06 Jan 2020
Tolerance and Diplomacy will help Iran win

This page is important for Iran.

Trump does not want war
The first thing that you should know is that … Trump is not George Bush … Trump does not want war … and Trump is not a liar. Whatever Trump says, he means it. Trump is not a two faced politician who will lie and mislead others. He may be right or wrong on certain issues … but he rarely ever tells lies.

Trump does not want war and you don’t need to worry about America starting to bomb your cities. The era of George Bush is over. Trump is not an Establishment puppet and he will not do the same as George Bush did to Iraq. But you should not respond by killing Americans … because Trump is not a liar but he also fights back. And when he fights … he fights with all his strength. This is the type of person that you are dealing with.

Understand why support is being given to Iran
The second thing that you need to understand is … why is support being given to Iran? Why did Obama and Europe agree to sign the Nuclear Deal with Iran? Why were there so many discussions and meetings for this deal? It is because … a war with Iran will lead to a war with Russia … and nobody wants a third World War.

We were trying to prevent the Jewish Establishment malice of spreading wars from Syria to Iran and take us into Russia. Everybody knows that this malice and misleading is coming from Israel and the Jewish Establishment in America. Everyone knows that it is not from Iran. You were given support because they knew that:

  • Iran does not want war
  • Iran does not want conflict and friction
  • Iran was not developing Nuclear weapons to be used in a conflict
  • And because Iran wants to be friends with the European Union and do business with them

It is because of these reasons that everybody including Obama, Democrats, European Union and Russia helped in creating the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Trump’s mistakes
Attacking Iranian bases inside Syria and Iraq was a mistake. You are not doing anything illegal by being friends with Syria and Iraq. They are your friends since even before America and Israel were created. You have every right to be their friends and carryout bilateral relations.

It was the Jewish Establishment in America that misled Trump to attack Commander Soleiman in order to move the focus from his impeachment. This is his second mistake.

Two paths ahead
Now, you have two paths ahead of you … to respond to these actions from the Trump Administration:

  • Revenge and War
  • Tolerance and Diplomacy

This is how both of these paths will play out.

The path of Revenge and War
If you choose revenge and war … the first thing that you will be doing is …

  • You will nullify the very reason why support is being given to Iran
  • The moment you start killing Americans … the Democrats in America will not support you any more
  • Seeing you in a conflict with America … the European Union will also move back and not support you any more
  • Yes, Russia will step forward to protect you and to stop the war from expanding
  • But it will only lead to more casualties for Iran

The Bigger Problem for Iran
The tit for tat for revenge is on one side … the bigger problem that Iran will have is that:

  • Iran will be seen as a terrorist organization by the world. This is what Israel and the Jewish Establishment wants … they want to show you as crazy people who are terrorists … who want to kill other people and start wars.
  • Yes, you will lose all support from Democrats in America and from the European Union
  • But you will also face extreme sanctions from America and EU. And these sanctions can last for decades.
  • You will have extremely limited countries to do business with … the major countries will only be Russia and China.

Yes, you have lost one Commander … but if you pursue this path then you will face more loss of lives, more damages and more sanctions … nothing will improve for you. Revenge will not make anything better for you.

The Path of Tolerance and Diplomacy
But there is another path of tolerance and Diplomacy where you can come out winning.

  • Show tolerance. The first thing you must do is … show tolerance. Do not respond by killing any Americans. The moment you kill any Americans … you will equate yourself with ISIS and become like a terror organization. You have to show tolerance.
  • Make Nukes. By ripping up the Nuclear Agreement and attacking Iranian bases in Syria and Iraq … Trump just gave you the license to make Nukes. Why are you only “enriching Uranium”? For how many decades you will only enrich Uranium? Build the damn bomb. Make Nuclear Defense Systems … you are a legit country and you have 70 million Iranian lives to protect. You have every right to make a Nuclear Defense System. As long as Trump is President, there will be no Nuclear Agreement … this is your free time to make Nuclear Defense Systems. Once you have Nukes, no country in the world will ever threaten you with war. If you love your Commander Soleiman so much … then name your first Nuclear Missile … “Soleiman” … in honor of your Commander. These nukes will protect your country forever. You might have lost Commander Soleiman … but the Soleiman Nuclear Missile will protect you forever. Try to remember him with an accomplishment and not with more disasters.
  • Malice from Israel and the Jewish Establishment. This constant warmongering against Iran is designed by Israel and the Establishment in America. It is Netanyahu who keeps telling Americans to attack Iran. If you have Nuclear Defense Systems then no country in the world will bother you.
  • Democrats in America. When you don’t kill any Americans and follow a path of tolerance … then the Democrats in America will gladly follow you and help you. They will be your voice of support within America.
  • Congressional Oversight Committee. You can actually follow a political route to challenge the President’s decision via the Congressional Oversight Committee. You can provide evidence that Iran did not pose any threat to America and the attack on Iran was without any reason. If it is found that there was no reason to attack Iran then the President can be condemned for his actions. This will help in curtailing any further attacks on Iranian interests.
  • European Union. If you are not following a path of revenge and war … then even the European Union will welcome dialog and representation from Iran. They will support you and be your voice in G7 and the United Nations. The Establishment cannot unilaterally use America to target any country now. EU will bypass America and work with you.
  • Russia. As long as you are staying away from conflict and friction … Russia will gladly support you and help you.
  • United Nations. It is illegal and against International Law for Israel and America to attack Iranian bases in Syria and Iraq. You can take this issue to the UN. If you work with the right channels then the world will listen to you.

Two major routes of benefits
These are the two major routes of benefits that you get when you stick to tolerance and Diplomacy.

  • Defense Systems. You get the opportunity to make Nuclear Defense Systems and also continue to expand your defense capabilities via Russia’s help. You get to continue in protecting your country and people.
  • Political Power, Representation and Trade. You can show the world that Iran is not a terrorist country … but it follows diplomatic routes. You will get a lot of support within America, in the European Union and with Russia & China. You get to expand your trade activities with the world instead of facing sanctions, war and isolation.

These are two drastically different paths. One path gives only more damage, loss of lives, more sanctions and isolation … this is what you get with revenge and war. But alternatively, if you work with tolerance and diplomacy … everything will start becoming better for you. War will destroy everything for you … diplomacy will open everything for you.