12 Feb 2016
Putin needs to maintain an upper hand in Syria
in Russia

Now, here is something very important. It is a must for Putin to maintain an upper hand in Syria. If peace has to be accomplished in Syria then Putin must take control. This is the only way things will fall in a peaceful direction in Syria. This is exactly what Putin must do ... take complete control of all “foreign activities” in Syria.

This is the major issue that Assad has been facing ... absolutely uncontrolled foreign intervention that is destroying the country. The exact problem that you will be addressing is “lies, misleading, cheating and killing”. This is their strategy and this is their agenda. Right from the beginning of the Syrian conflict ... this is exactly what has been used to destroy Syria. And these techniques form the “ideology” of your opposition. The guys who want the destruction of Syria ... this is their key ideology ... to do what they want via lies, misleading, cheating and killing.

If you see right from the beginning of the Syrian conflict ... they have been lying about the whole thing. They setup a group of gangsters and they killed about 200 Syrian soldiers in a village. And then Hillary Clinton takes the mic and says, Assad is going to kill his own people ... there is going to be a massacre. This group was designed to initiate this civil war in Syria. And then in the name of providing “humanitarian aid” ... they have only supplied arms, weapons and ammunition to foreign groups in Syria. They have told the world that we are sending in hundreds of millions for “food and medicine” ... if billions were spent in food and medicine then Syrians would be chilling and relaxed in their villages. But half of the country is already empty ... more than 12 million have been displaced from their homes and about 500,000 have been killed.

The most important task that Putin is facing here is the control of “lies, misleading and cheating” the people and the world. Putin needs to put in measures to control these “lies, misleading and cheating”. If you can control this then you win the game in Syria ... and here is how you do it.

These are the exact things that you want to stop in Syria:

  • Supply of arms and ammunition from outside sources in the name of humanitarian aid
  • Supply of funds to rebel groups from outside sources
  • The flow of oil from rebel controlled areas

Putin needs to play an upper hand and put a control in all of these activities. This is how you do it.

  • Put in control check points in every foreign activity in Syria
  • Anything they want to supply should go through a Russian check point
  • They want to supply humanitarian aid ... fine ... it should move through a Russian check point
  • Do not allow any unchecked or uncontrolled movement of any foreign products / activities within Syria
  • Anything that the Western forces want to do in Syria ... it must be done under your supervision

Put in "verifiable measures" to everything that they promise.

Since the past 5 years these guys have been lying and misleading the world and creating a catastrophe in Syria in the name of helping people. They are NOT to be trusted. Their own politicians are rigged. Their own countries will be coming into a disastrous zone very soon. They tell the world that ... hey, we want to send humanitarian aid ... okay fine, let it move through a check point and make sure that they send only food and medicine.

The “Humanitarian Aid” is an offensive against Russia

This is probably something that you don’t realize. The Humanitarian Aid is a dual layered tactic. This technique is nothing but an offensive against Russian moves in Syria. If you observe their media and most politicians ... they have been openly vocal against the Russian intervention in Syria. They tried several tactics of stopping Russian progress in Syria ... including demonizing your moves, saying that Russia is killing civilians and bombing hospitals. They are using all strategies to suppress your moves in Syria.

None of that worked and you still made excellent progress in Syria. Now, they came up with the technique of the “Humanitarian Aid”. If you see one side of the coin of this aid ... you will see that ... if you don’t allow humanitarian aid and continue with your offensive against current rebel held areas ... then they get to demonize you internationally. Saying that Russia is killing people ... people are starving ... we want to send aid and Russia is not allowing the movement of Humanitarian Aid. Their main strategy in the coming years is to attack Iranian or Russian interests. All of the next moves that they will make in the following years ... will be against Iran or Russia. They want to expand this war and conflict in order to involve either Russia or Iran. This “Humanitarian Aid” move was designed as a pretext for an offensive against Russia in Syria. By any chance ... if you had rejected the supply of Humanitarian Aid ... then they would have immediately moved ahead with the next steps of demonizing Russian activities in Syria ... casting a dark shadow over your role.

But if you see the other side of the coin ... that is also very disastrous. In the name of “Humanitarian Aid” ... these guys supply arms and ammunition to various parts in Syria. This is the strategy that they have already used with Assad in the initial years itself. They demanded that Assad remove all of his forces and allow the movement of humanitarian aid all across the country. Humanitarian Aid is just the cover up for the supply of arms and ammunition. The other side of the coin is the supply of arms and ammo ... and the refueling of the rebel groups.

The choice that they give you ... using the pretext of “humanitarian aid” is ... either your entire role in Syria will be internationally demonized and all other countries will take action against your role ... or ... we supply arms and ammo to all rebel held areas under the cover of humanitarian aid. They have a winning side on both sides of the coin here.

Never for even one second think that ... these guys want to do anything nice for the Syrian people. That is not the objective ... destruction and the expansion of this conflict is the objective. Their attitude towards the Syrian refugees itself shows their intention in this conflict. What most American politicians are saying is that ... even if one guy is a bad guy among 100 refugees then we don’t want all of them. When the same people that they claim to help ... they are walking thousands of miles and coming to their doorsteps asking for help ... they say ... nah, you are a terrorist ... we don’t want to help you. And on the other side of the coin ... they are spending billions every month to bomb the country ... under the pretext of helping people.

The solution of these misleading and destructive policies and actions in Syria is ... putting in “verified measures”. Put in measures to verify all Western activity in Syria. Everything should move via Russian channels. Do not allow any direct interaction or supply of anything. Using this technique ... you eliminate the malice that they carry out under the skin. If they do not want to go through your channels or check points ... then know that this is a direct supply of arms and weapons against your interests ... and they are openly lying to you.

Putin should take the lead ... use an upper hand and control all activities. This is the only way peace will come in Syria.

Obama should allow Putin to do his work in Syria

Obama should relax, sit back and let Putin do his work in Syria. It’s costing you guys nothing. Why do you want to spend billions of tax payer dollars in a task that someone else is actually doing in a much better way? It doesn’t make sense. Don’t get troops involved ... don’t allow any foreign country troops from your side to move in there. It will only worsen the whole thing. Ask the Saudis to chill.

Relax, sit back ... let the job be done ... Putin is doing a fantastic job.