24 Oct 2017
Catalan crisis is an exact déjà vu of the Syrian civil war
in Europe

In 2011, there were also massive marches on the streets of Syria. Millions of people were on the streets. One group was in favor of the government and another group was against the government. This has already been done before. These are "Establishment wars" ... they want non-stop destruction especially focused on America and Europe. These marches in favor and against the Spanish government are designed by the same Establishment. My dear lovely and adorable Spain, you are in trouble.

The Syrian war is coming to an end ... the fight against ISIS is almost over ... they need the next war to begin. And the Catalan crisis is a "hot point" for war ... just like North Korea on the other side. All of these are Establishment deviation tactics to keep the West busy in war and chaos. No more conflicts are possible in the Muslim world. Now they are moving into the Christian world. They are planning a long bloody war in Spain. This is how you handle it.

Step 01

  • Declare that the "idea of separation" is treason and sedition
  • Condemn this idea and ideology itself

Step 02

  • Media agencies will talk about separation
  • Based upon the above law, "take over" media agencies
  • Don't just shut them down. They should be taken over and then a "unified" ideology must be promoted via the same
  • Do not arrest any leader before you take over the media
  • Do not take any action against the public before you take over the media
  • Media is the most important tool that they will use to incite people and create a civil war
  • First and foremost important priority is taking over the media

Step 03

  • Once you take over the media, then start rounding up leaders supporting separation
  • Put them under house arrest until the situation is handled
  • If you arrest the leaders before you take over the media then they will use the media to raise the people against these moves. Very important to take action against the media agencies first. Only after that move against the leaders. Create laws to "ban the idea of separation and its associated ideology". These laws will help you take action against the media agencies.
  • Immediately place leaders who will support a united Spain

These are the two main elements that they will use to create the civil war ... media and politicians. Use military if required but be very specific in making highly targeted extractions and changes. Make sure in every step that the general people face minimum harm or casualties. You need to do this as soon as possible.

You know what they are trying to do? Just like in the MiddleEast, they created ISIS ... a group claiming to create an "Islamic Caliphate" ... giving it an impression of the expansion of the Islamic empire that happened 1400 years ago ... so that people actually believe that it is ISIS and it is not an artificial entity designed by the Jewish Establishment. On the same lines, in Spain they are trying to exploit the local divisions in the country that exist since hundreds of years. Using ISIS they destroyed several countries in the MiddleEast. Now, using Catalonia, they wanted to destroy Spain via a civil war. Just like they funded and supplied arms in the MiddleEast by creating regional conflicts and by creating groups against the ruling government ... they want to carry out the exact same strategy by exploiting the emotions in Catalonia.

They will start the conflict at one place and once it starts ... they will start taking over cities. Within a few months, you will be seeing that "this area has been taken over by the rebels, this city has been taken over and that city has been taken over" ... a huge portion of Spain will be taken over. And then you will end up fighting for each city while killing fellow Christians by the millions. The entire country will be destroyed. This has already happened in Syria and Iraq. It is exact deja vu. Before all of this begins, root it out.


  • There is every possibility for the creation of "rebel groups" ... Catalan Rebels
  • There is every possibility of an armed rebellion
  • This is exactly what they are preparing for
  • The most efficient way of dealing with this crisis is taking over "media and leaders"

Once that is done, everything will reduce to a great extent. People will scatter without the aid of media or leaders ... it will be easy to manage. It can be done with minimum casualties. You are on the brink of a civil war. Your entire country can be destroyed using this rebel movement. Be very careful and move quickly against the opposition.