04 Oct 2017
Chaos Alert! Catalan Referendum is plain “theft and treason” that can lead to a civil war
in Europe

Feast and Famine
With richness, talent and resources comes responsibility. God did not make you rich so that you can give the finger to the poor. If we allow every rich and successful State to separate from the main country then eventually we will get areas of feast and famine. The guys who are rich will want separation from the regions that are poor.

What some people don’t realize is that … God makes you rich because there are some poor people who need your help. God blesses you with talent and resources so that you can help those who don’t have the same. You are gifted because of the poor. It is because of their prayers and their blessings that you are gifted. Don’t you ever think that the poor are a burden or why we should share our resources with those who don’t have them. It is because of them that you are getting those riches, resources and talent.

And technically if you see … if we start separating States into countries based upon individual success then we will eventually create regions of feast and famine. Countries do not function like this. It is the Establishment that functions like this. If you see the Establishment activities in the Soviet Union then this is exactly what they created. They created areas of feast and famine within the same country. The urban areas were booming and prosperous while millions of farmers were starving to death on the country sides in the Soviet Union. They follow a criminal self-serving mentality that does not give a damn about the poor or needy or how to help others or how to lift others. They care for just themselves and their interests.

Referendum and Treason
For their own self-interests, they are creating these bogus “referendums” … giving an illusion of democracy and the will of the people. When in reality … it is nothing but plain theft and treason. Catalonia is not the first place for a referendum … recently there was another similar referendum by Kurds in Iraq … a referendum for a separate State. The Kurdish referendum also directly caters to the interests of the Jewish Establishment. Israel has been importing 70% of its national oil requirement from these war zones for as low as $10 per barrel while the rest of the world is paying $50-60 per barrel. The creation of the Kurdish State is nothing but free oil for Israel. Which is why Israel is openly supporting the creation of the Kurdish State.

Similarly, Catalonia is one of the richest parts of Spain holding the major corporations and trade. By separating itself from the main country … the Establishment is creating a separate country that will bring its riches directly under its control. This is not a referendum … this is open theft and treason.

  • The land belongs to the country and people. Firstly, the land and every state belongs to the country and all of its people. Just because you live on that land … it does not become your personal property to create a separate country.
  • The entire country should vote. A referendum is when the entire country votes … not just like minded people voting to get what they want. The vote and opinion of the entire country must be taken in the referendum. Does the entire country want Catalonia to separate? Does the entire country want a separate Kurdish State?
  • Against Democratic norms. Small pockets of areas cannot simply vote and separate. You cannot say … “hey, we carried out a referendum. We all VOTED to separate. That is why we have the right to separate”. Excuse me, Democracy does not function this way. This is against Democratic norms and principles.
  • Treason. Moreover, this is against National interest and security. You are directly affecting the lives and security of the entire country by creating separate States. You are taking huge chunks of land that belong to the country and all of its people … without the permission of the government or its people. Taking huge chunks of land rich in resources and oil … without the permission of the main government … it is open theft and treason.

What our lovely Establishment is doing here is … in the name of “referendums” … involving some local people … making them vote … giving it a flair of democracy … they are carrying out open acts of theft and treason in the name of democracy. The Kurdish region belongs to Iraq. Catalonia belongs to Spain. Taking it away without government approval is open treason.

Handling State Separation
The first thing that you should understand is that … this is not a regional request. There are bigger forces into play and it can lead to a major conflict. This is how to handle this issue.

  • Never take action against the public. The people need to know that they have your support … that the government has their best interest. The Establishment’s objective is the creation of mass conflicts in Europe. They actually want to spin this into a civil war. The Establishment is continuously working on designing new ways of destroying America and Europe along with Russia. The Catalan issue can easily convert into a civil war that will destroy Spain. Look at Syria for reference. All they need is a group of people that will turn against the ruling government. In fact, the same Establishment is trying to turn several groups against the American government inside America … using the pretext of police violence and mass deportation. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is … “do not take action against the public”. Do not start hammering the people in any way. If you do so then it will lead directly to the conflict that the Establishment wants. Spain will turn into a war zone. Whatever you do … be nice to the people.
  • Replacement Measures. What you need to do is carry out “replacement” measures. You have to eliminate all separatist elements and replace them with positive and patriotic elements.
    • Media. The first element that you need to work on is the media. Media is one of the most crucial tools that the Establishment uses to run its agenda. To raise the people, to create differences, to create the hate, to create protests, to campaign, to demonize and to create anti-government activities. Using the media they can facilitate mass movement of people. So, one of the first things that you need to target is all media elements … TV Channels, newspapers and magazines. Replace all separatist media elements with positive pro-government elements. You need to declare that “wanting a separate State is treason”. Root out all media elements.
    • Leaders. Don’t go for the people. All of your efforts must be pinpoint and highly targeted to that they create minimal public outburst. Round up all leaders who are promoting the separatist movement. Replace these leaders with patriotic and positive leaders who will keep the country united.
    • Ideology. How could you allow the State to have their own anthem and flag? Your action is so overdue. You need to identify all schools, Churches and institutions where this separatist ideology is being promoted and replace them with a patriotic and united ideology.
  • Representation and Reforms. You can’t just nullify what the people want and what has been told to them for a long time by their leaders. You have to look at the people’s concerns and provide them with the necessary representation and reforms. For example, Kurds … they have a genuine reason of persecution … which is being used to create a separate country for them. But instead of giving away large chunks of our land to another country … we need to follow democratic principles. We need to give Kurds a state within the country … we need to give them representation in the government … their security needs should be met. They should be able to live peacefully in coexistence without fearing anyone. This addresses the people’s concerns as well as keeps the country united. Similarly, take a look at what Catalonia wants in terms of concerns of their people. Address those concerns … your replaced politicians and leaders should be from the same region who will address the concerns of the people. The people should not feel that they are being stomped upon but they should know that the government has their best interests at heart.

Establishment interest is chaos and destruction in America, Europe and Russia
The bigger picture of the game is this … the Establishment’s interest is chaos and destruction for several countries including America, Europe and Russia. They are desperately trying to get this done in one way or the other. On the frontend, it might seem as a requirement for a separate State … but if you don’t handle this well … then they can easily turn this into a civil war. Syria is a living example of how they ravage a country and totally destroy it via a civil war. They can plunge Spain into chaos.

There are two main factors that the Establishment uses … media and politicians. Boot all separatist media elements and politicians … and replace them with pro-government forces. Give confidence to the people by listening to their concerns and you can contain this entire situation. If you take action against the people while leaving the media and politicians untouched … then these guys can create havoc in the country.

Why Spain?
You must be wondering why is Spain in the spotlight? Among all European countries, why Spain?

  • The King can dissolve the parliament. There is a new world order coming soon. There are going to be massive changes in America and Europe. We are going to root out the Establishment from every place and aspect of the people’s lives … as much as possible. The Establishment is well aware of the new world that is about to rise and they are taking preliminary measures to safeguard their interests. They can get two things from the Catalan Separation movement. One … they can separate their riches and resources away from the control of the King. They will no longer be subject to the powerful King of Spain who can dissolve the parliament at the tap of his finger. If they get a separate state then they secure their corporations and riches. Two … if you refuse then they can destroy Spain via a civil war. Both ways they win. They either take everything or destroy everything. Criminal mentality.
  • Fastest to change. With the King’s control over the country, Spain will be one of the fastest countries in Europe to change with new Active Democratic Systems. Spain can swiftly root out the Establishment and create a fantastic and prosperous country for all of its people. The Establishment fears the King’s control over their corporations. The creation of Catalonia as a separate country helps the self-serving Establishment to secure its riches and gives it an upper hand in controlling what happens in its State. Don’t worry … these are a bunch of criminals panicking. Whatever we will do … it will be simply fantastic for all, including Catalonia.
  • Corporations opposing the King’s rule. The creation of Catalonia as a separate country is nothing but a bunch of corporations opposing the King’s rule and the main government's control. It is nothing more than that.
  • Negative coverage of the Spanish government. You can easily see the Establishment’s involvement in Catalonia by seeing the overwhelming negative coverage of the Spanish government in this issue. The Establishment media worldwide is openly supporting Catalonia and demonizing the Spanish government. This is direct proof of the Establishment’s interest and connection.
  • Designing alternate paths of destruction. This worldwide negative coverage will only demonize the Spanish government on this alternate path of destruction that they are planning in Catalonia. Just like they have been demonizing the Syrian government … similarly the Spanish government will be shown to the world as dictatorial and authoritarian. This is routine Establishment strategy. Which is why the first thing you need to do is root out the separatist media outlets from Catalonia … it will help you contain the situation at the local level at least.

Why North Korea?
Talking about alternate paths of destruction … President Trump should know why the Establishment shifted to North Korea so drastically and so quickly.

  • Russia, Russia, Russia didn’t work. The Establishment failed terribly in its demonization campaign against Russia in America. They kept on saying Russia, Russia, Russia … but people got fed up of it because there was no event associated with it. President Putin has only been super patient and tolerant … which led to the total failure of the anti-Russian campaign in the West. The Establishment’s objective was basically to flip Trump against Russia and start the conflict with Russia. Trump has a very strong mind … doesn’t matter what bullshit the media said … he didn’t give a damn. Trump used commonsense and he came out strong and winning.
  • Trump’s impeachment is taking too long. The path for Trump’s impeachment is taking just too long.
  • Trump and Russia will shine with Active Democracy. And the moment our project begins both Trump and Russia will shine with Active Democracy. Trump will be hailed as a fantastic leader with excellent reforms while Russia will be seen as a supportive and protective force for the required reforms.
  • People will protest against the bogus Trump investigations and the bogus anti-Russian propaganda. Since both Trump and Russia will shine … and they will be seen as super people oriented … people will love both of them. All of these Establishment designed investigations against Trump and the anti-Russian propaganda will backfire against the Establishment. In fact, the people will protest against these bogus falsely created propagandas. This is the phase that the Establishment knows will come very soon.
  • North Korea was the shortcut to World War III. So, instead of the above happening … what our smart ass Establishment planned to do was … create World War III via North Korea. China was planned to defend North Korea … and Russia would be attacked via Poland … and the World War would begin before all of the above happened. It was a shortcut for the preplanned desired destruction.

North Korea was just another alternate path of destruction that the Establishment was designing.