14 Nov 2015
TRus106 After Arab countries, war with Russia is next
in Russia

What I need you to do is follow this section of the site very closely: http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history.html

We discuss several systems of exploitation designed by Jewish Entities here. The primary country in focus in this section in America but these systems are spread in several other countries in varying levels. The worst affected countries are in North America and Europe ... but several elements apply to Russia as well. Whichever system we discuss in this section ... just see and evaluate how it applies to Russia. It is the same system ... it will carry the same principles, same policies, same results and the same impact on the people & country. Evaluate how these systems are affecting Russia.

What Russia needs to understand is “American aggression” ... because after Arab countries ... Russia is next. The more you understand how the American system works ... the more you will understand how America behaves and why it behaves like that. There is clear cut proof and evidence that:

• Major corporations in America are owned by Jewish Entities
• 90% of all mainstream media in America is owned by Jewish Entities
• 70-80% of the American Congress is controlled and directed by AIPAC, the Jewish Lobby
• The benefit of the current systems setup in America goes to Jewish Entities
• It is Jewish Entities that want to keep America occupied in war continuously

Why do they want to keep America busy in war?

Read this page: http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history/1021-jewh130-global-trade-was-designed-to-save-communism-in-china.html

To keep America occupied in war they have chosen a string of Arab countries. Why Arab countries? It is a two-fold operation:

  • The main objective is to keep America busy in war
  • The secondary objective is to eliminate Jewish political opponents in the process
    • Arab countries don’t like Israel
    • They will not even allow entry of an Israeli citizen in their territory ... because of the Israeli aggression towards the Palestinians
    • Arab countries serve as an open vocal opposition of Israeli policies in the media
    • Jewish entities have invested heavily in buying out all major media outlets ... but they can’t buy media outlets in Iran. Iran is still an open vocal critic of Israeli policies. 
    • Unlike American politicians, leaders of Iran openly criticize Israeli policies
    • And lastly these Arab countries boycott Israel and all Israeli products. They don’t do any business with Israel.

What Israel and Jewish Entities basically face from these countries is:

  • A media risk. Media at a huge national level criticizing Israeli policies. They would prefer you to just shut up and don’t talk about them. Just like American media. If you have to say something about Israel or Jewish Entities ... then you need to support them and say only nice things. Your democratic rights do not apply when it comes to Israel.
  • Political Opposition. The leaders are anti-Israel ... thereby exposing the malicious practices of Israel to their people. If Israel does something wrong, then you should look the other way around ... just like American politicians. But if you stand there exposing what Israel does then you are a problem.
  • Financial Boycott. Because of these leaderships and policies ... Israel makes no money from these countries. It gets no oil or any products from these countries ... nor is it able to sell anything in these countries.

These countries are essentially a problem for Israel and Jewish Entities. As per the Jewish Ideology ... non-Jews should work for Israel’s favor in complete silence ... like cattle in the field. These guys think that they can criticize Israel ... and that freedom is simply outrageous for Israel to accept. So, if these countries are eliminated and their regimes are changed ... it eliminates Israeli and Jewish political opposition. And these guys get to do whatever they want in complete monopoly.

To facilitate wars against these countries ... what they have done is ... they have setup dummy groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. These groups go around the world carrying out “events” which are used by American politicians to demonize the regimes of these target countries. American politicians get to tell their people ... ah see! Arabs are terrorists and they are bad. These events justify these wars.

But the interesting thing about these “Muslim terrorist groups” is this:

  • If they are in fact “Muslim” terrorist groups then why are they killing Muslims?
  • Why aren’t they attacking Jews or Israel? Why hasn’t Al Qaeda or ISIS ever carried out an operation in Israel?
  • Why are these groups continuously expanding their branches only in Muslim countries? As per their claim, Muslims want to wipe out Israel from the map. So, why aren’t these Muslim terrorist organizations doing anything to Israel or Jews?
  • Somehow these terrorist organizations will kill citizens only from the wealthiest nations from the West ... from America, UK, France or Europe.
  • Events will be carried out in the wealthiest nations from the West ... in America, UK, France and other European countries. Why? Because these countries can send their tax payer money in billions for this “War on Terror”. If they attack poorer countries then they get zero investment. You think if they kill people from Nepal or Bhutan ... these countries will invest anything in this War on Terror? They will get absolutely zero investment from these countries.
  • Terrorizing the richest countries pulls billions of dollars into this concept
  • Even more interesting thing is that ... these events happen as and when investment in required in this war. 911 and few other related events happened which led to two major wars. Once the wars started, why didn’t these “events” continue in the West? Why didn’t anything happen for another 8 long years? If these guys are terrorists ... their entire country was being bombed ... why didn’t they do anything to any Western interest?
  • These events are created only to direct politics and cash flow. Whenever they want cash ... these events happen ... whenever they want to attack a target country these events happen.
  • What’s shocking about this War on Terror is that ... they will go out there and kill your own citizens to facilitate cash flow. Killing your own citizens in a part and parcel of this War on Terror.

This is what has been happening since the past 15 years. Now how does this apply to Russia? Russia is not an Arab country ... Muslims are a minority in Russia ... so why target Russia ... why the aggression against Russia? What you should understand here is that ... these wars are not about Arabs and Muslims at all. The main objectives of the war are:

  • Firstly, keep America busy in war
  • Secondly, eliminate Jewish political opponents

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran ... were Muslim but more importantly they were open “Jewish political opponents”. They speak openly against Israel and Jewish policies. But if you look at other countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar ... they are also Arab Muslim countries. Why no aggression towards them? Why not change regimes in these countries? Because these countries don’t speak openly against Israel or Jews. They don’t use their media to expose Israel at a national level. They know Israel is bad and they turn a blind eye towards their policies. But if you look at leaders from Iran ... President Ahmadinejad openly challenged even the holocaust. He gave interviews even questioning the holocaust. Well, it’s a historic event and he has the right to question it and hold his own opinion about it. But this is exactly what they want to curb ... open political opponents.

Now, when you look at Russia and your history. Jews were running the Soviet Union. They had an established Communist country ... they had absolute power in the Soviet Union. They were running the world’s super power. But with the collapse of Communism ... Jewish Entities lost everything.

  • Jews lost their political power in Russia
  • They lost their Oligarchy and the major companies that they were running
  • They lost all control over media outlets
  • And the current government is “Democratic” ... Jews don’t like Democracies
  • The current government is promoting Christianity in Russia ... Jews suppressed Christianity in the Soviet Union
  • It’s the rule of the Christian people in Russia that does not support the Jewish supremacy over them
  • Russia is growing to be more Christian and more Democratic which is a major threat to Jewish ideology
  • If you look at the ideology with which Russia is growing ... it is totally against ideologies that these guys had designed in the Soviet Union. Empowering Christians, spreading Christianity, giving Christians the power to rule, giving them the voice to speak up ... all of this is totally contrary to Jewish Ideology.

Your situation is more like of Germany in World War II. With Hitler’s rise in Germany ... this is exactly what happened in Germany:

  • Jews lost political control
  • Media access was taken away from Jews
  • Hitler started spreading Christianity and started building Churches
  • He eliminated all decadent activities from the society
  • And he spoke against Jews

Germany was a country were Jews flourished. It had the most number of Jews in all of Europe at that time. But once they lost their status ... once they lost their political, media and financial control ... and Germany started becoming a Christian nation ... what did they do to Germany? They rallied other countries against Germany. They rallied other countries where they had full influence in media and politics ... they turned these countries against Germany. This was one of the major reasons for the “demonization of Hitler” ... because they wanted Hitler gone. Most of the stuff that they talk about Hitler are all lies ... promoted by the Jewish owned media and endorsed by Jewish controlled politicians. Details later on this.

And interestingly, today Russia is standing in a very similar situation. This is what Israel and Jewish entities from the West will do about Russia. Just like the Arab countries ... they cannot use the religion card. They cannot use religion to demonize Russia. So, they will use alternate ways to provoke Russia. What these guys want is a military conflict ... a prolonged military conflict.

  • They will oppose your military involvement in other countries
  • They will fund and supply weapons to take action against Russian interests worldwide
  • For example in Ukraine, they will supply funds and weapons to attack Russian interests
  • They will try to do the same in Syria

Here is your link for the approval of funds and arms from the West into Ukraine: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-11/ukraine-wins-imf-approval-for-17-5-billion-to-rescue-economy

  • Taking down of the Russian plane in Egypt. At first, they said it was hit by an “external object”. Now, why would someone put in the news that a passenger plane was hit by an external object? Isn’t this very sensitive information? More than 200 people died and you are saying that it was hit by an external object? What are they doing here ... they are just provoking Russia. Now, they say ... no, no ... there was a bomb “inside” the plane ... blaming it on ISIS. Why is ISIS attacking Russian planes? Why not Israeli passenger planes?
  • Now, they have started a doping scandal.
  • There will be repeated events designed to demonize Russians and Russia.

What does this facilitate?

  • That is their policy ... repeated demonization.
  • To use repeated demonization against the target country, its government and its people
  • Look at Arab countries ... isn’t their policy successful? Aren’t they successful in creating some level of hate and suspicion against Arabs in the Western world?
  • Since the past 1000 years no Arab country has attacked any Western country ... nor do they have the capacity to do so ... but even then they show Arab countries as a threat.
  • The continuous demonization of Russia is designed only to justify an action that is already planned to be taken against Russia

Provoke first

  • Their strategy will be to provoke you first
  • Make you take a wrong step
  • Make you do something wrong
  • To put you on the offensive and make you initiate an aggressive action

And if you fall for the provocation ... then you become the aggressor and you become the guy who started the war. That’s the main reason they were demonizing Islam:

  • Banning the veil in France
  • Banning of the construction of Minarets in Switzerland
  • Saying bad things and drawing cartoons of the Prophet

All of these events were designed to piss off Arab countries so that they will come forward with a counter action and respond to these provocations. So that these Arab countries will do something anti-Christian ... which would give them an excuse to justify the preplanned action taken against them. The same strategy will be applied to you ... the only difference will be in the change line of provocations. The line of provocations will be different.

Russia needs to take a look at the full scenario and prepare itself accordingly. What Russia should realize is that “you have not done anything wrong”. You have not threatened Americans … you have not attacked Americans. You have done absolutely nothing wrong and you are totally innocent. But their strategy is different … they have already preplanned something … for their own personal benefit … and they will sit there and create scenarios to make that happen. That’s exactly what they have been doing since the past 15 years.