07 Jan 2016
The forthcoming wars are designed for “mutual destruction”

This is what you guys need to understand ... the forthcoming wars are designed for “mutual destruction”. Nobody wins a “nuclear war” ... nobody wins a nuclear war ... when both sides have nukes ... it results only in mutual destruction of both the parties. Both the parties will be destroyed ... and that’s exactly how it is being planned.

Dividing the world

They are dividing the world in two sides ... creating hate and differences ... and making clear distinct parties with nukes on both sides. And they are inflaming hate and differences with the use of “preplanned events” ... resulting in the creation of hate of opposite sides. They are only making sure that both sides will use maximum force against each other. These guys are “war designers” ... they plan and design both sides for the action that they want to happen.

Creation of differences and hate between Turkey and Russia

I will give you examples ... look at what happened between Turkey and Russia ... an event was carried out. Okay maybe someone advised you to do that ... but what happened after that? Russia has cut off all relations with Turkey and it is ready to protect its interests “with force” next time. What are they doing here ... making clear distinct boundaries ... with NATO countries on one side ... and Russia, China and Iran on the other side. Relations between Turkey and Russia have become very sour ... this is exactly what they want ... this is exactly what they planned.

Creation of differences and hate between America and Russia

Another example ... look at relations with America and Russia ... what was the tool used to put both of these countries on the opposite track? Sanctions ... sanctions against Russia was used to create bitter relations between these two countries. It has been several months and even today the relations are very bitter. There is a huge rise of anti-Americanism in Russia right now. Because of the adverse effect of sanctions on the Russian economy. Russian politicians don’t like Americans ... nor do the Russian people. This is exactly what they want. This is what they “planned”. Understand the boundaries that they are creating ... understand the teams that they are setting up for the next conflict.

What is Russia doing in response? They say ... ow yeah? America wants to mess with us? Let’s prepare for any military conflict. And Russia is carrying out its largest military drills ever in decades. This is not the best and the wisest response to this scenario.

Creation of differences and hate between Sunni and Shia countries

Another example ... look at the Saudi Alliance. Saudi Arabia formed an alliance of about 30 countries ... which comprises mainly of Sunni Muslims. And this alliance is already rejected by Russia and Iran. What have they done here? They have again crafted out teams of countries with distinct differences ... so that the world knows who is on whose team ... it makes it very easy for the conflict. These alliances are designed only for an easier and a well designed destruction of the countries involved. These alliances are not designed for peace or cooperation. They are just forming teams for the conflict.

Look at the bigger picture

Now, this is what you need to see what you need to see at a higher level. These guys work at two levels ... one is the Goyim level ... which means the entire world. And the second level is Jewish level ... these level essentially takes care of the interests of Jewish bankers and corporations as a result of what is planned at the Goyim level. At the Goyim level ... they will use your “psychology and thinking” only to push you to do what they want you to do. When these wars are concerned ... they will be like ... ow yeah, if they attack ... we will attack also. If they bomb ... we will bomb them also. If they want a fight ... we will give a fight also. But what you should understand is that ... this war is not a war of “bullets and bombs”. The moment you give into this tendency ... of going into the fight ... then you have already lost the game ... and they won.

An entire preplanned belt of destruction from the West to the East

This is how “Goyim” think ... and this how they want you to respond ... and this is how they will plan “events” so that you respond accordingly. This is not a game of bomb and bullets. Step back for a moment and look at things from outside the box. This game is mainly “psychology and media”. They will create events ... they will plan events ... all of these events are preplanned designed to put you on a preplanned path. And this path only leads to your destruction. They have architected several countries that should mutually destroy each other. These countries span from America in the West ... Europe and the Arab world in the middle ... to Russia in the far east. There is an entire belt of countries that are planned to be destroyed. And you my dear friend Turkey ... you are planned to be destroyed in the very initial stages.

Think better, plan better

What I need you to do is ... leave the Goyim thinking aside for a while. You want to win this game ... then you need to think better than these guys. You need to think 10 steps further than these guys. You need to plan better than these guys. As long as you will remain pawns in their hands ... they will have the winning edge. This is the exact advantage that they are exploiting to their benefit. I will give you the details of their design and structure of the wars planned ... if you keep moving along that path ... then know very well what will happen.

This war cannot be won with "bombs and bullets"

This war cannot be won with “bombs and bullets” ... I repeat ... this war cannot be won with “bombs and bullets” ... I repeat ... this war cannot be won with “bombs and bullets”. You have to use intelligence ... you have to cooperate and associate with each other ... especially with the opposition that they are trying to create. Without a single bullet being fired you can win this war ... with the simple use of intelligence, diplomacy and cooperation. And with a little bit of shuffle of the guys at the top.