14 Feb 2016
Dear Russia, here is how you control America
in Russia

Prime Minister Medvedev is talking about Cold War ... but the thing is ... they are not planning for Cold War ... they are planning for real war. These initial anti-Russian actions that you are seeing at the ground level ... this is not Cold War ... these are the initial steps for real war. Here is the thing that you must realize ... they want a conflict between NATO and Russia ... they want the friction ... they want you guys to enter a conflict ... they want a war. They want mutual destruction of both sides ... because this is what benefits them ... this is what saves them.

But you can change their plan ... there is a way out of this ... you can stop their aggression against you, you can end the sanctions, you can restore relations and you can stop all of these negative war activities around you. There is a way to do this. I previously mentioned in my list of tips for Russia that ... Russia needs to use three elements to handle this situation ... politics, media and intelligence. You are only trying to use “politics” but you are still missing out on the “media and intelligence” part.

Flow of Instructions

Take a look at the below figure.

The first thing that you need to do is ... use intelligence to verify what I am saying in the above pic. Use Russian Intelligence Services to verify and collect the names of all politicians, lobbies and people involved in this. This is how the flow of politics works when these wars are concerned.

  • Stage One: The flow of instructions moves from Israel to America in Stage One. All of planning is done here ... the design of events, how it has to be covered in the media and what will be the next American political steps ... the complete central planning is done here. Which is why you will find a strong coincidence in what American politicians do and what Israeli politicians want to get done. The Israeli government is nothing but a frontend agency for Jewish Bankers and Corporations. It is these Jewish Bankers who plan out all of these moves ... these moves are transmitted via the Israeli government.
  • Stage Two. The Israeli government converts this plan into a strategy and promotes it through a lobbying system in America. These lobbies and major political parties are controlled by Jewish interests. Top politicians have to agree to promote and support their moves in order to move forward. They have established think tanks that advice these politicians how to make the moves and how to structure the media around these moves. This is nothing but the translation of the “raw plan” formed in Israel into a more polished “American Strategy” ... that is run by American politicians using their political power which is supported and promoted via their media.
  • Stage Three. Then this American Strategy is promoted at an international level via key American politicians. These politicians use American influence to get support from other countries worldwide. American influence is used to control other NATO countries. Otherwise, these countries independently don’t like or support these strategies. For example, sanctions against Russia ... there are many politicians in Europe who don’t support it ... the only reason they do it is because of the pressure that comes from America.

What you need to understand here is that ... the “origin” of all of these recent war oriented policies and plans come from Israel. It is the Jewish Bankers and Corporations who are the smart asses who are running the main show here. While sitting in the backend ... they are very comfortably causing a collision of two major segments of the world. It is these guys who want this conflict.

Now, there is way to manage this. Just because these guys are smart asses and they have money and power they cannot get away with a nuclear war and bring destruction upon us. Hell no ... they cannot. This is how you manage it. Use your intelligence services to connect American politics with the Israeli government and Jewish lobbies in America. Get to the ground level. Get real time facts ... get to the roots and origins. What you are doing right now is ... being angry at America and NATO ... this is exactly what they want. They want you to be upset ... they want you to be angry ... they want you to take action against NATO. Here is where Russia needs to update its foreign policy.

Russia needs to update its Foreign Policy

What you are doing right now is ... playing exactly as per their plan. They are making America take steps against you ... and you are taking steps against America. This is going exactly as per their plan. They are very nicely keeping themselves out of the picture and causing a huge nuclear war between two major segments of the world. You cannot afford to allow them to do this. You need to update your foreign policy.

Put pressure on Israel

Okay fine ... America and NATO countries are the direct front end aggressors. You are taking action against them fine ... but don’t leave out the main culprits. If you want to fix this situation that is coming from America then you need to put pressure on Israel. These guys are criminals ... they work with a criminal mentality. As long as they are out of the picture ... this aggression will continue ... the killing and chaos will only increase. You need to move the focus light on them. You need to connect every negative and aggressive move coming from America ... connect it with Israel ... connect it with the main guys who want these moves. You need to start taking corresponding action against Israel ... it has to be political, via media, via business and via military.

The key to control America lies in the control of Israel

If you want to control a criminal then you have to point the gun at him ... so that he knows that he is in the crosshairs ... he should know that we know that he is the criminal. And secondly he should know that action will be taken against him. There are two things that need to be conveyed to Israel.

  • One. We know that you are behind these American war politics. We know that you are behind the aggression that is being taken against Russia. We know that you are behind the sanctions and we know that are you behind the Middle East wars which will involve Russia very soon.
  • Two. Actions against Israel. They should know that corresponding actions will be taken against Israel for causing this calamity against Russia. You should pressurize them to change their course.

You can’t just go out there and play a blame game blindly. Use your intelligence services to get supporting facts for all of these activities. Then you take this into the media and expose this to the world. Everybody already knows this ... but your main politicians should make this vocal. Then you should initiate political action against Israel. You have to carry it out in phases.

  • Phase One – Exposure. First expose Israel’s role in the American activities against Russia.
  • Phase Two – Sanctions. Initiate sanctions against Israel.
  • Phase Three – Military. Prepare for a military action against Israel.

With each of these phases what you will find is a major change in the game that comes from America. Don’t just put sanctions on NATO and sit back hoping for things to change. Start initiating crippling measures against Israel. What they should know is that ... if a war between Russia and America starts then the first country that will be attacked will be Israel. Send one of your warships and keep it right next to Israel ... so that you can give them a strong signal that ... if you initiate a war against Russia then strong action will be taken against you.

You should be prepared to take action against two entities here.

  • One is Israel. This is the basically the warehouse of Jewish Bankers. It is not necessary that the main culprits will be physically available at their official address.
  • Get to the main Jewish Bankers and Corporate Owners. Use your intelligence services to locate all of these Jewish Bankers and Corporate Owners wherever in the world they might be ... and keep a close track of their movement. Send them a clear and a strong signal that if a war between Russia and America starts ... even if a single bomb on Russian interests falls ... then immediate action will be taken against you guys.

You are not hurting anyone ... it is just politics for the security of your people. Both of these entities should be put on the crosshairs. What they are planning is ... very nicely we will create a conflict between NATO and Russia ... they will mutually destroy each other ... we will push each other to take actions against them ... while we keep ourselves out of the picture. Once their destruction is complete ... we will continue our malice in the remaining part of the world. At the end if they realize that we caused the whole thing then they will be very weak to rise against us. So, instead of dealing with them at the end ... we should deal with them right in the beginning itself ... so that the whole thing does not even fall into place.

Managing Internal Politics – Control the Movement

Now, here are the difficulties that you will face. These guys are war designers. They play both sides of the coin. They will use their influence in America to take action against Russia ... and then they will use their influence in Russia to take action against America. These guys specialize in this. Tweaking politics and intelligence is a part of their game. They will design the game in such a way that the entire country will move along the path that they have planned.

They use three main elements to design the flow of the country.

  • Politics. They will get the majority of the politicians to support their planned moves. For example in Russia ... they will encourage many politicians to take action against NATO.
  • Media. They will run media channels demonizing NATO countries and their moves and policies.
  • Events. They will design events that will support this movement.

Here is where you will need to make a change and take control. If you want to win then you must first win at an internal level. You should have full support of your country in every way possible. For example, recently Putin commented on the Soviet Union and Lenin ... about the destroying of Churches and killing of Priests:

Vladimir Putin accuses Lenin of placing a 'time bomb' under Russia

The technique what these guys use is ... if say one line against them then they will bombard you with a thousand lines against you. These guys are working with the majority rule in politics, media and events. If one politician says one thing ... then he will get a hundred politicians who will stand up against him ... and there will be hundreds of news agencies that will publish against him. So this politician thinks that ... he made a wrong move and he steps back ... even though he was right. This is their strategy of controlling political moves against them from any country.

One person saying something against them is like a needle in a haystack. You have to strategize ... you just can’t go out there and say stuff as a single person.

  • Make a plan, put in a strategy
  • Pull the majority of politicians and leaders with you
  • Have a media strategy ... to promote positively what you are saying
  • Then use the events at the ground level to justify your words and actions

You have to work with the majority with a plan and a strategy ... then you will win. One line from one politician ... is not an effort that can win. Doesn’t matter how right you are ... politics is about majority to some extent, you know that.

You have to update your Foreign Policy and put Israel on the crosshairs if you want to change American moves against you. You might face internal resistance for this ... you have to overcome that ... pull the majority and get it done. Work with the majority ... one line should not be mentioned ... but there should be several series of comments, lectures and discussions “repeatedly” from several angles over a long duration of time. That’s how you will change the tide.

See how they have strategized American policy to demonize Arabs. They are running the strategy since the past 15 years. After 15 years ... the words Muslim and Terrorist goes hand in hand in America. It is wrong ... but it still happens. How did they do it? Repetition ... media ... politicians ... events ... again and again and again. It is all false and wrong ... but they were able to pull it off to some extent. Your advantage is that ... you have the truth in your hands. If you use this strategy then you will rise up like fire in no time.

This won’t change the game by a 100% ... but it will have a huge impact. There is another parameter that we have to deal with inside America. If this parameter is taken care of then its game over and you don’t need to worry about wars.