... “sorry, we don’t have the money for it.” We will show you exactly how to generate those required funds ... without taxing your people, that is. This is an integral part of realizing all of these massive projects.
  • Technology and Methods. Some countries will question about the required technology, methods and techniques for each system. Well, we will be developing an entire Intelligence System and this will give you the best technologies and the best methods from every corner of the world in each sphere of work.

Like I said in the first paragraph of the page ... we are not a political party and we are not a media agency. We are not entering any country to run that country. We are like an intelligence system that will help you grow your country to marvelous and beautiful levels. You get to choose, you get to decide and everything is done 100% under your leadership.

Example: One tiny example where we encouraged Russia to use its military power. Russia was sitting back and watching when America was bombing several countries. We reached out to you and said ... get involved and if you don’t then you are also scheduled to be one of the next. Apart from securing your own national interest ... you also get wonderful “client states” ... who will give contracts worth in billions to Russia. You don’t need to invest a single penny of your own and you get billions every year from these countries. This move did not require much intelligence but ... did it work for your country or not? You got to choose ... you decided on what terms ... you decided the procedure ... everything was done under your leadership. And now you are getting billions in revenue from Syria and Iran. We can create a line of countries who will come to Russia similarly. Not all for military assistance ... but for also several economic tie ups.

Billions of Additional Revenue for Russia from Day One
I hope you understand ... I cannot publish everything online. But what I can tell you is ... the day we meet ... on day one ... we will show you how to pull countries under your fold and how to generate billions of additional revenue for Russia. Trust me ... you have that status and you have the talent ... all you need to do is put a few fantastic systems into place.

If you don’t initiate now what will happen?
Nothing will happen ... you will continue with the existing systems and continue with the progress or decline that you are facing. And you will continuously be concerned about the aggression coming from Europe and America. You will keep spending more and more on security and military buildup. If you note ... these are just unilateral efforts.

We are offering you multilateral progress ... progress in several levels in several ways. Yes, you will keep security as the priority but you also progress nationally and internationally as a world leader. And trust me ... you need the World and the World needs you ... so why not lead?

What happens if America starts the project first?
Well, if America makes the first move ... then America will move to fantastic new heights. America will be immediately followed by Western Europe. This will make NATO even more modern and super fantastic ... strengthening the Euro Zone even further and pulling even more countries into the EU. This has chances of keeping Russia in the isolation and Russia will be dependent upon the policies designed by America and EU. Russia has the chance of missing the block of countries that it requires to make it a heavy weight in the world. Our project will strengthen Russia in all of these perspectives as well. Our project will move a lot of countries within the Russian fold ... which is actually a requirement for a balance in World Power.

Active Democracy
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