22 Dec 2017
Allowing Separatist leaders to run for elections was a mistake
in Europe

Asking for a separate State is sedition and treason. This was a good reason for you to ban all Separatist Leaders from the election. It was an easy way to win the elections by allowing only Pro Unity Leaders to stand for elections.

You still have an upperhand - You run the legal system
Your strong-suit is the legal system. You can always use this to your advantage. You should clearly inform all leaders in Catalonia that:

  1. Asking for a separate State is sedition and treason.
  2. Any leader who preaches, supports or promotes the Separatist ideology will be immediately arrested for treason.
  3. They can continue to lead and run the State, provided they support a unified Spain.
  4. They should abandon all Separatist elements and ideology, including the different flag and anthem.
  5. They should closely work with the Central Government of Spain in systematically eliminating this ideology from all Catalan Institutions.

The above conditions are non-negotiable. Just because they won the local vote, it does not give them the legal right to commit treason. Separatist ideology must be abandoned at all levels. You must issue a warning to all Catalan leaders about this. If anyone refuses then you must take swift action.

This is one of the best ways to keep Catalonia under control. Control their leaders and you control the State. If you allow leaders to say whatever they want or do whatever they want then they will pitch the entire State against Spain. You must give very specific and a detailed list of all conditions and prerequisites so that they conform to a Unified Spain.

Doesn't matter who wins the elections. The law is with you. Treason is a crime. Separation is treason. Anyone moving towards treason, use the stick of the law to put them under control.