21 Nov 2015
TRus107 Win your Opponent
in Russia

Now, this tip is very important. If you follow through this strategy successfully then you can rest assured that Russia will be a “world leader”. Right now, your scenario is too bad ... other countries are ganging up on you and you are trying to be a part of the group ... asking them to be nice ... saying that you are nice. That’s just pathetic. Russia deserves to be a leader and not a suck up.

Well, you might have seen recently that they are carrying out a lot of “international meetings” to “fight” the Islamic State. The truth is ... there is no fight required ... there are tens of thousands of militants out there and you can easily starve them off my cutting off their supplies of arms and ammunition. They themselves will give up. But this entire show of “Islamic State” is created by Jewish Entities designed to keep America and the world busy in war and conflict. That’s the main objective ... the objective is not to solve anything or to help anybody ... the objective here is to create and maintain chaos ... and to keep you busy in that.

Let’s leave that aside for now. Let’s take a look at our opponents. The frontend opponent that you see is ... America. Who is doing all of this ... America. Whose politicians are doing all of this ... America. Who is supplying funds and arms in this ... America. Who is threatening Russia ... America. Your “frontend” opponent is America. It is American politics and resources that are being used to create an opposition for Russia. What if you can change your opponent? What if your opponent does not want to fight with you anymore? What if your opponent changes and starts supporting you in every way? What if your opponent becomes your good friend? What if you can make this happen? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

America is only your frontend opponent

What I am trying to make you realize since the past two weeks is that ... America is only your “frontend” opponent. Your main opponent is Israel and Jewish Entities who are benefiting from this entire crisis. Both of you have a common enemy here. It is a very long strategy ... I will have to write a hundred pages to explain it in complete detail. Let me just try to give you an overview briefly.

Fact One. Here are some facts that you need to know first. America and Europe are tired of Israeli politics ... especially the Obama Administration. In fact, you will get full cooperation from the Obama Administration for the strategy that I am giving you now. Obama is tired of Israeli influence in American politics, business and everything else. In fact, Obama himself is trying to take action against Israel as and when possible. This is why he condemned Israel on the Gaza war ... threatened possible action on Netanyahu’s one state approach, went ahead with the Nuclear agreement with Iran and so on. And if you see Europe they are also trying to take action against Israel ... with the labeling of products from settlements to taking Israel in the International Criminal Court for war crimes. So, in the West there is already a lot of discontent with Israel.

Fact Two. The second thing that you should know is that ... Americans are fed up of its government. If you start a revolution today in America ... they will follow and throw out this government. The approval rating for the American Congress is at its lowest levels. The people know that the system is rigged ... the debt, the economy, their quality of life ... everything is a disaster in the US right now. The people want change.

Fact Three. The main culprit of the entire disastrous situation in America is none other than Jewish Entities and Israel. There are two-three things that need to be done simultaneously.

A Revolution in America

Yes, I know ... it’s a big step. But trust me ... the situation is ripe and the people are ready for it. Trust me on this. I know exactly how to get that done. I am not sure how Russia can design the revolution in America ... but Russia can definitely help in an American Revolution. Russia can play an immense critical role in bringing out a revolution in America right now.

For now, let me just show you the benefits for Russia ... if the Revolution is successful in America. It will bring an entire change in the whole political scenario ... removing all of the current garbage that occupies the Congress. A complete new set of leaders, administration and politics. A new America ... a new world leader ... that will take everything from a new perspective that will bring about fantastic changes for the entire world. An America that is “people focused”.

You can forget about this America that ... goes around bombing countries, threatening nations, putting sanctions without any major reason ... that doesn’t care about its own people, that keeps on going in debt and promotes only crap throughout the world. This America will be gone. It will be gone for good. You will have a brand new America ... with a completely new perspective.

This will be something fantastic for the American people ... and it will also be a blessing for the entire world ... including Russia. Russia can forget all about these wars, terrorism and sanctions ... all of this will be over in no time. But while we work on this aspect ... there is something that Russia needs to do simultaneously.

This is what you need to do

One. Get in touch with me. There is too much data to be put online and you have to strategize from several angles.

Two. Dump Israel. Yes, this is something that America cannot do unilaterally. Obama will cooperate ... but you need to take the lead in “dumping Israel” on the international platform. Now, you can’t dump a country instantly ... it will seem fishy. You need a strategy just for the dumping part as well. Let me give you an overview of this.

The nice thing about Israel is that ... they themselves give you a long list of reasons to disagree with them. You don’t need to do any hunting at all ... there is no waiting required ... they themselves do a lot of crap all the time that affects people adversely. Right from atrocities in neighboring countries to setting up systems in other countries to leech out their wealth. They have a long splendid list of prominent actions and policies that you can start talking about.

It should be a phased process.

First talk about their atrocities locally and the damage that they are doing for others ... then talk about war crimes ... then talk about their international systems ... then link their activities to sections of their Jewish ideology ... then talk about their history ... how it has affected millions of people ... and then show their current systems. And then it moves on and on. Phases should be accelerated and you should reach your peak within a few months.

What you are looking out here is a full fledged international confrontation with Israel and Jewish Entities. And this confrontation is essentially “political” ... we are not killing or hurting anybody ... only protecting the rights of innocent human beings and seeing that they are not abused or exploited. It is the implementation of simple humanitarian laws. Here is what will happen with your “leadership” in taking a stand against Israel and bringing Israel on the justice screen.

  • American politicians are too controlled to do this on their own. The liberty and control that Putin has in Russia ... this does not exist in America. But the Obama Administration knows about this and they will provide you with full support on this. A bunch of Republican leaders will make some noise ... but they cannot do anything about it.
  • You will get immense support from the American and European people for your leadership and role in this exposure
  • You are talking facts and the truth ... and what is best for the people ... and the people will welcome this with an open heart “worldwide”. You are not breaking any international law or hurting anyone ... will give you more info on how to design the strategy around this.

Now, that is just the moral aspects. You are standing up for people who are being oppressed ... that’s a great thing. With your approach against Israel and Jewish Entities on the world stage will bring immense support for Russia from several countries worldwide.

Territorial Gains

You can easily have the territories of Syria, Iran, Libya and Iraq ... but using this strategy you can win immense level of contracts and political support from all Arab countries that are American allies ... like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain to name a few. These countries will love you and give you tons and tons of business from every angle possible. In fact, even if America says to hold off ... they will go around America and work with you from another angle. You will be their favorite European country to do business with.

This is the full strategy that you need to show them:

  • First expose and question Israel’s actions on the world stage. Pull them up for accountability.
  • Show solidarity with Palestine
  • Then move on with a strategy to provide military support and country building for Palestine
  • Show the Arab countries how you will take Jerusalem back into Palestine
  • In the long run as far as Palestine is concerned ... show Arab countries how you will provide full security to Palestinians and build their country safely and peacefully

This will change the entire game in the Middle East. And you don’t need to worry about the military or country building expenses in Palestine. All of your operations will be fully paid for by the other Arab countries. They will welcome you, love you and pay for all operations.

Once you come to a stage in the strategy where you are providing security for Palestine ... then you will find yourself winning countries right from Morocco in North Africa ... till all the way to Indonesia in South East Asia ... the entire belt of Muslim countries will love you, favor you and give you preference for all business dealings.

Honestly and frankly speaking ... how does Israel benefit Russia in any way? These guys are a bunch of criminals ... they build strategies to entire benefit from you or keep you silent. With one small political change ... you can change Russia’s role in the world ... and have immense benefits for Russia as a country.

How will this support the Revolution in America?

These guys have setup systems to scare and silence the American people. Your leadership on the world stage will expose all of the malpractices done by Israel and Jewish entities. It will give a voice to millions of people in America and Europe to stand up against these policies. You can lead in separating the truth from lies ... and show the people exactly what is going on. This will give them a grounding and an initiative to bring about a change in their own country. It will immensely help the revolutions in the West.

And let’s say if you don’t ... then what happens?

This is exactly what is going to happen in the next decades. Many Western democracies are going to collapse ... under debt, war and chaos. These guys won’t have enough money to run their own government ... right now itself, America is borrowing more and more money every year ... just to keep their government running. And once the system collapses ... the people go after the guys who created this system and led to its collapse. It will be eventually Jewish Entities, Israel and all the Jews who supported Israel.

Once things go haywire ... Jews will not have their media monopoly ... American Christians will take over ... and then start speaking against the guys who brought this to them. As Jews say it ... anti-semitism will rise in America ... Jews will be hunted down or kicked out. It seems too fancy now ... but once things collapse ... theft and killings begin ... and people are unable to provide for livelihood for their children ... then people will go beserk. That will not be a nice time to be a Jew in America. This is exactly why Netanyahu is asking Jews to move to Israel. Millions of Jews have no idea what is going to happen to them soon. Why do you think Israel is building more and more settlement homes every year? It is only to accommodate the flow of Jews that will begin soon. Why do you think China is building “empty brand new cities”? China is building several high rise buildings in the form of cities with all amenities and these new cities are “empty” ... but still China is building more and more. Who do you think China is building these empty cities for? It is only to accommodate the flow of millions of Jews from around the world into Israel and China. Why do you think China is so aggressive against the United States? It is designed to house millions of Jews who will flee America. (Reference: http://www.citymetric.com/skylines/enough-empty-floor-space-cover-madrid-so-why-are-chinas-ghost-cities-still-unoccupied-1180)

That’s exactly what is going to happen in the next decades. If you don’t do anything and just sit and watch the show. You will probably end up being one of the victims of the current American wars. And moreover ... if you stand up at that time and say ... hey, Israel is bad and they have setup wrong systems in the world. Then at that time ... it will not be news. Everybody knows that ... anti-semitism will be spread across the globe. It would be just common information.

But if you take the lead now ... you can be critical in changing everything. Russia can win in several folds:

  • You can be a world leader who stands up for what is right and provides security for the people who are oppressed
  • You can be seen as the leading light who will pull the world in the right direction. The world will be happy to have Russia in the lead.
  • You will make immense territorial gains from Arab and Muslim countries. You will get huge amounts of lengthy contracts.
  • You will save America and Europe from their designed collapse. Thus there will be a lot of love and affection for Russia from America and Europe. You will be loved for that.
  • You will easily be able to eliminate the restrictions and sanctions on Russia that exist right now. From being a guy who was out of the club ... you can be the prominent leader who is most loved in the Western world.

Russia can win in several folds at a worldwide footing. All you need to do is make some small changes in politics and use your position in the world with the right strategy.

Time factor

One small issue that you might face is the time factor. You have limited time to accomplish this swiftly. You will have the Obama Administration for only one more year and once Obama is gone ... the Republicans are a bunch of monkeys ... they dance and sing to Israel like no others. The cooperation from the US Administration at that time could be difficult. Instead of having guys who will go with our flow ... they might create an opposition. The time factor is very important here.

Why “Russia” should take a lead in this?

  • Firstly, like I said ... Putin is not controlled by vested interests. He can do what he decides. He is not dependent on other parameters like the American politicians are.
  • Russia itself has its own history with Communism and Jewish policies
  • More than 70 years of Communist history provides a lot of material to Russian leaders in exposing Jewish malicious systems
  • You yourself have been a victim of Jewish policies and you can save other countries from the same exploitation
  • And once your forces reach Israel, there is one nice cake waiting for you. You deserve a big pie out of that cake.

Read this section of the site for info on that cake: http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history.html