21 Dec 2015
TRus108 They have planned to destroy Putin and Russia, just like they have destroyed Hitler and Germany
in Russia

Putin should not use only frontend diplomacy ... just frontend talks and discussions with politicians is what Goyim do. This is a totally predicted and expected response from any Goyim leader. What you need to do is make sure that these malicious elements ... who want these wars and who benefit from these wars ... these elements should be exposed and stopped ... internally within the United States of America. You need to “kill the will to go for war” ... war should be the last thing that they think about.

But if you look at the scenarios created today ... and if you look at American politicians ... most of them are pro war, more military spending and more military action around the world. And these military actions are already reaching Russian shores. One plane blown up in Egypt ... another plane openly shot down by Turkey and Turkey is openly being supported by the West. In fact, after this event Turkey was given a $3 Billion aid package to handle refugee influx. It was more like a pat on its back for the work it did.

The Two Senses

What you should understand is that ... there are two senses that you live in. Take a look at the pic below.


The Two Senses

The main opponent that you are dealing with here is USA. America is the epicenter of all of these wars and chaos. The last thing that you should do is use only the Goyim sense. Stop thinking only like a Goyim ... see all the parameters in action. All of these actions that America is taking ... it is not American based ... it does not have American welfare at its heart. It “originates” from America but it is not American owned. All of these actions, policies and strategies are designed by Jewish elements that primarily dominate the American world.

Don't think only like a Goyim

If you think like a Goyim ... try to use common sense, practicality, logic and reason ... and expect the other person to do the same ... then this will be a very big mistake ... it will be a very very big mistake. Because the other person is not going to think in the exact same manner ... the other person has a different mind here ... and you will be only surprised at the actions that they will take. Just like Turkey shooting down your plane. Did you expect Turkey to shoot down your plane? Nope. But it was carried out as per the planned strategy. You need to understand the Jewish game here.

Look at the right side of the above pic ... it shows the Controlled Goyim Country. America is the most highly controlled Goyim country in the world today. Almost everything in America including media, politics, banks and major corporations are all owned by Jews. All of these moves that America is making is as per Jewish interests.

Hitler's Mistake

This is the exact mistake that Hitler made. He thought he was dealing with Americans and British. Take a look at the pic below.


Hitler did a fantastic job of eliminating Jews from major German industries and occupations. He got all of the German media and banks into German control. At a national level he was a splendid success. But his major mistake was at the international level. He did not have a full understanding of the reach, capabilities, tactics and strategies that Jews would use at an international level against Germany. Here is where he lost. He was assuming Britain to cooperate ... use Goyim thinking and respond in a positive manner. He had no idea that these countries were already strongly based by Jews that he had removed from power from his country. He had no idea about the aggression that was going to surround him.

World War II started off on the pretext of “saving Poland”. Germany is taking action against Poland ... Poland needs help ... that was the punch line. What they actually did was ... they started killing Germans by the thousands in Poland. They started discriminatory measures against the Polish Germans ... only to infuriate Germany and invite Hitler’s action. But once Hitler responded to it ... it led to a world war. It started off on the pretext of protecting Poland ... but its objective turned towards destroying Germany for good. The main objective was to destroy Germany ... Poland was only an excuse to start the war.

What Russia is doing right now is ... everything that Germany did. It is preparing itself ... its defenses ... its military ... trying to pull some allies. Germany did all of this before. But it was still cornered and eliminated. Hitler did not learn from World War I. Germany lost in WWI only because America got involved. Hitler built Germany on a fantastic scale ... but paid no attention to America. Hitler made absolutely no moves “inside America”. He should have looked inside America ... the structure of the American system and from where this aggression is originating. And he should have destroyed the very core of this aggression. Then Germany would have never lost WWII ... there would never be a WWII. Hitler should have worked on America and got America on his side. This is where he made absolutely no efforts.

Russia’s Approach

Russia is doing an excellent job in keeping itself secure and building its country. At a national level, it’s a good job done. But what you need to do is ... don’t just talk to American politicians. These guys will say one thing today and then tomorrow another guy will come and do the opposite. You need to go inside America and break the control of Jewish interests over American entities. Break their control over American politics, media and banks. If you do this then you will change what America itself is. You will change everything that America will do from thereon.

You need to make efforts in revolutionizing the American System. Get it out of Jewish hands and put them into good Christian hands. Break the monopoly of Israel and Jewish entities in America. I know all of Western Europe follows American leadership. If you successfully make this change in just one country ... in America ... then Western Europe will follow. Their systems will change as well.

There will be no war ... no chaos ... no tensions and conflicts on the international stage. We all can peacefully work towards focusing on our lives ... improving the economy and improving the quality of life for us and our children. This can happen when we take the system out of malicious hands and put it into good hands.