04 Jan 2016
Iran, be careful. You are going to be bombed next.

As Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran, questions loom in volatile region

Iran should relax and think twice ... look at the bigger picture my friends ... look at the bigger picture. It is not the Saudis who want to destroy you ... it is the Jewish controlled political system of America that wants to destroy you. I already gave a warning about this before. They will design "events" to initiate an armed conflict with Iran. All they need is an excuse.


That's what they did for Afghanistan and Iraq ... 911 was the excuse.

This is a very very sensitive time for you guys. This is a very important year ... Obama is going to leave the office in one year's time ... and the plan is to bomb you now or at least when the next Administration comes into place. This is nothing but a preparation to bomb Iran. All of these activities that you are seeing around the world ... of the so called "Muslim terrorists" carrying out this event and that event ... all of this is designed to justify the preplanned bombing of Iran. All of these activities happened before Iraq was bombed.

These events stopped only because they had rebel forces in Libya and Syria ... these events were not required to tear down these countries. They tried and it is not possible for them to create a rebel force in Iran.

The only way to bomb Iran or destroy Iran is via outside military intervention ... for this they need two factors:

  • One ... the creation of hate and fear against Muslims. So that when they start bombing Iran then the response from the Western audience is not against their governments. These events help in the creation of fear and hate against Muslims ... which helps in calming down of the outburst or repulsive response from the Western audience. Because once these governments start bombing Iran ... they should be able to justify and control their own people. This is the primary reason for the "insertion" of these events just before a preplanned war against a major Muslim country. This already happened before with Iraq ... now it is your turn. This is the only reason you are seeing these events happen again now. They have already started work on this aspect. At any time they will move on to the next step. 
  • Two ... the major event directed at your country. You should keep an eye on a major event that will be designed to initiate this preplanned war against your country. They will use several angles and several possibilities. These guys have a truck load of cash and a lot of time at hand ... they have nothing else to do ... rather than just sit down and design war against the next target country.

You have to keep cool ... you have to control aggression from your end ... especially when it comes to a foreign country. You have very few friends in this world against this Western alliance. Do NOT fall for provacations. Use diplomacy at all levels ... till the last possible option. Do NOT come off as the aggressor or the guy who initiates the conflict. Because that is exactly what they want.

Syria was a planned stepping stone into Iran

Syria was actually planned to be used to initiate the war with you guys. That is why they sent in ISIS ... using the pretext of ISIS ... America started bombing Syria. They got authorization from nobody to bomb Syria. This was a provocation against Iran, a staunch supporter of Syria. This did not work. Then Israel started bombing Syrian bases. Israel did not attack ISIS ... it attacked a Syrian base. This was another provocation for Iran ... assuming that you will respond to these attacks and you will probably attack Israel. Once you attack Israel, then you have a war that they want.

This current situation with the Saudis is not an everyday situation

Don't think that the Saudis are alone this time. This time the entire game is different. Look at the bigger picture. You are surrounded by wolves right now and you have a very few friends. Do NOT fall for provocations. Be careful, be calm ... use diplomacy ... use international law ... for any aggression against you ... approach the UN ... get the world involved ... publicize the aggression against you ... use media ... do not take unilateral actions. Don't let the Saudi situation get out of hand.