30 Mar 2019
Brexit is an Establishment scapegoat to justify Britain’s economic failure
in Europe

Theresa May should take it easy on Brexit now. This cannot be the highest priority for the British people. Firstly, Brexit it not the way to go about fixing any British crisis. It might be debt, immigration, jobs or industries. All of this will be worsened with a sudden move such as Brexit.

What you should understand is that … the Establishment is targeting “chaos and destruction” for Europe and America.

  • By pushing wars in the American Administration
  • By pushing the creation of separate countries like Catalonia in Spain
  • By pushing some East European countries bordering Russia to become radically against Russia
  • By trying anti-Russian gimmicks
  • And in Britain … it is Brexit.

What all of these moves do is … create chaos and disaster in America and in European countries. What Brexit will do is:

  • Create an enormous amount of debt in Britain
  • Rattle the British economy
  • Adversely affect the jobs and companies in Britain

In reality if you see … Britain is already under a massive debt crisis like most other European countries and America. But Brexit will be used as the “scapegoat” by the Establishment for the debt crisis and the economic fall of the country. Many European countries are already burning in the debt crisis … like Greece and France. Greece had a massive economic failure and there are violent riots & protests in France almost every month. Both of these countries have already fallen to the debt crisis created via the Establishment’s malicious wealth drain systems.

The same is going to be happen in several other countries in Europe. The Establishment needs a scapegoat. Till date, the War on Terror was the biggest scapegoat in motion. These wars were planned to be moved to Russia and involve Russia in a massive war. The destruction of all countries would be blamed on the War on Terror. Since this has been failed, they are popping up with several individual movements in each country to create chaos and destruction.

Brexit is nothing but a scapegoat for the Establishment … which is why it is being given enormous worldwide publicity. On the other hand, the protests in France are censored in America and many other countries. Nobody even knows that France is burning in a debt crisis. The main reason why Brexit is given the highest publicity all around the world … is because this is a fantastic scapegoat for the Establishment … just like the War on Terror was. All events related to the War on Terror were also given enormous publicity all around the world.

Excuse of mass immigration
Brexit was promoted on the pretext of “mass immigration” from East Europe. We were in critical times a few years ago when the wars were concerned. Millions of refugees were pouring into Europe from Syria. Moreover, a war against Russia would create an enormous movement of people from the East to the West. This mass immigration was used as a pretext to create the Brexit idea.

It was shown in the best interests of Britain to leave the EU in order to protect its boundaries and identity. An “anti-immigration” propaganda was used to create this idea of Brexit. If you see, almost every group which supports Brexit are linked to anti-immigration groups. This anti-immigration movement was itself an Establishment gimmick to stop the movement of Muslims into Europe.

The very basis of the creation of the Brexit idea was “malicious and anti-social”. And it was created at a time when the War on Terror was failing … Russia was winning in Syria and countries were being stabilized. Millions of people had already left Syria and they were entering European countries. The Establishment saw that the War on Terror had failed and they needed alternate scapegoats.

Which is when they came up with these movements:

  • Islamization of Europe … to stop Syrian Muslims from moving into Europe.
  • Brexit … to create chaos in Britain
  • Separation of Catalonia … to create chaos in Spain
  • In France … they installed an Establishment puppet, Emmanuel Macron

All of these were Establishment moves designed to support their plans of chaos and destruction in Europe.

The best thing that Theresa May should do is this

  • Understand that Brexit is not necessary
  • Brexit is a severe and drastically sudden move that will adversely impact Britain
  • It is too extreme, too sudden and too drastic
  • It is an Establishment gimmick to justify the failure of the British economy
  • It is a coverup of the Establishment’s malicious wealth drain systems in the country
  • They can simply hold off on Brexit for a few years or shelf the plan for good
  • There is no immediate requirement for Brexit
  • There is no mass migration from East Europe towards Britain … all of it was “false fear” created in Britain
  • She should systematically work on smaller steps to address the issues of the pro-Brexit audience
  • She should present alternatives for Brexit … addressing the issues of the pro-Brexiteers

This way she wins both sides. She wins the majority of the people who don’t want Brexit and she also wins the people who want Brexit. She can use more concrete, smaller and logical steps to secure Britain’s interest.