17 Oct 2015
TRus102 Becoming World Leaders
in Russia

There are several things that you have to do. But one thing that you should NOT do is “remain internationally isolated”. Don’t sit isolated in your greatness.

I will give you some rough guidelines and tips ... it will show you the direction where you need to work on. If you work in these directions then you are headed to prominent world leadership.

There are several techniques that you can implement. Some of them are “instant techniques” ... the instant techniques will give you results within a short duration of time. Some of them are “long term techniques” ... these techniques will give you results in the long run. And both of these techniques will generate hundreds of billions for Russia ... repeatedly every year.

Some of the techniques are “ideological techniques” ... here you can use the similarities in ideology and objectives to build your network. Some of the techniques are “technological” ... here you will be using technology to build your network. There are certain techniques that you can use among countries that are your friends and there are certain techniques that you can use among countries that are not your friends.

It is advisable that Putin does not work on these techniques only by himself. These are elaborate works ... you will get tired. It is advised that you setup a committee or a team for each of these techniques ... and the team continuously and constantly works through the years in accomplishing these tasks progressively in more and more countries. And of course Putin should overlook these teams ... direct and monitor their results.

Now, here is the fantastic thing that will happen because of these tasks. If you look at Russia’s current scenario:

  • It is easily internationally isolated by other countries
  • Russia’s allies are only a few
  • Other countries are easily able to cripple your economy
  • They are able to drop the value of Ruble to great lengths
  • By this devaluation of the currency and economy they are able to impact the lives of the Russian people

Using the techniques that we will discuss in the coming days, all of this can change.

  • Russia will not be internationally isolated
  • You will easily have 50-100 countries that will tie up with you
  • You will have a strong economy that will be supported and complimented by this network of 100 countries
  • Let alone currency fluctuation ... you can get to a position where you can be the standard for currency.

This will consolidate Russia as a world leader that cannot be easily shaken by any other country.