17 Jul 2016
What Turkey should learn from the attempted coup

Don't let the coup succeed in Turkey!

Egypt is a total disaster after the military coup out there. It is a disastrous military rule in Egypt. This is one of the regime change techniques used by our lovely Jewish Bankers / Israel ... who don't like leaders that are not puppeted by them.

Erdogan should activate all of the forces that he can. If required ... only "if required" ... call Putin. Putin is a great guy and he has an instant army that can be deployed within 7 hours in any part of the world. If you need his help, just call him.

The issue that they have with Erdogan is that ... firstly, he is not a puppet. He will do only what is best for Turkey. It is impossible to defeat Erdogan or remove him using political tactics. And secondly, what Erdogan has done is ... he has become friends with Russia and resumed bilateral relations. Turkey is a key NATO member and they need NATO countries to be "against" Russia. They are planning to use Turkey as a focal point in the coming major wars and Erdogan's friendship with Russia becomes a major obstacle in their war planning. This is why they are using such a drastic step to change the government in Turkey.

The Turkish people should understand that there is absolutely no interest of this "military" to do anything good for the country. It is all Jewish games. You should learn from Egypt and the disastrous conditions their people are living in right now. Do not allow this coup to succeed. They will only destroy you.

This is exactly what you should learn from the attempted coup.

1. The before and after politics in Egypt regarding their coup.

Morsi came into power via elections. Egypt is a major regional power situated right next to Israel. Morsi was not very Israel friendly. Morsi's government was declared "Islamist and extreme". In fact, the election of Morsi was shown as the failure and unexpected outcome of democracy. Israel could not afford to have such a huge hostile neighbor. Morsi had to be over thrown. And that could not be done politically ... and he already won the political process. That's why they used the "military coup" option.

As a result, Morsi was over thrown ... his political party blacklisted ... thousands of his supporters imprisoned. If people protest ... they are either shot or put into jail. This is the "military rule" in Egypt as of now. And interestingly ... this military rule is totally monstrous when it comes to its own people ... but very friendly with Israel. It has resumed all friendly relations with Israel while it is killing and jailing its own people. This is exactly what would happen in Turkey if this coup was successful.

2. The second thing that you should learn is ... how desperate these guys are to create the next major war and how desperately they want to use Turkey to initiate the next war.

The major problem that they face with Turkey is ... Erdogan's leadership. He is a great guy and he does what is good for Turkey. He is not an Israeli puppet. And he has resumed bilateral relations with Russia. What they are trying to do is ... use all of the NATO countries to piss off Russia. They need NATO countries to be "anti-Russia". If you are "anti-Russia" then you will willingly play a role against Russia ... it might be shooting down their planes or providing a military base to attack Russia or any kind of military activity against Russia. And they need "Turkey" to do this for them owing to Turkey's critical geographic positioning and NATO membership.

With Erdogan being in the leadership and Turkey being friends with Russia ... they have lost a key player in the war game. This military coup only shows their desperation in trying to change the political atmosphere in Turkey ... and align it as per their long term plan. Erdogan must be very careful in their next plan to use Turkey as a base for the conflict with Russia. It may not be very soon ... but once Obama leaves office ... we cannot say what the next US President will do.

It is not necessary that the next guy may be as diplomatic as Obama ... and he may try to use Turkey to increase the conflict in the Middle East or even threaten Russia. The moves of the next US President are quite unpredictable right now ... but Turkey must be prepared to deal with this scenario. He may ask you to move forces into Syria ... he may ask you to attack Russian interests in Syria ... he may try to use Turkey as a military base ... you need to be prepared for this request from the next US President. What you should know is that ... it is not going to be a small conflict with ISIS or terrorists ... it is going to be a huge major war ... and almost every country that will be involved in this war ... it will face massive mutual destruction. The best thing for you to do ... just in case this escalation knocks on your door ... choose to remain neutral. Be good friends with America and be good friends with Russia. Do not get involved ... do not send troops ... do not allow your country to be used as a military base. If they want to fight ... let them fight and kill each other ... do not get involved. They may bribe you with trade deals, political leadership, billions of investments in Turkey ... all of that is bullshit. If you are going to be dead tomorrow then what is the use of taking money today? So that you can be happy only until tomorrow? Protect your country and your people. Do not get involved in this conflict, doesn't matter what they say or offer. All of it is a trap. This is the strategy that every country in the region should follow, not only Turkey.

Be very tactful ... be friends with everybody ... and don't take sides in war.