07 Jun 2016
Poland was used to initiate World War II
in Russia

‘Absurd’: Russian envoy to NATO ridicules allegations of plans to invade Poland


Poland was used to initiate World War II. These Jewish groups have varying influence in many countries around the world and they use this global influence in order to change political spheres as per their convenience. One such key country that was used to initiate World War II was Poland. The main objective was to stop Germany. Germany was growing at a massive scale in Europe and threatening Communist interests. The only way to stop Germany was to initiate a major World War and get collectively destroy Germany.

So, what they did was ... they started killing Germans living in Poland. Mass massacres were carried out ... and these massacres were carried out only to invite a military action from Germany. Once Germany got involved in the War ... they built up the war to a massive scale ... got America involved in the war and collectively destroyed Germany. Poland played the "bait" to initiate the war. These guys have very good influence in Poland.

Note: Mass Massacres is a part of their strategy. This certifies that ISIS is designed by none other than Israel. They have done this before. And this is how "cold" these guys are. Mass massacres and mass murders are just a technique for them.

They will give you an impression that these moves are being taken by "NATO" and America ... that is all bullshit. All of these are Jewish games of war. The will put people in your political team and advise you to take action against NATO. That is exactly what they want ... the buildup of tension and conflict. These guys are war designers and they play both sides.

The way to stop these guys and their war games is not by only responding to their threats. Yes, you need to have a counter measure ready ... but the main thing what you need to do is pressurize the main guys behind this. All of this is Jewish Banker politics ... all of these wars are designed by Jewish Bankers. If you want to stop this buildup of war then you need to start pressurizing the culprits behind them ... which are Jewish Bankers.

Why are they making such rapid buildup of war? Because the system is already collapsing ... look at Paris ... what is going on in Paris. All of these protests that are happening since several months ... it is totally censored in America. This is people taking to the streets ... this is because of the failure caused by these Jewish Bankers and Corporations ... this is their worst nightmare. The only they want to answer these rise of the people is via "total war and destruction" ... just make sure that all of these countries are destroyed. This is the main reason why they are carrying out this buildup of war along with the failure of European systems.

It will not be very late for the people to realize that this "systemic failure" is caused by these Bankers and Corporations. Once people realize this ... then it means direct action being taken against Jewish Bankers and Israel that hosts these Bankers. So, instead of allowing action to come towards them ... they are introducing artificial conflicts that has absolutely no basis. Obviously Russia has no reason to attack Poland ... this assumption is simply ridiculous and absurd. But not as per their logic ... as per their logic, they want a conflict in order to save themselves.

Russia needs to play smart. Don't act only against NATO. Put pressure on Jewish Bankers and Corporations ... expose them in the media ... expose their role in these wars and how they benefit from the resultant destruction. Work with your allies, build new allies and impact their cash flow. If direct action is taken against them then you will automatically find these war policies to go down.

But the situation is so bad right now that ... it is inevitable that American and European economies are going to fail. This simply cannot be stopped because that is how these guys have designed the systems. These systems will fail these countries. And in order to avoid action taken by the people and resultant changed government ... the best solution that they could come up with is "war". So, your choice is ... allow these Jewish Bankers and Corporations to initiate major conflicts and destroy your countries ... or you take up the axe and cut down these guys. If you dont make any moves then they will destroy all of you guys ... and if you take down these guys first ... then you get to avoid all of these wars, live in peace, get a fantastic system that will work for all of you.

Why I am telling this to Russia is because ... they will deliberately design reasons to pull you into war. They will deliberately instigate you. That is exactly what they did to Germany. And today, in many ways Russia is like Germany for them before World War II. They want you destroyed. You are powerful ... no doubt about that ... but you need to apply the force on the main culprits behind this.