24 Oct 2015
TRus103 Establish Economic Territories
in Russia

We will discuss the short term or instant techniques first ... especially the ones related to international politics. Because within one year the international scenario will change ... once Obama leaves office, the scenario is going to be different. They are actually planning aggressive moves against Russia. So, you have about one year’s time to rapidly expand and establish your economic reign.

What are “Economic Territories”?

If you define them in terms of their use then it is ... beating the competition using politics. Your competition might have a product that is ten times better but you can easily beat your competition using politics. To study how this system works ... study American and British international economic politics. For example, if you see Saudi Arabia ... it is politically very closely linked to America. Thus America wins major economic contracts easily. American products like cars, oil companies like ARAMCO, business contracts, education and so on ... move very easily within the Saudi market. Similarly, the British have political ties with countries like UAE and Oman. British Petroleum, British Education and other British business contracts move very easily in these markets. The colonial rule is over ... but what they have done is established Economic Territories.

Economic Territories are a win-win situation. They have the need and you provide the solution. Since you are politically tied with them, they prefer you over the competition. How will Russia benefit from other countries?

  • Government Sector. The Russian government gets all major contracts ... it might be related to oil or defense systems.
  • Private Sector. Russian companies get an easy long term access to the international market.
  • Employment. When Russian products are sold internationally ... it consolidates Russian companies locally and increases employment. Increase in employment means more taxes for the government.
  • Economy. Huge amounts of foreign funds will flow into the Russian economy ... bringing in foreign exchange and providing funds for further expansion of industries. Thus consolidating the Russian economy.

What these guys do is ... when it comes to government contracts ... they sign up 50 year contracts. Study ARAMCO and British Petroleum contracts. They take up the development of the entire country in their fold. Starting from oil, defense, security, roads, bridges and construction to education, technology, healthcare ... they move into every possible major stream. These are oil rich countries ... they have the funds for all of these works. And these guys tap into those funds and win the contracts.

How to set this up?

Russia is a super power ... use your military strength ... capitalize on it. There are several things that Russia needs to develop on ... but use the stuff that you already have. For example, if Syria needs your help then don’t wait for 4 years to step forward. When Syria asked for your help ... an entire country was knocking on your door ... ready to be your economic territory. Look at Kuwait ... Saddam had bombed Kuwait. Kuwait went to the US ... they instantly beat the shit out of Saddam, thus winning Kuwait in the long term. If America wants any contract in Kuwait, do you think that they will refuse?


What you should not do is ... make the country pay excessively for security. Alternatively, your approach should be ... okay fine, we give you the security ... but we need the contract for this, this, this and this for the next 50 years. Cash-in on the long term. It’s a country ... they have funds for these works ... they will readily give you the contracts. You have waited for 4 years to act in Syria ... half of Syria is already destroyed ... which implies that half of your Economic Territory and its investment potential is destroyed. Even then it is not too late ... Syria can still be a cent percent Russian Economic Territory.


Second country ... Iran. They are isolating Iran, putting sanctions on them, destroying their country and economy. They continuously threaten to bomb Iran. In fact, once Obama goes ... that’s the plan ... they plan to cancel the Nuclear Deal and eventually bomb Iran. So, tell me why should Iran buy American or European products? Iran does not manufacture cars ... most of the cars in Iran come from Europe and other countries. Iran will readily change its buying policies if you step in with the right policy. Provide the security that Iran needs and you will easily get all of these contracts.

When you have political reach ... when the government of the other country is ready to work with you ... then it is very easy to eliminate competition. For example, in India ... how do they eliminate foreign cars? They tax all foreign cars coming into India by 100%. The car will cost twice its value in India. Thus making Indian cars very cheap and affordable. This ensures that Indian Industries and employment remains consolidated and it is not affected by foreign products moving into the country. The same policy can be implemented in Syria and Iran ... to eliminate American and European products of any stream that Russia can supply. This is defining Economic Territories using politics. See the chaos that these countries are suffering because of American and European politics ... these countries will readily accept Russian products. And how to make Russian products that can match American and European products ... I will show you that also later.


Your chances of winning Syria and Iran into your fold are 95-100%. It should be a very smooth flow when these countries are concerned. The third country that you are looking at is Iraq. This is another hefty oil giant. I know Russia itself has a lot of oil. But you are not going there for the oil. The objective here is Economic Territories. Everything that Iraq invests in the development of oil resources, defense, roads, bridges, country development, education, healthcare ... all of this investment flows to Russia. That’s the objective.

Your chances of winning Iraq are 40-60%. Firstly, American involvement is totally a disaster in Iraq. Secondly, they are planning to break down Iraq into several segments. If things continue as they are ... there won’t be an Iraq in the next decade. Currently, Iraq is occupied and controlled by several armed factions and Iraq’s future is being planned on these lines. Why? Because it is Israeli politics. They have carved out a huge oil rich segment of Iraq and empowered Kurdish forces there ... right next to Israel. Israel is getting 60% of its oil supply from that region. But if Iraq remains consolidated as one ... then Arab countries generally boycott Israel and don’t give them anything. This division in Iraq is in the best interests of Israel. It is amusing how Israel uses America for its own interests. But then this is one of the cards that will help you in Iraq.

Firstly, the established Iraqi government is Shia ... implying very close ties with Iran ... who is your ally. Thereby, giving you an easy flow into Iraqi politics. Secondly, the planned breakup of the entire country ... this also gives you an upper hand in pulling the Iraqi government to your side.


You did not get involved in Libya ... otherwise Libya would also have been an asset for Russia. It was a key oil rich country of Africa. But the good news is that ... it is still in chaos ... with no proper established government with warring factions coming up from several angles. See how you can get involved in Libya. It is also a country with unstable politics but it can be a good client State.

These countries ... Iran, Syria, Iraq and Libya ... have the potential of being cent percent Russian Economic Territories. Here is the common thing about these countries:

  • They need security
  • They need development
  • They dont have the knowhow to carry out these developments
  • But they have oil. Thus they have a source to invest for these developments
  • Making them good client States

Make rapid moves and try to do as best as you can within this year itself. There are several other oil rich Arab countries that have a huge potential for investment ... like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE ... the politics of these countries are already controlled. But there are techniques of winning big hefty contracts from these countries as well. I will show you how to do that also. Setup teams to work on these missions ... all of these are easy and doable.

One small thing that you have to promise me is that ... once things start rolling for Russia ... you will invest a few billion in Africa every year to make their lives better.