24 Dec 2017
Transition Leaders and a State of Emergency in Catalonia
in Europe

What you are dealing with
First understand what you are dealing with. This is not a routine situation and these are not routine demands. You are dealing with a Criminal Establishment. Their aim is to destabilize America and Europe via any means necessary. They are taking up varied measures to facilitate the same. The “Separation of Catalonia” is one of those techniques.

How to deal with this situation?
There is a lot of malice that the Establishment has facilitated in the West. There are several exploitation systems that they have installed that create massive debt for the people as well as the country. Among all of the crisis that they have created, “Catalonia” is one of the most simple ones. It is very easy to handle the Catalan crisis, provided you take the right measures.

These guys are criminals. If you fall for their plan then you get played. You get tricked and you get pulled into a crisis that they have preplanned. The simple way of handling Catalonia is how you “handle criminals”.

No Negotiations

  • Do you negotiate with criminals? No.
  • Do you take instructions from criminals? No.
  • Do you give criminals whatever they want? No.

Firstly, there should be absolutely no negotiations with them. They don’t give us instructions and they don’t tell us what to do. In fact,

  • We tell them what to do
  • We give them the exact instructions to be followed
  • And if they don’t follow then we take swift action

Use of the Law
You have an upper hand here. Doesn’t matter who wins the elections at the local level. It does not give them the right to ask for a Separate State. It does not give them the license for treason and sedition. It does not give them the right to commit serious crimes against the country. You are the authority here. You always will have this upper hand when it comes to the local state officials.

Criminalize Separatist Ideology
The most important thing that you must do is “criminalize separatist ideology”. Not only for Catalonia but for every State. No one should demand for a separate State. Everything associated with separation must be criminalized, including:

  • Preaching and Promotion of Separation
  • Separatist Content and Elements (literature, anthem, flag)
  • Separatist Ideology (the concept itself)

This will help you to “root out the criminals” right from their core. If you have a criminal then how do you handle it? The guy should follow the law or he gets arrested. You have to use this strategy to root them out from every sphere. This needs to be done at two major levels:

  • All officials and leaders who support or promote separation must be rooted out.
  • Especially the media, take over every institution that can be used to promote separation.

Two Main Winning Factors
You have to maintain two main factors that will help you win in this crisis.

  • Govern with a strong hand. You are dealing with major criminals that aim to destroy your country. You have to step forward with a strong hand. You have to be resolute. You need to show force but only on the criminals who will not follow the law. There is no compromise and no negotiations. You need to deal with them using a strong hand.
  • Full support and compassion for the people. While you deal with the criminals that want to induce instability and chaos in Catalonia, you should show and provide full support and compassion for the people of Catalonia. You have to keep the people on your side. These leaders might try to incite protests or use the people against the government. But you must not take any action on the people. If you take action on the people then the whole thing will turn into a major crisis which is exactly what they want. The people of Catalonia must know that the Spanish government is on their side.

Don’t show compassion for the criminal leaders. Show compassion for the people. You can easily win using the above two factors.

The Winning Strategy
Here is the winning strategy for you.

Phase One – Show an Example. You are in this phase right now. Right now, you need to show an example … make an example to all other leaders of Catalonia that the Spanish Government is very serious about the issue of separation. Therefore, do not pardon everyone accused of treason. Puigdemont has openly called for separation and he has openly opposed and spoke against the Spanish government. Such leaders should not be pardoned. If you pardon such treasonous leaders then they will dance on your head. They will ridicule you and make a mockery out of you. A few leaders who openly campaigned and promoted separation should have the charge of treason on their heads, as of now that is. After 10 years, may be you can pardon them.

But for now, you have to show authority and your superiority … so that all other leaders know what will happen if they oppose the Spanish Government. This will place a hammer on every other leader in Catalonia. You will be the one who will be calling the shots.  

You need to call all leaders of Catalonia and give them clear and detailed instructions regarding this issue.

  • There will be no promotion or campaigns for a separate State
  • No speeches will be made for a separate State
  • No protests or marches will be organized for a separate State
  • Any group or leader found to preach or promote separation will be immediately arrested for treason
  • In later phases, you will also give them instructions of how to eliminate all separatist ideology and elements from the State.

All of the above conditions are non-negotiable and each & every leader must follow.

Phase Two – Transition Leaders
If everything works out in Phase One, then it is well and good. Keep a strict vigil on all of their activities and monitor everything. If you find any leader or politician who is trying to promote a separate State then immediately arrest him. Place a “transition leader” in his place. This transition leader will be appointed by you. The transition leader will continue to work until the next election can be held.

Phase Three – State of Emergency or Martial Law
This is basically what you should have done. You should not have held elections. Instead, you should have declared a State of Emergency in Catalonia. A State of Emergency would have helped you to root out all separatist leaders, elements and ideology from Catalonia. In a State of Emergency, you would have overwhelming powers throughout the State.

However, keep a strict vigil on Catalonia. If you are seeing that more than 3 leaders are flipping against the Spanish Government or if anyone is trying to create protests or marches then you can move forward to declare a State of Emergency. The advantage of a State of Emergency is that:

  • You get full control over the State
  • Any leader can be instantly fired
  • You can place your appointed leaders at all positions
  • You can maintain the State of Emergency for as long as you want … 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years.
  • You get the full State under your control and you get an unlimited time frame to clear out the dirt

The important thing here is that … you need to stretch the 3 phases to at least one year. You have just now called for re-elections and within a month or two if you declare a State of Emergency … then it will not look good on your part. It may back fire. So just stretch the whole thing a little bit.

First work on Phase One where you are placing the hammer on all politicians. Do not let the prime accused to go free. Keep a close watch and use transition leaders to keep the situation under control. If it is not getting under control within one year then next year, declare State of Emergency and move in with full force.

You have Strong Support

  • Support of the Law. Yes, you have full support of the law. Everything that you are doing is 100% legal and legit. Your opposition is the criminal entity and they are only trying to create a catastrophic crisis in Spain, just like they did in Syria. They only want to destabilize the country via any pretext.
  • Support of the European Union. Many leaders in the EU are informed about this Criminal Establishment. No one will support Catalonia. No one has supported Catalonia till date. You have full support from the entire European Union in handling this Establishment crisis.

Be strong and do what is right. You will win.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May God bless Spain with peace, stability and prosperity!