26 Apr 2017
Emmanuelle Macron is an impostor. DO NOT vote for him.
in Europe

The West is in trouble and the trouble is at such high peaks that “Jewish Establishment” elements are openly running for top political positions. We had Bernie, the Jew, running for President in America ... and we have Emmanuelle Macron in France, running for President. Both of them are impostors.

Both of them are directly connected to the Jewish Establishment and ideology ... leadership under them will only lead to disasters for the country. While we already know the Jewish Establishment connections of Bernie Sanders ... here are some Establishment connections of Emmanuelle Macron.

Investment Banker who worked for a Rothschild Bank
Macron is an Investment Banker who worked for the Rothschilds, the best place to find the most corrupt people. France is deep in debt owing to malicious debt-based Banker policies. Now, if we take a candidate who is directly trained by the guys who have created this massive debt ... then do you really think that he is going to bring about any change in these policies or the debt?

Member of the Socialist Party, who worked under Francois Hollande
Socialism is a concept created by the Jewish Establishment. Which is why ... Socialism has been a total disaster in its entire past ... and it was a disaster under Francois Hollande. This system is designed only to leech resources from the people for the benefit of a few. Hollande was a super disaster and his student “Emmanuelle Macron” will also be a super disaster. He is a guy coming in from the same Socialist ideology. He is directly in bed with the bankers with a Socialist mindset.

Talks about “Innovation” but he loves Free Trade
The guy is just “pretty talks” that the people want to hear. They just form the right words that the people would like to hear. That’s exactly what Bernie Sanders did in America ... and he got widespread publicity and approval. It is only “fooling” people. If you see their policies then they will be at a contrast to their promises.

The guy is talking about innovation and building the manufacturing industries in France ... he talks about “innovations” ... but then again he loves “Free Trade”. It is this Free Trade that has killed all of the industries in the West. The main beneficiary of Free Trade is “China”. All of major industries located in China are owned and controlled by the Jewish Establishment. This is the main reason that the Jewish Establishment promotes “free trade, global trade and free markets” ... because all of the jobs, industries and manufacturing flows to China because of this concept. They are the highest beneficiaries of “Free Trade”.

The disasters of “globalization” have been very well promoted in the West. The only reason some politicians are talking about “innovations” is because the Jewish Establishment cannot innovate. These guys are criminals ... they have no ideas of their own ... they do not have a constructive mindset ... and they need us to innovate so that they can copy paste and benefit from it financially. This is the only reason why some leaders connected to the Jewish Establishment promote “innovation” in the West. It is only to steal your brains ... to pick your ideas and make money off it.

Interestingly, Jared Kushner in America also wants to work on “innovation”. Emmanuelle Macron in France also wants to work on “innovation”. Have Jared Kushner and Emmanuelle Macron ever met in their lives? I guess not. But how do they have the same ideas? Jewish Establishment ... my friend, Jewish Establishment. One Think Tank comes up with the ideas and all Establishment elements promote the same around the world.

Setup own Party only because of the bad publicity of the Socialist Party
Macron has setup his own Party only because of the bad publicity and disastrous policies of the Socialist Party. He knows that he will lose if he runs using the Socialist Party. The guy is the same disaster ... but he is fooling the people by disconnecting himself from the Socialist Party and forming a new Party. This is another way of fooling and misleading people. The guy will be more disastrous than Francois Hollande.

There is no “honesty” in him
He is not an honest person. He talks about only made up stuff from his head with absolutely no honesty or connection with the heart. It is all calculations:

  • What do the people want to hear?
  • What should I say to get the votes?
  • What words will scare away the people?
  • How to make people believe?

This is what goes on in his head ... just like Hillary Clinton. There is honesty ... which means there is no real time plan of action in realizing anything. It is just bullshit words designed to get votes. He is an impostor who is fooling the people. DO NOT vote for him. He will be a major major disaster. All of this malice in the West is Banker designer and the last guy you want as President is a Banker puppet. Do not vote for Banker puppets.