07 Nov 2015
TRus105 Understand the game, understand the opposition
in Russia

Okay now ... here is the important thing ... you need to understand the game to make the right moves. If you allow someone else to design the game ... and you react to the moves of the other guy ... then you will end up being the pawns of the designers of the game. You need to step outside the box ... look at all the parameters involved ... look at all the people and beneficiaries involved ... then you understand the entire game. Once you understand the game ... then you will be in a position to make much more intelligent moves that will give you positive results.

Here are the important things that you should look at ... the activities and influence of Israel and Jewish entities in America. These guys have a widespread influence in various key government segments ... and they use this influence for their interests and plans. The main games that they design are based upon an event and the control of your reaction to that event. First an event will occur ... and then they control your reaction to that event. That event will be carried out by some idiot or terrorist group ... funded by God knows who ... but the “reaction” to that event by American politicians will be highly calculated and preplanned ... and the result of this reaction favors Jewish and Israeli interests.

What they are doing out here is a sequence of “event and reaction” ... they have designed an entire front end game ... the benefit of the game goes to them. They don’t care how many people die or the chaos that this game is creating ... they are least bothered about all of this stuff ... their religion says that “non-Jews are created to be used by Jews” ... so they don’t care.

Let me give you one example of this. 911 ... the downing of twin towers in New York ... claimed to be carried out by some idiots on the other side of the ocean. How does George Bush react to this event? Two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that last for more than 8 years. There was absolutely no connection to Al Qaeda, 911 and Iraq ... but still Iraq was invaded. There was no reason to invade Iraq. The Iraqi government, its army and its entire military and air force was destroyed within a few months ... but even then the war was extended to more than 8 years. Why?

These American wars are nothing but a deviation from the failing American economy

Yes, these American wars are nothing but a deviation from the failing American economy. When George Bush left the office he handed over a debt of $10 Trillion to the next Administration. In these 8 years of war ... America went into a debt of $10 Trillion. But the interesting thing is this. The expenditure on war was only $1 Trillion ... where did the remaining $9 Trillion come from? The American economy was going down by $1 Trillion every single year during George Bush’s tenure itself. Did you ever hear about America going in debt during George Bush? He never even mentioned it to the people. The only thing that people could think about was ... bring back our troops, we want our soldiers home, get rid of George Bush. They created this “state of mind” in America only to keep them deviated from their failing economy.

They want to maintain this current state in America because ... all of the benefits are trickling down into the hands of Jewish entities. All the major corporations and banks that are benefiting from the current economic structure in America are owned by Jews. And if Americans wake up to this realization then the entire structure will collapse ... everything will be reconfigured and it will be the end of their benefits.

They want to keep these wars running for as long as possible ... so that they reap maximum benefit for as long as possible. This is why you find there is always a next country ... with a bad ruler ... that needs to be invaded. First it was Afghanistan ... then Iraq ... then Libya ... now Syria ... next Iran and Russia. Yes, Russia is also there in their plan. There are American politicians who are asking for Russian planes in Syria to be shot down. There are American politicians who are ready to arm and equip Ukraine against Russia. They are politicians who ask for more crippling sanctions against Russia.

Listen to them for yourself.
Sen. Tom Cotton says US should shoot down Russian planes over Syria

Hillary Clinton: Europe should toughen sanctions on Russia after MH17 crash

Clinton: Russia needs wider sanctions

Clinton Wants US to 'Really Up the Costs' on Russia and Putin

McCain Urges 'Crushing' Sanctions for Russia, Arms supply for Ukraine

Don’t Back Down on Russian Sanctions

Cotton: Russian Role in Syria 'Near Catastrophe' for U.S.

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton: We should shoot down Russian planes over Syria and near NATO countries!

And the same politicians suck up to Israel at AIPAC meetings. AIPAC basically trains and directs American politics. Here are some videos of these politicians at AIPAC meetings:

Senator Hillary Clinton - AIPAC PC 2008 Full Speech Part 1

John Mccain at AIPAC Conf. 2014

I can give hundreds of such examples and videos. 

Do you know how much “interest” America is paying on its current $18 Trillion debt?

Every year America pays $400 Billion as “interest” on this $18 Trillion debt. Every year America is going down in debt by $1 Trillion ... and out of this $1 Trillion ... $400 Billion is just the interest. 40% of its yearly debt increment is just the interest amount. And this $400 Billion trickles down to whom? The Jewish Bankers. They are the largest beneficiaries of these war games. And if they can keep America occupied by war for another 10 years that means ... an easy amount of $4-5 Trillion trickles down to them.

Do you think that the American people want all of this? They don’t approve of any of these wars. All of these wars are carried out and promoted by Israel and Jewish entities. That’s why I said ... you need to use “intelligence” and not just politics. Collect actual data ... collect information that is actually going on in the US. Who is promoting and what ... why are they promoting that ... who is benefiting from that ... then you will have a much better understanding. If you just take a look at the front end game ... thinking ... ow yeah, the American politician said this and said that ... he is threatening us, he wants to arm people against us, he wants to attack us ... then you will just retaliate ... which is exactly what they want you to do. Make use of intelligence and collect data on other parameters.

This is how Israel and Jewish entities got America under their control:

  • Using the free money printing press, the Federal Reserve, they have bought all of major American corporations
  • They have bought most of the mainstream American media
  • Using the Jewish lobby, AIPAC, they invest heavily in American politics
  • They have even channelized their way into education, religion, intelligence and Pentagon operations in the US

They use these elements to puppet USA as per their plan. That’s why I said in the previous post ... if you are having any Jewish interests or supporters in your administration or intelligence ... then you need to cut them off. Because they will push you to make those moves that they have already planned for you. And if you don’t listen to them or say anything against them ... they will use the “race card” ... they will call you a hater, racist and anti semitic. This is their technique of keeping non-Jewish minds away from investigating their criminal activities.

Take for example, Tom Cotton, the American politician who wants to shoot down Russian planes in Syria. This guy got more than $1 Million from the Jewish Lobby, AIPAC to promote this in the Congress. Now, if you say that the Jewish Lobby, AIPAC is behind these wars ... then you are a racist, hater and anti semitic. In fact, these guys invest both the leading parties in USA ... Republican and Democrat. And both of the top leading candidates, who will probably the next President ... they are threatening for crippling sanctions against Russia and sponsorship of an armed conflict with Russian interests.

The designers of war play both sides

Here is the fantastic part. The designers of war play both sides. When it comes to America ... they will invest in millions so that they put crippling sanctions on Russia and take action against Russia. But the same Jewish entities in Russia will come to you and whisper in your ear ... saying ... hey, see America is so bad ... look what they are doing to Russia ... they are crippling your economy ... Americans are evil ... they want to destroy Russia. They will claim to be your friends and have nothing to do with what “America” is doing. They will turn you against America and show America as the bad guy.

And if you actually investigate at the ground level in America ... this is not the case. This is simply not the case. If Israel and other Jewish entities and their supporters ... truly claim to be the friends and supporters of Russia ... then here is a test for them.

  • Ask them to stop American politicians from promoting war
  • Ask them to stop sending hundreds of millions into the Syrian conflict
  • Ask them to end the sanctions on Russia
  • Ask them to stop the aggression against Iran

Israel and Jewish entities have this reach and control, right? 70-80 percent of the American Congress pledges allegiance to AIPAC. Ask these guys to end the sanctions on Russia. Tell them to promote peace and stop funding war in so many countries. If these guys are true ... if these guys are honest ... if they are Russia’s friends ... and they don’t want to bring chaos in the world ... then ask them to use their influence and work on this. If 80% of the American Congress votes to end the sanctions on Russia and stops funding in conflicts ... then wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful place?

But my dear lovely Russian friends ... these guys do exactly the opposite in America. These guys are the ones who are designing this ... these guys are the ones who want these wars. Feel free to go ahead and verify. Every war promoting American politician follows AIPAC and does everything that Israel wants it to do.