05 Dec 2017
Israel's Intelligence support for Saudi Arabia is a "hoax"

Saudi Arabia must be wondering why is Israel cuddling up with us and providing us intelligence about Iran? Why is Israel all of a sudden interested in “helping” Saudi Arabia? Why the sudden friendship and cooperation?

Some background information
Now, this is what you should know. The Israeli government is nothing but a frontend entity of Jewish Central Bankers. We have been working for a long time and reaching out to top American politicians in rooting out this Jewish Establishment from America. The Jewish Establishment comprises of a long list of bankers and corporations … they have unleashed a lot of debt based exploitation systems in the West … owing to which countries are collapsing under debt.

To handle this scenario and to root out this Establishment from the West a lot of political, financial and technological cooperation is required. We have actively promoted the Middle East to be one of the key financiers of this movement. I think some American leaders have already contacted many Middle East countries regarding the same.

Israel’s game in this scenario
What the Israeli government has seen in our project is that … we have all of the necessary tools and support elements to make the project extremely successful. They know that we can succeed in rooting out the Establishment from the West. So what they are doing is … carrying out alternate moves to combat this cooperation. This is how it works.

01.Cuddle with the Saudis to show friendship
They know that Saudi Arabia is the strongest country in the Middle East with vast financial reserves. It can easily sponsor the rooting out of the Establishment not only from America but from every European country. Their alternate plan is to just cuddle with the Saudis to show that Israel is their friend. “Hey, look we are providing you intelligence against Iran. We are your good friends. Don’t do anything to us. Work with us. We will help you against Iran.”

What you don’t know is that … they have already made several attempts to bomb Iran. Some countries might also like Iran to be bombed. But the scenario is changed. The Establishment does not want only one country to be bombed. Their priority has changed. They want massive destruction across America, Europe and Russia. They want a major conflict between America, NATO and Russia. Since Iran is protected by Russia … they are using Iran as a stepping stone for a conflict with Russia.

This is not like dealing with Saddam Hussein anymore. The Bankers are planning a massive catastrophe. They have repeatedly tried to initiate this conflict before also under various pretexts:

  • Via Iran’s Nuclear Program. You remember how Netanyahu went to the United Nations and drew illustrations showing that Iran’s Nuclear program will destroy the world. They pushed Obama again and again to bomb Iran. The main reason why Obama did not bomb Iran is because he did not want a conflict with Russia.
  • Via Syria. Israel is bombing Syria again and again only because it is an opportunity for a conflict with Iran and Russia. They know that Iranian forces are present in Syria. Israel is very eager for a conflict against Iran.
  • Via Saudi Arabia. All of the above tactics have failed till date. None of them have succeeded. So now what they are doing is … trying to pull you in the game. They are trying to create an additional route for a conflict against Iran. They are trying to use the Sunni-Shia card to get this leverage.

Please not that this is not a normal routine Middle East war. It is not going to be between one or two countries. The Establishment has created massive debt based systems owing to which countries are collapsing in Europe. They want the entire of Europe to be destroyed. They will give you an impression that they are working for your interest … but in reality they are pursuing the catastrophe that they have already preplanned.

02. Israeli government works for no one but itself – Designing a Massive Catastrophe
The Israeli government is not a routine democratic government that has its national interests. The only thing that they do is work for themselves … and that is “bankers”. Everything that they do is for “bankers”. The entire strategy is banker designed. You might think that … they are working for you and helping you against Iran. But they are not helping you … they are not helping anyone but themselves.

Their priority is a war between America and Russia … and to make this happen … this is exactly what they are doing right now:

  • Aggression from East Europe. They are already massing aggression against Russia from East European countries like Poland.
  • North Korea. North Korea’s missile program is another excuse for building aggression on another side of Russia.
  • Syria and Iran. Iran is another point of aggression against Russia.
  • America. And within America they are building anti-Russian sentiments via various means.
  • Saudi Arabia. And now Saudi Arabia would be another line of conflict in this scene.

They are creating multiple points of conflict to design a massive catastrophe. These are not regular wars and this is not routine. We are in a very critical and sensitive stage. Do not fall for Israel’s bogus intelligence.

03. Bogus Intelligence combined with Bogus Events
What you should know about Israel and the Establishment is this … they don’t provide intelligence. They run an “agenda” in the name of Intelligence. Intelligence is actually ground level facts. They mix up facts with their own agenda material and then mislead you in the direction that they want. On top of that, they will also create “events” to support the “intelligence” that they have provided.

There are many examples for this.

  • 911 … an event designed with bogus intelligence … designed to launch the bogus War on Terror.
  • Saddam has WMD. Bogus intelligence … designed to attack Iraq.
  • Chemical attacks in Syria. Bogus intelligence … an event designed to attack Assad.
  • Radical Islam … bogus intelligence with bogus events … using sponsored events to demonize Muslims and Islam.

And the list goes on. They design and facilitate events along with the “intelligence” that they provide. Which means … if they are providing you with intelligence that Iran will attack Saudi Arabia … it only means that they are planning this event themselves. They will create this event and then blame it on Iran. “Hey, look! … we told you Iran was going to attack you … see that missile! … Iran fired that missile!” This is how shitty their work is. If you start believing their intelligence then they will also start creating events to make you believe their version of reality.

04. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem
While they are cuddling among you … while Israel is pretending to be friends with Saudi Arabia … it is also working on rooting out support for President Trump from the Middle East. Internally, within the Trump Administration … they are encouraging Trump to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. Lol. Just look how malicious, deviant and self-serving these guys are.

They have been rattling the Trump Presidency even before it began. They know very well that:

  • Catastrophic blunder in the peace process. They know it that it will be a catastrophic blunder in the peace process in the Middle East. They know it that this is occupied land that belongs to Jordan. They know the historic and religious value of this land. They know that this move will create protests and riots.
  • The US Media will go ballistic. And once Trump makes this catastrophic blunder, they will unleash the US Media after him. All of them will go ballistic. All of the chaos, protests and riots that will be created by this Embassy move … will be widely covered all across the US media … giving the Trump Presidency a massive blow. They want Trump to create massive blunders so that these blunders can be used against his Presidency. They will say “hey, Trump talked about peace … peace in the Middle East … he bragged about it so much and look what he did! He did nothing but create protests and riots in the entire region! We have a President who does not know what he is doing. Get rid of Trump!” This will be their next move once the Embassy changes location.
  • Middle East will turn against Trump. And one of the key accomplishments from this move will be that … most Middle East countries will turn against Trump. Trump will lose a massive financial source for the work. And what will be Trump’s loss will be someone else’s gain. Today, only Iran, Iraq and China want to finance a campaign to burn down the Trump Presidency. But this Embassy move will line up several countries more against Trump … giving Trump’s opposition a massive consolidation of resources.

Designing Catastrophic Blunders for the Trump Presidency
In short, this is what they are doing:

  • Using Saudi Arabia to attack a Russian ally ... to create a conflict between America and Russia
  • Cuddling with the Saudis so that you don’t sponsor the campaign against the Establishment
  • Demonize the Trump Presidency via the Embassy move
  • Create multiple points of conflict for a disastrous catastrophe

Israel's intelligence support for Saudi Arabia is a total hoax. I strongly recommend you to understand the devil that you are dealing with.

Israel – the devil in its true form
This is what the Trump Administration should note. Till date, some people could say that … “hey, this is a conspiracy … this is racism … Israel is our ally … Israel is a friend of America.” And bla bla bla. But there is no more disguise here … there are no more skins here. We have delayed their destructive plans for so long that they are incredibly desperate and they themselves are jumping out of their skins … and trying to push for a catastrophe all by themselves. You are seeing the devil in its true form … this is directly Israel in action.

  • Israel bombing Syria again and again. Why is it attacking Syria again and again? Would it be okay for Canada or Mexico to bomb Washington … because it has security concerns? Then how is it okay for Israel to bomb Damascus? What you are seeing here is the devil in its true form … a desperate Establishment desperate for war. They are craving for war and destruction.
  • Chaos in the name of peace. The Jerusalem Embassy move is being pushed by whom? Hardcore Israeli supporters. This move will only create chaos when President Trump wants peace in the Middle East. Again a direct involvement of Israel … that will create chaos under the Trump Presidency.
  • Israel rooting out Trump’s support base. Israel mustering and pestering the Saudis … for what? To root out Trump’s fantastic support base from the Middle East. The statement that they are making is “hey, look … we are your friends. Trump is the one who moved the Embassy to Jerusalem. Why do you want to support Trump. Burn Trump!” This is Israel directly involved in burning away your support base.
  • Creating multiple points for a catastrophe. By bombing Syria again and again … by lining Saudi Arabia against Iran … what is Israel doing here? Israel is creating multiple points for a catastrophe under the Trump Presidency … so that you can either be impeached or so that your country can be destroyed.

You are seeing the devil in direct action here … without any skins … without using someone else for the work.

What to do?
Don’t worry … the above tasks are very easy to handle. Doesn’t matter what Israel does … it is a tiny country of 7 million people that depends upon us for its existence. We pull our support and it will get wiped off the map. It will not even exist without our support. It has carried out so much atrocities and malice … that nobody is interested in its existence. Not even the Central Bankers who created it. They themselves want it destroyed.

The White House is immensely powerful when it comes to dealing with direct Israeli malice. We hold an upper hand a thousand times when it comes to Israel. Simple calls with do the job.

  • US Embassy move to Jerusalem. Just cite security concerns … fear of regional instability … protests and riots … and concerns from regional countries. And then postpone the move. Say that you will reconsider the move once there is peace and stability in the Middle East. And by the time we have rooted out the Establishment … trust me, they will have bigger things to worry about.
  • Intelligence Support to Saudi Arabia. Call Saudis and tell them this “intelligence support” from Israel is total bogus and they are only trying to create a catastrophe in the Middle East. Saudis should not rely on any information given by Israel. Instead they should follow you and American intelligence. Pull them on your side.
  • Do not support Israel against Syria. Make sure that Israel knows that it is on its own when it enters Syrian airspace. Let them get a thrashing from Russia … it will teach them a lesson.

Simple calls and simple diplomatic moves will easily handle this. Follow the above and you will get:

  • No catastrophe
  • No demonization and ridicule in the media … it is already too much
  • A strong support from the Middle East remains intact
  • The world will know that you are playing very wise and very smart

You come out as an international winner.