27 Jun 2016
Erdogan apologizes to Putin
in Russia

Hearty Congratulations to Putin on Erdogan approaching you with an apology. We were expecting at least a few months of campaigning before this happens but it is great that this has happened so early. We are very happy about this event.

Kindly allow us to give a few pointers about this situation. Firstly, we would love it if you respond to Erdogan positively. However, we would advise you to be positive but with caution.

Why we need you to be “positive”?

We are trying to take down the Jewish Establishment at a worldwide scale. It is a little bit complicated process because these guys have their strings attached in several countries and they play very good games. What we are trying to do is ... bring America, Europe, Russia and other ex-Communist countries together in order to take down this Establishment. Germany and Turkey will be very good allies for us in this work ... because these two countries have been destroyed in World War II by this very Establishment. And the common thing between Germany, Turkey and Russia is that ... Germany & Turkey were destroyed in the war but Russia was looted continuously for several decades by the same Jewish Leaders under Communist Rule. All of these three countries were directly impacted very adversely by the same entities. Today’s Russia is not yesterday’s Soviet Union. Today’s Russia is Christian, God fearing and a beautiful people loving country that cares for its citizens ... unlike the Soviet Union. Trust me, I know ... I have already been to Russia.

The reason why America and Europe will join us is because ... their economic system has been corrupted by again the same Jewish Establishment. We talk in detail about this in other sections of our website. But to get America to join us will require some campaigning ... so that people know what is going on and so that people know what needs to be done. But this move that Erdogan has taken is a wonderful positive move. We would request you to consider it positively ... as it falls in our larger plan of uniting America, Europe and Russia under a common quest.

Why you need to be “cautious”?

At the same time, while you work with leaders who will approach you positively ... you also need to be cautious ... because of the strings that the Jewish Establishment pulls from different countries ... especially using American politicians. We will keep you updated of their moves and plans of war. These guys make their own moves ... while we make our own. You need to be cautious of the moves that come from the Jewish Establishment. Most of their moves will be negative and destructive that will aim to spread hate, fear, conflict and division among countries.

Here is your time frame ... for the next six months it is peace. As long as Obama is there in the office ... I guarantee you ... it will be peace ... 99% chance is there that he will not make any silly move towards war. After six months ... there is some uncertainty ... we are working on it ... we will keep you posted on that.

Dealing with Turkey

The thing with Turkey is that ... it looks up to America and the European Union as role models. Turkey wants to be a part of EU and they think that countries like America and Europe are very intelligent and accomplished ... therefore their political advice must also be very good. So, Turkey ends up doing stuff that American leaders tell them to ... for example the incident that happened with Russia. Turkey did not do that on its own. It was advised to do that. It was following someone else’s advice. This entire game is designed by Jewish Bankers. This planning and advice originates from the bankers at Israel ... goes to American politicians ... and then it is channeled to Turkey. The main origin of this war planning is Israel and Jewish Bankers.

Once Obama leaves office ... the uncertainty factor is determined by the “events” that these Jewish Bankers are planning in Israel. Now, if you want good relations with America and Europe then we need a system to manage terrorism directed by Jewish Bankers. Here is where Russia can play a beautiful and fantastic leading role in world politics. This is something that even the American President cannot do and that is ... manage Jewish Bankers. For instance ... if the American President makes any statement against Jewish Bankers or Israel ... then these guys ridicule the President enormously in the media channels that they own and they use other politicians that they control in order to isolate the President. This is the main reason why the opposition party has the majority in both the houses under the Obama Administration. These Jewish Bankers are too well connected for even the President to do anything. Here is where Russia can help. Russia can help not only America but several other European countries where this is a major issue. These silly Jewish media organizations and bankers have become a nagging everyday obstacle for decent political activity in the West. Will give you details on this later ... coming back to Turkey.

Put in a mechanism to make sure that such an aggression does not repeat again

Erdogan and Israel are natural opponents ... both of them are from opposite backgrounds. Have your representatives discuss the above issue with Erdogan. Discuss with him about Jewish influence or Israel’s influence in American politics. Discuss with him how Israel and America are connected. Erdogan himself is not very happy with this relationship. What you need to make sure is that ... one negative event has already happened with Russia ... we need to avoid the possibility of another event happening again after a few months. The first event probably happened because of the advice that came from American leaders. If the new American President advises him again ... will he carry out another negative event after a few months?

Since Erdogan himself has approached you with an apology then the chances that they will use Turkey to create any negative “events” are quite less. But you need to put in a mechanism to make sure that any negative events will not happen again from Turkey’s side. To put this into place ... pull Turkey close to you, give them support and assurance ... and tell them ... next time they get a “negative advice” from America or any NATO country ... then just inform the Russian Administration first. Just make sure that you build enough confidence that Turkey informs you first. Once Turkey informs you ... then you make sure to take care of these Jewish Bankers who are creating these plans of war.

You need to show “authority and leadership” on the World stage. Let other countries know that you have the strength and capability to take action and control these Jewish Bankers and Israeli politics. These guys are a major problem in the West. Russia needs to unite with America and Europe in showing authority over these Banker politics.

How is Turkey different from America and Europe?
Erdogan makes Turkey different from America and Europe. Many American and European leaders are puppeted by Israel and Jewish Bankers. But Erdogan is not an Israeli puppet. He is a man of his own word. He makes his own decisions and he runs his country without being controlled by bankers or corporations. It is very easy to work with Erdogan. If Erdogan has approached you that means the entire country of Turkey is with you.

The only issue with Turkey is rigged American politics. And I showed you how to handle that above. Work closely with Turkey ... track every Western move against Russia ... and try to nullify those moves using your influence over Israel and Jewish Bankers.