19 Nov 2017
The Catalan Crisis and Establishment Malice
in Europe

Firstly, we would like to thank the President’s Office for getting in touch with us. We love Spain. We love everything about Spain ... right from its fantastic and widespread Spanish Empire that spread Christianity all across South and North Americas to the wonderful, simple, humble, loving and family oriented nature of the Spanish / Latin people. We love your contribution to world history and Christian history. May Spain thrive for a thousand years to come for spreading the Word across continents. May God love you and care for you forever.

We are humbled and honored to be of your help.

Catalan and Establishment Malice
This is what you need to understand about the Catalan crisis. It is not a routine Catalan issue ... it is “Establishment malice”. It is banker designed. If you understand and know who the main culprits are behind the issue then it becomes very easy to solve the issue. But if you don’t know who the main culprits are then the issue turns into a crisis.

We are glad that you have followed our previous posts about the Catalan crisis and taken very swift action to go after the culprits. It was simply fantastic of you to:

  • Dissolve the Catalan Government
  • Condemn the separatist movement as sedition and treason
  • Arrest the leaders of the separatist movement
  • Take over Catalan institutions
  • And conduct re-elections

Design of a civil war via the Catalan crisis
The main objective of the Establishment was to design a civil war and bring destruction in Spain in the name of the Catalan separation. It was simply great of you not to take any aggressive action against the people of Catalonia. Because any action being taken against the people would be negatively promoted in the Catalan media as an “unjust onslaught” by the Spanish government. They were trying to induce revolutionary and hateful sentiments among the people against the Spanish government.

The key throughout this crisis is “unity, peace, strength and stability” of Spain. The people of Catalonia must know and feel that they are protected by the Spanish government and whatever is being done ... it is in their best interests. Otherwise, these separatist leaders were only about to create disaster and destruction in Catalonia in the name of separation. You are the savior here. The main criminals are the separatist leaders.

It was simply great that you secured the Catalan people while taking targeted and swift action only on the leaders of the separatist movement.

Don’t allow criminals to run for elections
However, it was not a great idea to allow criminals to run for elections. You must remember that these leaders are “traitors” charged with sedition and treason. Such criminals should never get a chance to stand in elections. You are only giving them an opportunity to promote their agenda and show legitimacy for their movement.

What you should know is that the Establishment is a criminal entity and they follow all possible illegal routes to reach their goals. Since you have given them the opportunity to run for elections ... you are looking at these activities:

  • Use of Catalan media to promote separation
  • Separatist leaders gaining mileage for their cause
  • Demonization of the Spanish government
  • And also rigging of elections

Yes, they also rig elections very routinely. If they come back to power using the above factors then all of the measures that you took against the separatist movement will backfire. It will only show that the Spanish government is the aggressor and the people of Catalonia want separation. All of the moves that you took against them ... would have been for waste. Allowing them to run for elections is giving criminals a platform to demonize the Spanish government.

How to win in elections?
This is how you win in elections and install a pro-unity government in Catalonia. You have already criminalized the separatist leaders. You have condemned them for sedition and treason. “Criminals don’t get to stand in elections”. This is the point that you should follow. Do not allow any separatist leader to stand in elections. In fact, if anyone talks and promotes separation then he should be locked up. Separation is treason.

If you put only pro-unity candidates on the ballot then automatically you win the elections ... doesn’t matter who gets elected. This is an easy technique of 100% guaranteed victory.

Keep an eye on voting
Today’s democracy in most Western countries is only for namesake. The Establishment has rigged the entire system in their favor. They own the media in most Western countries ... thus they can promote only the candidates that support them and then they rig the elections in their favor. Democracy is nothing but a frontend show in Western countries. Nobody sees through the backend rigged system.

Just in case, if you are still allowing the separatist leaders to run in elections then ... maintain a strict vigil on all voting ... voting machines, vote counting and election officials ... throughout the entire State. Unless you have the voting under your control.

I am not sure if you have the voting in your control because recently they were able to vote 90% in favor of separation. Allowing separatist leaders to stand in elections is a very risky option. It is better and safer to simply disqualify them as criminals. You will retain an upper hand this way.

Creation of laws to criminalize separation
Not only you need to criminalize the separatist leaders but you also have to create laws for the entire country which criminalizes:

  • Separatist leaders
  • Separatist content
  • Separatist preaching and promotion
  • Separatist elements (like separate flag and anthem)
  • And the separatist ideology

This whole thing is sedition, treason and theft from the main country. Spain should not allow this in any corner of its country. Not only in Catalonia ... but these laws will apply across the nation to everyone. These laws will unify and strengthen Spain while maintaining peace and stability. Run these laws for the next 10-20 years and all of these separatist elements will be rooted out from its core. Spain will never need to worry about separation.

Catalonia was one of the termination strategies
There is a bigger game in motion in the world. Catalonia was just a regional gimmick that the Establishment tried to pull off. Our lovely Establishment is eagerly working on “termination” strategies for America, Europe and Russia since the past 5 years now. We have stalled many of their moves.

Some of their prominent moves were aggression against Russia via Iran, Syria and North Korea ... and even the release of new diseases like Ebola and Zika Virus. These diseases were designed in Israel’s biotechnological labs and they were released in America’s vicinity. If you remember Ebola was found in Africa ... but somehow it found its way into America. Once Ebola was cured then immediately another new disease ... Zika Virus ... was unleashed. This again is moving into America.

We alerted the Obama Administration regarding this malice and since then no more new diseases were released. The Establishment is a criminal organization ... once their tactics are exposed ... they enter a restrictive shell. We are in unstable and critical times ... and we don’t know what are the next destructive moves that they will take. But the primary targets of the Establishment are America, Europe and Russia.

Why Spain?
You must be wondering why these countries and why Spain. It is mainly because of the debt crisis. If you see even Spain’s debt is 99% to GDP. There is a massive debt crisis all over America and Europe. It is mainly owing to the Establishment malice that this debt crisis has been created. This War on Terror was nothing but a deviation strategy that was being run since the past 16 years ... so that people don’t realize this massive debt. People were put into fear and insecurity so that they don’t rise against this debt crisis.

But there are anti-austerity marches in several countries ... including Spain. This ground level movement of the people will demand for solutions and eventually the main culprit that will be shown is the “bankers and Establishment”. Instead of coming out as the culprit and face condemnation ... they are unleashing termination strategies one by one.

What they wanted to do was ... create a massive civil war in Spain on the pretext of Catalonia. If Spain was destroyed while fighting this civil war then who would the world blame for the destruction of Spain? Obviously, they would blame Catalonia and the internal dissent in the country. This is their exit strategy.

Kurdish Referendum
Similarly, they had also carried out a referendum in Kurdistan in Iraq. They wanted to create a separate State for Kurds. Why? Establishment interest. Israel was getting 70% of its national oil requirement from war zones for as less as $10 per barrel while the entire world was paying $50-60 per barrel. Creation of the Kurdish State would provide free oil to Israel for life. But when we exposed this malice then the Iraqi government successfully handled this issue and the separatist leader in Kurdistan has stepped down.

At their roots they are criminals ... but they run the operation in the name of democracy only to show it as a legitimate operation. If you strike at the roots at the key people behind it ... then the problem gets solved immediately.

You are not alone
You are not alone in facing Establishment malice in the world. There are several leaders and countries who have been oppressed by the same Establishment.

  • President Obama. He is a fantastic people oriented leader. Highly diplomatic and skilled. They stagnated his entire Presidency. They had put America on the verge of war with Iran and Russia. We showed Obama what was going on and Obama wisely avoided this catastrophe.
  • President Putin. By the way, you will find a friend in Russia in dealing with Establishment malice and he is President Putin ... an immensely talented leader. They have isolated and sanctioned Russia into a world corner. It is again Establishment malice designed to terminate the West via a war against Russia. President Putin is fully aware of this malice.
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel. Another fantastic European leader ... was widely demonized and they ridiculed her refugee policy. They created several events within Germany to discredit her and her policies. Initially, she was being selected for a Nobel Prize for her support of refugees. But the Establishment created so many negative events which led only to demonization of her policies. She is another victim of Establishment malice.

President Trump has good potential but he is new in the game. He has a lot to learn. All of the above three have their own unique experience in dealing with Establishment malice. And your experience is Catalonia crisis.

The Establishment is a global entity and it has created global problems. They have installed several exploitation systems in America and Europe ... including Spain. Which results in enormous high cost of living for the common man, all key businesses are owned by a few ... while the majority of the people slog on 2-3 jobs only to survive, the wealth of the entire country gets drained into the hands of a few. They have infested several aspects of our life, including:

  • Media
  • Banks
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Business
  • And even the Church

We will be working with several countries in rooting out these exploitation systems and Establishment malice. I am sure Spain will be one of the fastest beneficiaries of our work ... just by the speed of action that you have taken. Your King’s power to simply dissolve the government at the tap of the finger is simply phenomenal. You have no idea of how easy it will be in dealing with Establishment malice in Spain with such an overwhelming power. Spain will be one of the fastest countries to rise in the modern world.

God bless and take care.