09 Apr 2016
Panama Papers and Deviation Tactics
in Russia

“Political scandals” are one of the deviation tactics that the Jewish Establishment uses. Radical Islam is their primary strategy but after Brussels we wrote this article and sent it to the Obama Administration:

Why does Israel promote “Radical Islam”?

The above article clearly exposes Israel’s role in Radical Islam and how it caters to the interests of Jewish Bankers and Corporations. Once this article was sent to the White House, the planned “march against fear” was cancelled in Brussels. Because these marches and constant Islamophobia only caters to the requirements of the Establishment in their deviation tactics.

After their role and benefits were exposed in terrorist activities ... they have resorted to “political scandals” as a deviation tactic. What you must note is that ... all of these activities are “artificially designed” ... they are planted at the right time and at the right place ... in order to deviate your attention and keep you busy with something else. These activities are:

  • Terrorist Activities ... carried out by a few individuals but at the right time and right place providing the right amount of deviation.
  • Political Scandals ... created by a few individuals ... information released about top politicians regarding their grey activities.
  • New Diseases ... yes “diseases” ... Israel has large biological research labs intensively working on these aspects. Ebola and Zika Virus are two examples. What do these new diseases do? They deviate political attention and resources of the country ... and they create fear and panic among the people. This is just the testing phase. You can expect worse situations at later stages.

What do they want to accomplish using the Panama Papers?
Their prank at Brussels failed and very quickly attention was lost on that event. The main purpose of the event at Brussels was to cover up the “anti-labor protests in France”. These protests are totally censored in America. Not a single mainstream media in USA is covering these protests because it exposes the flaws in the American system as well. They don’t want Americans to panic right now. It is very important for the Jewish Establishment to deviate the attention and keep Americans occupied with something else. They lost their stride with the event at Brussels ... that’s why they quickly came up with “Panama Papers”. It is a deviation tactic. The anti-labor protests in France are still a hot topic and they need a secondary topic of equal importance to run in the air.

They are eyeing several accomplishments using the Panama Papers:

  • Deviation. It helps them keep the Western audience deviated from the protests in France.
  • Putin and Russia. They are using these papers to mainly attack Putin and Russia. Putin is a major enemy for them because of the changes that Putin has brought from the Communist Soviet Union to the present Democratic Russia, Putin’s support for Iran, Putin’s victory in Syria and Putin’s monitoring of all terrorist activities in the war zones. Putin has become a constant obstacle in their income. This is the major reason why they are targeting Putin. They have released information on many leaders worldwide ... but their primary target is Putin ... because of this very reason.
  • Destabilize Opposition. The Jewish Establishment has rigged the American Politics and Intelligence ... giving them immense power and intelligence on leaders worldwide. They can release information on any leader worldwide at any time ... helping them run the world game as per their plan or pressure as they want. They have done the same with the Malaysian Prime Minister as well. Information about his banking activities were released in order to destabilize Malaysia. They are doing the same thing in Brazil also right now. They have released information on Dilma Rousseff. The common thing in all of these leaders is that they do not cater to Israel’s best interests. Dilma is an open critic of NSA’s spying activities and a close friend of Iran and Russia. That’s why they are destabilizing her rule in Brazil. Use of American intelligence is one of their techniques to destabilize opposition.
  • Blame America. With the Panama Papers, the Jewish Establishment gets to blame America creating friction with Russia. Their long term aim is to worsen relations between America and Russia to facilitate a conflict. That’s why they will readily slide the “blame” of this work on American Intelligence. America already has a lot at hand at home itself ... look at the Presidential race ... it itself is a joke ... they already have a lot to deal with. Why will America release information on European leaders to the world ... that too, during election year in America? How does it benefit America in any way?

Just look at the multi-purpose benefits from one action. If American politicians were so smart then they wouldn't be $20 Trillion in debt today.

What Putin needs to understand out here is the game of the Jewish Establishment and how they are using American politicians, intelligence and world politics for their personal benefit. Yes, they will attack Putin and they will attack Russia ... but it not because they want you to cooperate with them in any way. They want you to turn against America. In fact, they will place insiders within your own government and advisors ... who will encourage you to turn against America. This is their strategy ... these guys are war designers and they play both sides. And they will make sure that elements are planted on both sides that will help in the building of the friction and conflict. They want a conflict and they want the destruction of both countries.

But Putin can stop this and control this to some extent.

If you confront Israeli leaders or Jewish Bankers about these activities ... the Bankers will say ... we don’t know anything about this, we are not into politics. The Israeli Leaders will say ... no, no, we are not doing anything ... everything is being done by the Americans ... Americans hate you and Americans are against Russia. In fact, both of them are liars and both of them are criminals. Both of them come from a background of a “criminal ideology” ... lying and misleading people is a part of their game. Don’t fall for what they say ... “verify everything”. This is where you need to use “intelligence”. Keep your intel guys active.

Collect detailed information on the activities of the Jewish Establishment and their networks ... into politics, media and corporate benefit. Collect the intel on how they run the show in several countries ... especially USA and Europe. And secondly, put in measures to impact them every time Russia is affected. Put in a system to impact Jewish Bankers and Corporations ... via sanctions, trade restrictions, product flow ... affect their cash flow, every time they attack Russian interests. If they are revealing your secrets then you reveal their secrets ... they have mountains of documents that can be revealed against them. If they are using indirect techniques, you also use indirect techniques. Make sure they feel the impact. Why are you sitting there silently taking all the punches? Just because they point the finger at America then you will let them go ... any time and every time? You need to understand that "this" is their strategy ... this is their escape route. If America is doing it ... then it means that Israel is doing it. That’s exactly how the system works right now when it comes to foreign policy.

So, stop confronting America only ... take action on these main guys who are running the show ... the main owners of the banks and corporations. This approach will help you control the situation. If you go for confrontation with America then it is exactly what they want ... they will only worsen the situation and create more problems. Put in a system to go after the main guys running the show.