27 Dec 2017
The "game of skins" in the Catalonia crisis
in Europe

This is what the Spanish government must note. The Catalonia crisis is a Jewish Establishment crisis. The regular pattern of this Establishment is that they will use “skins” to design the crisis. They will say one thing but in reality it is something else on the ground level. They will play mind games with you in order to run things in their favor. I will show you how.

Frontend Skin: In the name of Democracy
Their main frontend skin that is used to run the Catalonia crisis is “democracy”. They are trying to show the world that … it is the people who are voting for a separate State … it is the people who want a separate State. These are some of the tactics that they will use.

  • Democracy. This is Democracy! The people are voting for this!
  • People. The people of Catalonia want this! The people are themselves asking for this!
  • People’s Demands and Votes. These are the demands of the people and the people’s votes.
  • Majority Speaks. This is the voice of the majority!

In reality all of this is bullshit. It is just a frontend skin. It is carried out via media games and misleading leaders. In the name of people and people’s rights they have created a lot of catastrophes … right from the recent civil war in Syria to Communist revolutions in the East. All of these major catastrophes were carried out using the people. In the real world … this is what it is.

  • Treason and Sedition. Asking for a separate State is treason and sedition. It is a crime against the main country. It is stealing of resources and reserves from the main country.
  • Doesn’t matter who is leading this. It does not matter how many leaders are asking for this.
  • Doesn’t matter how many people are voting for this. Crime is a crime … it does not matter how many people favor it. The culprits are the leaders who made the people vote for such an illegal activity. The people are innocent and they rely on the leaders to do the right thing. The leaders should have shown the right direction instead of misleading the people.

Now, after misleading the people … carrying out a wrong campaign of dividing the country and attempting to steal the country’s reserves … you should not allow them to “negotiate with you and make demands”. This is the last thing that they should do. You should not allow them to mislead you or fool you in the name of “democracy and people’s demands”. Because this is not called democracy and the people were only misled into voting on an “illegal activity”.

Under no circumstance we should allow them to pressurize us and make demands in the name of democracy or people. Because of all that is a bogus frontend skin that was made up using the media and malicious leaders.

Catalonia issue is only one of the crisis that the Establishment has designed. There are several other exploitation systems that they have designed that only leech resources from the country and put the people as well as the country into debt. This massive debt crisis that is casting a black shadow all over Europe is designed by the same Establishment.

We have many more things to deal with. Please be strong in dealing with the Catalonia crisis.