17 Jun 2016
Putin's straight forward moves will not help
in Russia

Putin urges EU to restore cooperation with Russia, says Moscow is ready to meet halfway

Russian track and field athletes banned from Rio Olympics by IAAF

Ow, so you want peace? Here ... take this punch ... here, take another punch ... you still want peace? Punch, punch, punch. This is Israel's idea of peace negotiations. The moment any move is taken towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict ... even while negotiations are going on ... they will go ahead and bomb Palestinians. It is done only to derail any peace talks ... to piss off the opponent and make it clear that there is no intention of peace.

I was going to write this yesterday only when I saw the article that Putin was urging EU to restore cooperation with Russia. I was gonna say ... Putin dear, they will respond to your request by sanctions and limitations on Russia. They will give you a few punches here and there only to put you back into the offensive. This is a "Jewish" strategy of designing events to create friction and conflict. Your simple straight forward moves of "let's talk and be friends" will not help. You have to initiate action against these core culprits first in order to change the scenario. When you start taking action against these culprits then they come to the negotiating table. If you leave them aside and don't do anything to them ... and you directly try to approach Europe or America, you will only get a cold shoulder ... or even worse they may respond more negatively.

You will find this behavior because all of these Western politics are run by none other than Israel and Jewish Entities. You need a strategy wherein you can penalize these guys for their indirect actions against Russia. Whenever you talk to them ... they will say no, no ... we did not do anything ... it is America and Europe ... they are doing all of this ... we like Russia, we admire Russia, we are Russia's friends. Tell me what is this friendship when they are indirectly humiliating your country, putting sanctions on your country and limiting you in every way possible. If Israel and Jewish Groups truly want peace in the world then this war mongering from the West should stop. On the frontend, they are saying ... we are your friends ... and behind your back ... they are sending NATO's military to your doorstep. These indirect acts of aggression against Russia by Israel and Jewish Entities must stop. You need to initiate moves to make that happen. And don't buy their words of being innocent and of not being involved. These guys are two sided war designers.