31 Oct 2015
TRus104 International Strategy: Security, Stability, Peace and Progress
in Russia

Firstly, let me address my American friends ... they are probably freaking out ... hey, why the hell is he helping Russia? Lol. Well, there is a reason for that. Firstly, the Russian people are immensely talented and their contribution to the world is near to negligible. If Russia gets involved in world affairs and the international market then we will see a beautiful stream of wonderful products entering the world stage. Secondly, the American monopoly in world matters has not been very constructive lately ... at least since the past 15 years. It has been a total disaster when other nations are concerned ... and it has been a total disaster for Americans and America as well.

For example ... consider Iraq. Had Russia got involved when George Bush was threatening to attack Iraq ... then it would save the lives of thousands of Americans, it would stop millions of American soldiers returning home suffering from PTSD and it would stop more than $1 Trillion of American tax payer money from being wasted. Americans are wonderful people ... but the immense power that America has ... if that falls into the wrong hands ... then it is only a recipe for world disaster. And that is the exact issue that America faces today. Americans themselves don’t want all of these wars and terrible expenditure that is going on right now. But the issue is ... all of the major American media, corporations and politicians are owned and controlled by Jewish and Israeli interests ... because of which we see a stark contrast in what the American people want and what the American government is doing.

With Russia’s involvement on the world stage ... it will actually bring about stability in the world ... put American actions in the right direction and provide a healthy and positive competition for America. This would result in the creation of a better world for all of us.

Jewish and Israeli entities

That’s point number one ... the second point is ... if Russia or Putin has “Jewish or Israeli” entities advising them on anything then they should think twice before taking their advice. Their work is more like that of the Satan. Lol. I am not kidding ... they actually work like the Satan. You will find these characteristics in their advice:

  • They will create virtual worlds and illusions
  • They will use parameters of hate and fear to direct your actions
  • They will push you towards aggression and war
  • They will rarely show you strategies of peace, coordination and making a better world for your people and country
  • They will direct you on a path that they have already designed for you
  • Apart from illusions of hate and fear, if they show anything practical then it will only be those events that they themselves have designed
  • The end result of their advice will be aggression, war and destruction for you and benefit for them

That’s exactly how Satan works ... but just like we can’t get rid of Satan, we can’t get rid of our lovely Jewish friends. So the wiser thing would be ... to be aware of their strategies and do the right thing that benefits all of us. Listen to what they say ... but listen to them only to understand their strategy.

They want a conflict between America and Russia

So, right now ... this is exactly what they want ... they want conflict and they want war. They want a conflict between America and Russia ... and they will carry out events that will facilitate this. Those events will probably start happening once Obama leaves office. And if you don’t get involved on the international stage ... and expect the American politicians to do the right thing ... then you will end up doing exactly what they have planned for you. If you think that American politicians will be wise and intelligent ... that they will evaluate the costs of war and the chaos that it will create ... then you are mistaken. For your evidence, take a look at all the decisions that the American politicians have made since the past 15 years ... Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria ... do you see any “reason” behind those decisions? Any benefit for Americans or any benefit for the people of victim countries? The only strategy that they used was ... a few preplanned events along with hate and fear.

If you just sit back and hope that they won’t make any mistakes when Russian interests are concerned ... then you are mistaken. Let alone making mistakes ... these guys have made huge blunders ... and they are about to make even bigger blunders with the next Administration.

It’s time for leadership

When the other guy is doing blunders ... making all possible mistakes ... then it is time for leadership. It’s time for you to take the lead and show direction. It’s time for Russian world leadership. World leadership is not just a few politicians condemning the wrong moves of the other guy ... but you need to have an international strategy. Right now, what Russia is doing is ... just a few politicians condemning American moves. That’s simply too verbal and political and it does not have much effect.

The second issue is ... with your approach. If the other guy says that ... I am gonna punch you ... and then you say ... I am gonna break your hand. This tit for tat aggressive approach is exactly what they want. It’s not that you should not be prepared for action ... you should be cent percent prepared to defend all of your interests. If you use the right strategy in creating world balance then you will come off as the “shining light” that the whole world will look up to. Not only you will push back America’s aggression towards your country and avoid a major world conflict ... but in the process you will win the support of hundreds of countries worldwide.

And all of this costs you absolutely nothing or negligible ... it is only the right use of politics, media and intelligence. Right now, you are using only one element out of the three. You need to enter the world stage with the right combination of all the three elements. To be honest, the majority of the world is tired of American leadership. The only thing that the world is seeing from America is ... a series of blunders and chaos. Right from South America, Africa, Europe to South East Asia ... a lot of countries are just tired of what America is doing. If you step in with the right strategy then you get a whooping worldwide support. Use all of the three elements.

Your approach

And yes ... your approach should not be to challenge America. That would be just childish and expected of you ... instead your approach should be formulated around security, stability, peace and progress.

  • Security for the oppressed people ... security for people who have been oppressed again and again by a more powerful country
  • Stability ... you are stepping in to create stability in the region ... to end conflicts ... giving the people the capability and the right to defend themselves
  • Peace ... you are a peace keeping force ... the objective is not to increase conflict and aggression ... but the objective is to create peace
  • Progress ... if security, stability and peace is accomplished in the region then you are successful in creating scenarios of progress for the people

Wherever you get involved “militarily” these four steps should define your work ... security, stability, peace and progress. For example ... Syria ... it definitely applies there ... Iran ... it definitely applies there. Strategize with this approach ... define all of your actions with this approach ... where you are standing up for the people and protecting their rights to a peaceful life ... then your involvement in these scenarios will take a different turn. These four elements will also help you eliminate and suppress your opposition. Make active use of media and intelligence ... at a worldwide footing ... not just within Russia ... make use of media and intelligence at a worldwide level in exposing the opposition who want otherwise. Expose the countries who want aggression ... expose the countries who want war and chaos ... do it with the use of ground level facts and intelligence ... and show how it will impact the lives of the people. And market this content at a national level in America and European countries.

Right now, you are just talking to the politicians ... most of these politicians are rigged ... you will get nothing positive out of them. What you should realize is that ... the countries that you are dealing with ... America and Europe ... these are “democratic” countries. People have power and a voice in democratic countries ... use media and intelligence to change politics in these countries. If you make the right moves ... then you can change this entire game. Don’t be a pawn ... lead the game.