22 Sep 2019
Helping Iran understand and manage the ongoing war moves

Iran, be careful. You are going to be bombed next.

We wrote the above article on 4th January 2016 … more than 3 years ago and today you are seeing repeated events happening where Iran is being blamed. The US President is being advised to strike Iran. We will give some brief information so that you understand what is going on and it will help you manage the ongoing war moves.

Jewish Establishment Malice
The good news is that … the American Government does not want a war with Iran nor do the American people want a war with Iran. It is only the Jewish Establishment in America that pushes for war with Iran. America is basically suffering from a monopoly crisis. The monopoly is held by the Jewish Establishment that owns the majority of the media, politicians, industries, banks and companies. They use their monopoly to mislead American leaders into disastrous wars.

So, don’t think that America wants to destroy Iran. It is not the case. It is this Establishment that creates these “events” … which lead to the creation of “scenarios for war” … and then they push leaders on this path of wars. The whole thing is Establishment malice.

Events lining up against Iran
Which is why, recently you saw events lining up against Iran … in every event, Iran is being blamed and targeted for war.

  • They flew a drone in Iranian airspace … which was obviously shot down … they used this event to justify a strike on Iran
  • And then ships in the Middle East were targeted … this event was again blamed on Iran
  • Now, Saudi oil facilities have been attacked … again everything is being blamed on Iran

For every event … “a war against Iran” is being justified. This is Establishment malice. They carry out events to blame the target. They did the same for Russia also. They carried out some poisoning activities in the UK … so that Russia can be blamed. The whole thing is designed in such a way that the blame falls on the target that the Establishment wants.

The times have changed
Another good news for you is that … the times have changed. It is not like when it was with George Bush and Saddam Hussein. The Establishment carried out an event … Bush went for war unilaterally and nobody could stop him. Today, the Establishment is failing on many many fronts … in the fields of media, politics, legal, intelligence and leadership. They do not control the process now and they don’t hold the same authority as then.

So, you can relax … what happened to Iraq … will not happen to Iran. There is a 95% chance that it will be avoided successfully. Firstly, don’t think that America wants to destroy you. America itself is in a major crisis of $22.5 Trillion debt that increases by the trillion every year. And nobody knows how to stop this increasing debt or how to deal with Establishment monopoly. Don’t go bonkers if anyone is calling for a strike on Iran from America. Secondly, understand how to deal with it. You need a lot of patience and intelligence in dealing with it. It will be easy … I will show you how.

Work in Several Spheres
If you have to respond and manage the Establishment successfully then you cannot think unilaterally … you have to work in several spheres … you have to move intelligently and create coalitions at many places. It is not as simple as America VS Iran. If you think that it is America VS Iran then you will end up working on the wrong track. It is the Jewish Establishment VS Iran that is the main issue. If you can successfully work on managing this Establishment then you can win.

Here is some basic framework of handling Establishment events and malice.

  • Don’t break International Law. The Establishment wants to show that Iran is the bad guy. The first and foremost responsibility will be to keep yourself clean. Don’t do anything that breaks International Law or anything that abuses any other country. It is important for you to be clean … anything wrong that you do … will be used to justify the aggression against you.
  • Kill the War Propaganda. Don’t respond to threats with threats … don’t use aggressive language or show aggressive behavior. The Establishment wants to bring out the aggressive Iran to show that you are the bad guy. A more intelligent way of handling this is “always be ready to defend yourself but always be ready to be friends with others”. You can always say that … “Iran will respond a strike with a strike” … but you should always add that … “Iran does not want war … it only wants peaceful relations with the world”. You have to kill the war propaganda with messages of peace … even though you might be responding to aggressive talk from the other side.
  • Use American and European Media. Don’t contain all of your frustrations within yourselves. Use your Diplomats to reach out to the American and European people … continuously keep on sending your message of peace and cooperation. Show America and Europe how adversely your country is suffering from sanctions. Show how everyday Iranians are suffering from this. Do interviews … do press conferences … take your message to America and Europe … repeatedly and continuously … especially when “events are being placed against your country”. The moment the Establishment places an event targeting Iran … go out there … send your Diplomats to do interviews and press conferences … with messages of strength and peace … and also show how everyday Iranians are suffering because of these sanctions and restrictions. This will help you kill the propaganda and pull support on your side.
  • Investigation Cooperation. If any event occurs … always be the first to cooperate in its investigation. Pull Russia and China … be ready to provide verifications and factual data. Be ready to provide intelligence and cooperation in every event possible. This will help in killing the demonization propaganda against Iran. It will help in tracing the actual criminals behind each event. Even if Iranian weapons are used … you can help in locating the seller and buyer of such weapons. You can help in narrowing out the main culprits … instead of simply taking the blame.
  • Build Defense. Remember, you have to prepare for all options. Don’t rely only on press conferences and interviews. Prepare a team to focus on press conferences and interviews … this team must be doing this all across America and Europe. And you should also build your defenses. It will advisable not to attack other countries but strongly defend yourselves initially. Never initiate any attack … never be the first one to drop the bomb … but always keep your defenses ready.
  • Build Defense Coalitions. Just Iran defending Iran is not enough. The Establishment works via a collective force. You must always create a “coalition for defense”. Its good that you have S300 missile defense systems from Russia. But you should also have a Russian warship protecting you. To add to that … speak to China … get military support and a warship from China as well to protect Iran. China loves to standup to America and it is a very close ally of Russia. Use President Putin’s help, if required, to pull military support from China. It is not about whether this is enough or not … it is not about whether Iran can handle it by themselves or not. You have to show “a coalition”. The moment the world sees that there is a Russian warship and a Chinese warship guarding Iran … then the interest to attack Iran will automatically vaporize.
  • United Nations. The above measures will help you to kill the war propaganda and a possible strike against your country. Now, you have to take measures for the sanctions as well. It might be the events that are being blamed on you or the sanctions that are being put on your country … take support from Russia and China … and move these issues to the United Nations. Present your case in front of the world and pull the world on your side.
  • International Criminal Court. You can also consider moving your issues and the events being blamed on you to the International Criminal Court. Don’t allow only one sided investigations and one sided decisions … take that event to the International Criminal Court and fight against the wrongful blaming of your country. You can fight against the sanctions on your country. The ICC may not be helpful in removing sanctions … but it will help you make a lot of noise.
  • Coordinate with America. Here is the interesting part … not only you have to keep your stand clean, build coalitions and defense, work with the UN and ICC … but you also have to coordinate with America. You think that America is the enemy but that is not the case. America is itself the victim of this Establishment. The main source of all of this aggression against Iran is from America … only because the Establishment monopoly and malice is highest in America. You have to tactically work with America to avoid the war and also to remove the sanctions.

If you see … Saddam and Gaddafi did not do all of this … that’s why they lost. They had no idea what was coming at them. They thought that America wanted to attack them … they did not even believe it till it happened. When it happened, they had no idea what to do. Both of them lost their lives and their countries are in ruins. Assad took some right moves … that’s why he is still alive and he is getting his country back.

We don’t promise you 100% success with everything … because that would be fortune telling. But taking all of the above measures will definitely increase your chances of success by a huge amount when compared to Saddam, Gaddafi or Assad. There is every possibility that there will never be a war with Iran … sanctions will be removed … and everything will be good.

Who to work with in America?
A tricky question is … who should you work with in America? Trump or the Democrats? Before I answer this question … I will tell you something about how we function. We are not associated with any party. We analyze everything from the people’s perspective in God’s light. We advise everything that is best for the people … doesn’t matter which party or country it is.

Technically, we are all children of Adam and Eve … we are all children of the same parents … irrespective of color, race or religion … we are all brothers and sisters. If you are from Iran … I might not even know you … but technically, you are my brother or sister. The same applies to anyone from America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Syria, India, Turkey or Armenia … technically, we are all brothers and sisters. That’s one of the reasons why I keep bullshit stuff like party politics, race or country aside … and advise what is best for your people and country.

In America, I would advise you to work with the Democrats and not with Trump.

Why not Trump?
We ourselves told Trump to directly work with Kim Jong Un because it would work out for him. Telling the Democrats to work with Kim Jong Un would not make any sense. For Trump also, we advise what is better for him … he is working with Kim Jong Un and it is working out and helping him to some extent. In the same manner, we advise you to work with Democrats because:

  • Paycheck. Trump wants to give you a deal only because he wants a paycheck from you. This is his number one reason why he wants to invite Iran for a meeting. Lol. This approach can create havoc for his Presidency and he doesn’t know it.
  • Cannot handle pressure. The key issue that you are dealing with is “Establishment malice”. The problem is not from Trump or America. A deal with Trump doesn’t fully guarantee security. Trump cannot handle pressure and he flips.
  • No Coalition. The main reason for his flip is that … he doesn’t have a coalition. He doesn’t have a group that will support him. The Democrats have created a coalition and a group that understands this Establishment malice. There are some Democrats, like Ilhan Omar, who openly hammer Israel and the Establishment.
  • No Consistency. Since Trump has not organized well … he is prone to pressure, he flips and doesn’t show consistency. One moment he wants to meet Putin … in another moment he doesn’t want to meet Putin. One moment he wants to do something and in the next he changes.
  • Limited Information. Yes, Trump is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the Establishment … but his moves against the Establishment have been very limited because the knowhow that he has about the Establishment is very limited.
  • Establishment Favors. You are trying to save yourself from Establishment malice … but Trump himself has done a long list of Establishment favors. How will you rely on a guy against Establishment malice when he himself has flipped and done a long list of favors for them?
  • Favors for Israel. We are dealing with a Jewish Establishment malice and Trump has a long list of favors for Israel and Netanyahu.
  • 2020 is a suspense. There is no idea what will happen to his Presidency in 2020. Right now, the most preferred candidates for President in America are Trump and Warren. Trump has Presidential Profiteering issues … no idea of how his Presidency will end … it can be a massive scandal. Being attached to Trump at that time will put you in a spot.
  • Dual Support. Trump has been supporting a failing Establishment. Trump himself is on shaky ground. The Democrats have a coalition that can support you during the Trump Presidency and even under Democrat Presidents. You will get dual support via Democrats under any President.
  • Iran Nuclear Deal. You got the Iran Nuclear Deal from the Democrats. You already have a good history with them.
  • Europe. Democrats have a good rapport with Europe. Europe does not like Trump’s aggressive moves against Iran. Over here also Democrats are better than Trump.
  • Things can change for Trump. This is Trump’s current scenario. He is very strong as one person but Democrats are more stable as a Party. Its not that Trump will always remain this way. If he starts working with us then things can change for him … he will start building coalitions … the stronger he becomes, the bolder he could be … he would not fear the Establishment anymore. But that has not yet happened. If you were to choose today … then the right choice is the Democrats. If he makes a lot of changes then he can come out to be a more stable choice … but that is not the case today.

From several perspectives, Democrats are a better choice for you … for now. Its not that Trump is a bad guy … his Presidency is actually doing better than Obama’s … in terms of peace and progress for America … Trump is doing just fine. But when it comes to helping Iran with Establishment based issues then Democrats are better suited.

Even if Trump works with us … we will also keep our security shield with the Democrats. We will be fine with Trump but we will maintain a secondary shield with the Democrats and Russia. Yes, I don’t trust my own security with him … let alone trusting the security of an entire country with him. “Inconsistency” is a major issue with Trump.

Work in multiple spheres from multiple perspectives
In the overall picture in dealing with Establishment malice … always work in multiple spheres from multiple perspectives.

  • Don’t sit there doing tit-for-tat.
  • Don’t work unilaterally.
  • Don’t get involved in aggressive language or moves.
  • Instead, make intelligent and tactical moves
  • Within the country for defense systems
  • Coordinating with Russia and China
  • Reaching within America and Europe via the media
  • Using global approach via UN and ICC
  • And also reach out within America

All of this will help you win extremely well. It will help you keep your country safe and win against this Establishment malice. All of the above won’t cost you anything … except for the military support from Russia and China. Other than that, all of them are Diplomatic moves. Use logic and diplomacy and you can win.