27 Dec 2015
TRus109 Jewish Corporations don't run news, they play games
in Russia

Russian warplanes never hit civilian targets in Syria – Air Force chief


I told you guys not to think like a Goyim. This is their technique ... they have been running this technique since more than a 100 years now. Whatever they do ... they blame it on others. They ran concentration camps and killed about a 100 million people in Communist countries ... and they blamed it on Hitler ... saying that he killed millions of people in concentration camps.

Their religion has an ideology to lie, cheat, loot, abuse and kill non-Jews for their benefit ... now they are running a worldwide campaign that Islam has these ideologies. They have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and are continuously killing civilians in Syria as well ... now they are blaming it on Russians ... saying that Russians are killing civilians. The same goes with "persecution of Jews" ... Jews were persecuted for thousands of years only because they are Jews ... it is all wrong ... actually it is the other way around ... Jews lied, cheated, robbed and killed "non-Jews" only because they thought they had the divine right to do so. Everything that they say is the other way around. Whatever they do ... they blame it on the other guy. It is a mind game.

If you fall for their techniques ... you will end up in the defensive position trying to defend your acts ... while they will demonize you at an international level using their ownership of media entities worldwide. Your first step should be ... don't think like a Goyim. First understand who is saying this. If it is coming from the American media or American politicians then there is a 90 percent chance that this information has been designed by Jewish elements. They don't run news ... these guys run a game ... understand the game and play the right moves. Right now, you are playing exactly as they want you to.

What your response should be for the above information that "Russians are killing civilians" is that ... first you provide evidence and clarity for your work. And at the same time, expose their strategy and expose their killing of civilians throughout the past 14 years of War on Terror. This is how you get an upperhand over their politics. These guys are a bunch of liars and criminals. Don't only defend yourself ... expose their plan, strategy and actual action at the ground level ... and the people at a worldwide level will support you. The people need the truth. Doesn't matter how many media agencies these assholes own ... it will not make a difference. "Truth" has a totally different weight of its own.

Moreover, we are well very networked within the American society. If Russian media comes up with the actual statistics then this information will spread like fire in the American media network. That's why I said ... "use intelligence" ... don't just stay locked within your country ... collect ground level data of what is actually happening in these zones. This information will be very critical in winning this game.