07 Jan 2016
Turkey has been planned to be the first countries that will be destroyed in the coming wars

Wise and Independent History

My dear lovely Turkey ... it’s a delight visiting you guys ... even if it is just for a few hours. You have a unique thing that I love about you. You have not been enslaved like the rest of the third world. You fought ... you were active ... you were aware of what was going on ... you were not puppeted ... you led and you decided what was best for your people and your country. You made “independent” decisions ... which has given you a unique lead among most of the other countries of the world.

I love that about you. I wished my country was aware and conscious of what was going on around ... I wished my country had the awareness and the shrewdness to be able to fight off the people who enslaved us. Because of our lack of knowledge and intelligence we spent 400 years in slavery. You guys make me proud ... your history makes me proud. And I wish you grow ... and progress ... and flourish and lead.

If you saw your past roles in World Wars ... you held critical roles ... which you decided independently. I need you to maintain that clarity of thought even today. Open your mind ... be aware ... of what is actually going on ... look at all the parameters ... and decide what is best for your people. Don’t follow ... don’t be a pawn ... don’t be led into destruction ... by people who don’t have your best interests at heart.

As per the current world scenario ... Turkey has been planned to be the first countries that will be destroyed in the coming wars. They are only using you right now ... they are pushing you towards the frontend by showing some small material benefit. This small material benefit that you are getting now ... the $3 Billion for refugee management ... or a few perks from here and there ... all of these are crappy charitable traps. The real plan is to completely destroy Turkey. These few billions that you are getting from here and there ... what will you do with them when tomorrow your entire country will be totally destroyed? 

How will Turkey be destroyed?

The first thing you need to do is read this section of the site:

You will understand the background elements and ideology involved in these works. I will be writing a few more pages in the coming weeks in this section. It will give you a complete overview of their entire plan. I can map each and every move of their’s as per their plan. It gives the complete plan and structure of their operations.

This is not Israel’s plan. Israel will promote it ... but Israel is itself the frontend pawn in this game. This entire game is run by Jewish bankers and corporations. You have not done anything wrong ... Russia has not done anything wrong ... there is absolutely no reason for the beginning of a conflict between you two. Like you are surprised ... Russia is itself surprised at your moves. Just like America is putting sanctions against Russia and extending these sanctions even though it is fully cooperating in the fight against ISIS ... it does not make sense. Okay ... America went ahead against weak nations like Afghanistan and Iraq ... Libya or Syria ... okay fine ... the elephant is crushing the rabbit ... it was clear oppression ... it was understandable to some extent. But America pissing off Russia ... crashing their economy ... devaluing their currency ... and continuously extending sanctions against a nuclear giant like Russia. Something is wrong over here.

These wars are not about benefiting America

This is not about America “gaining” anything. If you see in the last 14 years, America gained absolutely nothing from these wars ... nothing ... people think that America went into Iraq for the oil. But the truth is that America gets even lesser oil from Iraq today than during Saddam Hussein. Most of the oil has been given to China. America has not gained anything from these wars ... it has only been leeched out. These wars are about “America’s destruction”. They want America destroyed ... along with Iran ... the plan is to destroy as many Muslim countries as possible ... most importantly even America, Europe and Russia are planned to be destroyed. I will give you details on this soon. Check the section that I told you.

Russia is a major power to fight with

But here is the information for you. Russia will be a major offensive to manage. And America will NOT help you ... you will NOT get the support from NATO. What you don’t know is that “Pentagon operations are rigged”. The American President does not know what the American military is doing at the ground level. Turkey and Arab countries “think” that they have America and NATO countries by our side ... no, that is not true ... you have nobody by your support. They will only show initial support by giving you some incentives. But once Russia starts pounding you ... you will not get any support. Trust me on this. They will turn away ... moreover ... America and Europe will be allowed to be pounded as well.

They will not protect you but they will attack Russia

In response, they will only pound Russia ... protecting Turkey and Arab countries is not in the plan. They will NOT protect you. The plan is to allow you to be destroyed. The only response to Russia’s bombing will be only to bomb Russia in return. And this time ... it will move towards a “nuclear war” ... so the scale of damage will be colossal ... burnt and melted bodies everywhere ... that’s where you are moving towards.

Understand the game of war designers

I am not saying that Russia is a bad ass. These guys are “war designers” ... they play both sides. Just like they are filling your mind with stuff ... similarly they are filling Russian minds with opposite stuff. So that fire rages on both sides. These guys are mind experts ... media and psychology is what they use to run these scenarios as per their plan. You have to open your mind ... you have to look at other parameters ... that have a keen interest in this. You have to see their past records ... you have to see their intentions and aims. Was there any reason for Iraq to be bombed? Everyone was laughing at George Bush when he suggested attacking Iraq. Every war move will be a surprise. Because these warring sides have nothing against each other ... there is a third party that is interested in these wars. And it is very important for them that these wars happen. They are pulling their strings in top politics in various countries to make this happen.

America itself is planned to be destroyed

As far as your country is concerned ... know that “America itself has been planned to be destroyed”. So, the support that you are banking on ... the support that you think will support you and protect you ... that country itself will be destroyed. If America and Europe are destroyed then tell me ... who will protect you from Russia and China? You are alone sweet heart ... you are alone. There is no one watching your back. Mainly because America itself does not know what is going to happen to it. America itself is going to be surprised. Details later on this.

These wars that are going to begin soon ... if they are not stopped that is ... they are not like bombing Iraq and Libya. A group of countries got together and bombed the shit out of one country ... and that country was not able to do anything to this group. It is not going to happen like this anymore. This time is going to be different ... destruction will be “allowed” to move into America and Europe. The Saudis are creating an alliance. They have no idea what is going to happen. I will give you more info on the site ... with detailed info on their plan ... and which all countries it will affect.

Test America's and NATO's loyalty

The only suggestion as for now is ... kindly take a notch down ... please don’t shoot down planes. The guys who are guaranteeing you support ... they themselves don’t know what is going to happen to them. If possible try to make up with Russia ... that would be a great move. That would also be a test for you to verify their honesty. Tell Netanyahu that you want to make up with Putin and set things right with Russia. See what he says. If Netanyahu or NATO don’t allow you to be friends with Russia then this is your guarantee card for your planned destruction at the hands of Russia. It means that these assholes are pushing you into the well and the support that they are giving you is only a mirage that will not last for long.

There are tests for everything

When it comes to the destruction of more Arab countries ... here is a test for you. Go ahead and tell Netanyahu and the American Administration to stop demonizing Islam ... let’s focus on the crime and not the religion that these criminals claim to come from. Go ahead ... try to change their media strategy. That’s exactly what Obama did, by the way ... this is nothing new. This the first thing that Obama did ... he stopped demonizing Islam ... he started cooperation programs with the Gulf countries and bridged relations with the Arab world. Those were his efforts in the initial years. Why did Obama do that? Because in those years ... there was no plan to bomb anymore countries ... Bush’s Iraq disaster was itself too much to handle. This is what Obama himself did. But when Obama’s tenure is coming to an end ... they have started the exact same strategy again. Today the events that are happening ... the same events used to happen during George Bush ... they are creating the same climate. The only difference is that the fireworks are planned at a larger scale this time.
Here is the living example that you yourself can see with your eyes in front of you.

Here is an open and current verification in the American Administration's results towards Arab countries

America spent about $2 Trillion on these wars ... for what? To “save” Iraq from a dictator ... to “save” Syria from a dictator ... to “save” Libya from a dictator. They spent the money ... but did they “save” these countries or destroy these countries? They gave the world words all the right words that had to be used ... the words will be used ... the money will be spent ... but what is the result? The result is what the third party wants.

Do NOT trust the American Administration when it comes to wars

On top of that ... they are putting Turkey’s head under Russia’s hammer ... that is an even more terrible and disastrous situation for you. At least, the promise was to save these countries ... but Russia will openly declare aggression against you ... and the tools that Russia will use and the way they will use ... it will be very very different. Don’t be taken away with a few billion that you will get initially. Do NOT trust the American Administration when it comes to war. I tell the American people themselves not to trust Obama when he starts talking about war ... because he himself is reading the script. Don’t fall into this terrible trap. It will be simply terribly disastrous for you.

Follow the site ... use intelligence ... collect data of all parameters ... don’t be a pawn ... decide what is best for your people and country. Continue to be independent thinkers.