10 Oct 2021
Biden spending trillions at the dictates of the Devil
in America

Biden doesn’t realize that Bernie Sanders is an Establishment puppet who maliciously misleads America with wrong policies and disastrous actions. Right now, the Establishment’s top most priority is to facilitate a “financial catastrophe” in America, if America cannot be destroyed via a war against Russia. This is exactly what Bernie Sanders is doing openly in America by campaigning for trillions in mass spending in Socialist policies.

Biden has started worrying that his policies are not passing through the Congress. But he does not realize that … he is blowing up trillions of taxpayer money at the dictates of the Devil. We strongly suggested Biden not to make Bernie Sanders a part of his Administration … not to give him any department … as he would only bring misleading, malice and disastrous policies into the Biden Presidency.

Biden has fortunately not given Bernie Sanders a position in his Cabinet … but what’s the point, when Bernie Sanders will ultimately design your policies even if he is not a part of your Administration? Why on Earth are you following the Devil? Why the hell do we need to spend trillions again and again and again and again at every turn?

Blowing up trillions at every turn … to the extent of allowing the Devil to design your policies and making them a part of the Biden Presidency is simply mind-boggling. What is wrong with you?

Bernie, the Socialist Devil
Bernie Sanders is the one who brought Socialism to the forefront in America recently. He is the one who designed policies that will cost hundreds of trillions to American taxpayers… Green New Deal, Blue New Deal, Medicare for All and God knows what all bullshit. Everyone failed Bernie Sanders because nobody wants America to be led by a Socialist Devil … and here you are … following the dictates of the Socialist Devil. Why on Earth do we need to follow this misleading weasel?

For Heaven’s sake, you cannot be so crazy after cash that you will follow any asshole who can come up with multi-trillion dollar spending plans? You need to get a grip Mr. Biden. You need to slow down your chase for the trillions … you cannot even see the Devil standing right in front of you.

This is turning out to be an embarrassment for the entire Democrat Party … including leading Democrats like Nancy Pelosi. Poor thing is a good Catholic Christian … and she is getting failures for no fault of her’s. Failing your recent $3.5 Trillion spending program is not a failure for Nancy Pelosi or the Biden Presidency … it was the failing of the Devil’s mass spending programs.

Nancy Pelosi and the Biden Presidency did not actually fail … they actually won against the Devil by not passing this mass spending bill. Every failure is not a failure … sometimes it is good when you fail in doing bad things.

Save America! – Donald Trump
Seeing your failures and drop in polls … Trump is coming into action … thinking that he is suitable to replace you. Trump’s new campaign slogan is “Save America!” Excellent … one question I have for Donald Trump … your first slogan was “Make America Great Again” … and after one year in your Presidency … you launched your next slogan of “Keep America Great”. This means that … you already made America great within one year and you only have to keep America great.

The question is … if you have already “Made America Great Again” … then why do we need to Save America? Why does a great country need to be saved? Lol. Doesn’t your new slogan of “Save America” talk against your previous slogan of “Keep America Great”?

I guess, you are still trying to pull off your old gimmick of showing yourself as the “savior” who will save America from all of its crises. America is apparently in a horrible condition and you are the only person who can save America. I think all of us already heard this in your 2016 campaign.

Do you know what is the difference between 2016 and 2024? We already gave you a chance in 2016 and you turned out to be an asshole … a completely self-obsessed asshole who only cares for himself. You show yourself as a people’s champion who will save your people … you already got the time and term for that … you didn’t give a shit about anybody but yourself. Your country was burning and you didn’t give a shit … you were busy looting and filling your bags with cash.

Bad news for Biden
(Bad news for Trump doesn’t mean good news for Biden … and bad news for Biden doesn’t mean good news for Trump.) Biden is actually doing 10 times worse than Trump in many key areas.

  • The Pandemic. A thousand Americans are dying a day after Biden has taken $3 Trillion to end the pandemic. He has made zero efforts to manage the Establishment in the pandemic just like Trump and he is relying only on the vaccines to end the pandemic. Everyone can see that it is not working.
  • Mass Spending. Biden is doing 10 times worse than Trump when it comes to spending.
  • Establishment. He is literally taking the dictates from the Devil by allowing Bernie, the lying Jew to design his policies. Bernie literally runs disastrous programs of the Establishment in America ... crazy spending on Socialist programs is the new Establishment gimmick to facilitate a financial catastrophe in America. Bernie heads this program and Biden is following his dictates. This is simply ridiculous. Even Trump was not this lame.

This is like Deja Vu of Bush to Obama ... everyone expected Obama to be different and they expected change ... and instead Obama bombed half a dozen countries. Everyone expected Biden to be different from Trump ... and Biden is turning out to be 10 times worse than Trump in many areas.

The Biden Presidency is like a live horror show.

Interesting Change in America
If you observed the Trump Presidency … then Republicans didn’t have the balls to stand up to Trump to change his policies. Trump was given absolute control over the Republican Party … because the key top Republicans would lead us to war and Trump was doing quite well in managing wars and Socialist policies. But this is not the same for Biden … Biden doesn’t have absolute control over Democrats. The Democrat Party is not a Party of Biden. Why? Because of Biden’s disastrous mass spending policies.

So, what we are seeing in America is … Democrats are standing up against their Democrat President to do what is right for the country. This might not be great news for Biden … but it is definitely very good for Democrats and America.

Fight to do what is right to win the next Presidency
The leaders who fight to do what is right … they win the next Presidency. If you see the Trump Presidency … then it is Democrats who stood up to Trump when it came to wars or mass spending or racist policies. The limelight was on Democrats to stop Trump’s blunders so that the right things can happen for the people and the country. Democrats successfully played their role … Trump fell in his approval ratings and Democrats got the Presidency.

If you look at Biden’s Presidency … it is not Trump who is correcting Biden’s blunders … he is actually encouraging Biden to do more blunders and he also wants a part of the loot. It is not Republicans who are stopping Biden’s blunders or mass spending … it is Democrats themselves standing up to Biden correcting his blunders.

This might create an interesting phase in America where a Democrat President will be replaced by another Democrat President. Yes, Biden is going full speed ahead with blunders … his approval ratings are tanking … Trump and Republicans are delighted at Biden’s failures … but they don’t realize that they are not seen as America’s saviors at all. America is being saved by the Democrats themselves.

This is not “party infighting” … this is the energy “to do what is right” within the Democrat Party. This is the Democrat Party protecting the country from the blunders and mistakes of their Democrat President. If this goes on … yes, Biden will continue to fail … his approval ratings will continue to fall … but the spotlight will remain only on the Democrats … which can lead to an interesting result of the next President being a Democrat.