25 Feb 2016
The Life of the Magician is locked in the Body of the Parrot
in Russia

You must have heard of the story in which ... the life of the Magician is locked in the body of the Parrot. There was a bad magician ... he used to do bad things to the people and he was unstoppable. Even if you wanted to kill him there was no way to kill him. He was simply invincible ... no amount of force or power could affect him. But it was very important to stop him because he was doing terrible things to the people.

So what they do is ... they find out the secret behind this Magician’s invincibility ... how come this guy is not affected by anything? They find out that he had secretly transferred his life into the body of a parrot. And this parrot was outside the country living in the trees of a jungle far away. If anything is done to the Parrot then it would affect the body of the Magician in the city. The Parrot and the Magician were interconnected.

This directly applies to American Politics and the Israeli Government. Out here the Magician that you see on the frontend is American Politics and Leaders ... and the Parrot is Israeli Government and Jewish Bankers. If you see world politics then American Politics is terrible and it is doing a lot of bad things around the world ... it is very powerful and it is unstoppable. Fighting against it is a huge task and it seems to be invincible. But if you look closely ... all of these wars, politics and the entire show is run by Israel and Jewish Bankers. The way to control this Magician is through the Parrot.

If you directly go on an offensive against the Magician then you will end up facing all of the power that this Magician has. But if you work on the Parrot then all of the power of the Magician will have no meaning ... the Magician will be totally helpless. But if you don’t work on the Parrot then the Magician will simply continue its malice around the world. So, the way to control and change American politics ... especially foreign politics related to war ... is through Israel. You pressurize the Parrot ... it automatically affects the Magician.

Now, look at what America has been doing against Russia.

  • Crippling sanctions against Russia
  • Which has adversely affected the economy
  • It has caused a downfall in the value of Ruble
  • Action against Russian athletes
  • Buildup of military bases around Russia
  • A defensive missile shield for Europe
  • Corruption case against Putin
  • Rejection of UN Resolution against Turkey’s activities in Syria
  • Rallying of more than 20 Sunni Muslim countries against Russian support for Syria
  • Threat of more violence in Syria if Russia does not stop its support for Assad

In every way they are cornering you, threatening you and provoking you for war ... while giving you huge economic losses. And if you try to take any action against this Magician then he only scares you with more bad things. At the end of the day ... either you will be the victim or you need to remain silent ... which is exactly what happened in Communism ... you don’t oppose anything ... you let them do whatever they want however aggressive it might be ... you are either the victim or you have to remain silent assuming you did not see anything ... which is exactly what happens in criminal activities.

If you want to control world politics ... then dealing with only one country is not the way ... dealing only with America will not give you much results. You have to make moves against the people who are controlling American politics.

Israel will come to you with a lot of praise ... ow, Russia is a mighty world power ... we are good friends with Russia ... it is NATO that is bad ... it is America that is bad. They will come to you ... suck up to you ... and encourage you to fight against NATO ... which is what they want. But them praising you saying ... Russia is a mighty power ... is like a thief telling the Policeman ... you are very powerful and wonderful ... I am a big fan. Tell me, should the Policeman leave that thief only because he is providing him with some “wordy” praise? While in real time action that thief is causing you immense damage ... is it wise to just let him go?

My Russian friends ... don’t follow words ... don’t follow words ... look at real time action. If you follow words then they will win. You have to see the connections between American Politics and the Israeli Government ... and how the Israeli government works in coordination with Jewish Bankers and Corporations. You need to gather intelligence on this and with every American aggression against Russia ... you need to provide a counter action against America and as well as Israel. When you start making moves against Israel and interests of Jewish Bankers and Corporations then automatically you will find changes in American politics.

Right now what they are doing is ... with the ceasefire proposal ... they have clearly understood that Assad will win with Russia’s support. They will lose all of Syria to Russia and Assad. Once they lose Syria ... Iraq will be next. Iraq will definitely take Russia’s support ... because Iraq is in tatters and they are planning to sub-divide Iraq into smaller States. With the current situation in Iraq, Israel is getting more than 75% of its oil supplies from the Kurdish controlled areas. They are getting oil as cheap as $10 per barrel ... while the whole world is paying $50-100 ... Israel pays only $10 right now. If Russia moves its forces into Iraq just like Syria ... then Israel will lose its oil supply. This is why they are trying to “compromise” and stop you in Syria itself.

The problem that they will face is that ... once Syria and Iraq are liberated from their sponsored terrorist groups ... and these countries fall under Russian control ... then attacking Iran would be simply out of the picture. Attacking Iran with Russian forces controlling all of Syria and Iraq would simply be impossible. What they are doing right now is simply “buying time”. They have to spend just 10 more months using any excuse.

It might be via a ceasefire or an election. What this will help them to do is ...

  • Maintain their rebel groups and terrorist organizations in the areas that they control within Syria
  • They will be able to supply them with all the aid that they need and
  • Once the offensive has to begin again ... it will immediately commence with a refueled force

Their plan is to maintain their forces in Syria for now and then attack Iran when the new Administration falls into place in America next year. They just want to spend 10 months on Syrian territory with some excuse or the other.

If you want to verify their intentions then this is how you crosscheck it:

  • Firstly, as I previously discussed, see that all humanitarian aid and all foreign support must move via Russian controlled channels in Syria. There should be absolutely no supplies of weapons or ammunition.
  • Secondly, if you want ceasefire and you want to move towards a political transition ... then hand over your weapons. There is no place for weapons and guns on the streets. Political reform is done via voting and not killing. If you are interested in what is good for the people and interested in changing laws ... then you should allow the screening of all rebel and terrorist held areas ... all weapons, guns and ammunition must be handed over to the government. Hand over the guns and we guarantee that the government will protect you. This is the deal that you must move forward with.

If they are not giving up their weapons and if they are telling you we want political reform ... then yeah, they are just fooling you and simply buying in more time ... while they prepare for a more violent offensive.

A more violent offensive is already there on the table. They just need a few months to gather troops from different Sunni countries and organize them for war. And if peace was their objective ... and they want what is good for the people ... then the next President of the United States would not say that he will tear up the Iran Nuclear Deal and put sanctions on Iran all over again. And for your information ... it is 90% guaranteed that Donald Trump will be the next US President. Well firstly, congrats to Trump. Secondly, the first thing that the Republicans will do is cancel the Iran deal and start an initiative against Iran.

So this ceasefire and political transition is just a game to kill time. If they are honest then ask them to hand over the weapons and live like proper citizens. If they are not doing that ... then make your moves against Israel ... if you leave Israel out of the picture then know that ... Iran is not the only country that will be attacked in the coming years. Russia will be next and that is for sure. Play all of your moves ... don’t deal only with one country. Use your network to pressurize America as well as Israel. Don’t buy Israel’s excuses of being you friend. America also thinks that Israel is an ally ... when it is this country that is destroying all of America and many parts of the world.

Here is how you pressurize Israel:

  • Introduce sanctions against Israel as a country
  • Introduce policies against Jewish Bankers and Corporations
  • Ask other Russian allies to follow the same
  • Give widespread publicity to actions against Israel at an international level

Remember, it is quite unlikely that Communist countries will cooperate on this. Use your non-Communist allies to do this. These guys love money ... affect their cash flow and they will be all ears. If they don’t listen even then ... then place your warships at the right places and put some direct pressure on the owners of these Banks and Corporations. Make sure that they know that you will come after them.

Give widespread publicity to actions against Israel at an international level. They fear the rise of non-Jews against them. It threatens their systems at a worldwide level ... giving them losses at an international level. But try to use the right words and media strategy to do this.