27 Aug 2021
Managing the troops withdrawal from Afghanistan
in America

Let’s help Biden a little bit … its getting too chaotic out there. After all, it’s the Biden-Obamas team … I have great plans for them.

Good move, bad timing
Mr. Biden … in general, pulling troops back home is a good thing … ending wars is a good thing … what you have done is actually good. The problem is that … the timing is very bad. We have a lot of crises back home … a crisis of mass spending, party influence crisis, Establishment misleading crisis, bad policies crisis, a massive debt crisis … there was absolutely no reason to touch Afghanistan right now.

I have no idea which idiot told you to make this move at this moment in time … but it was not even required. All of this mess would not exist if you had not taken this move. However, we are where we are. Here are some pointers that will help you manage the troops withdrawal issue from Afghanistan.

Point 01. Establishment Deviation Tactic
In this scheme, the Establishment’s objective is to “demonize Biden”. Why? This is actually a deviation tactic. Just think, what would happen if Biden was not demonized or ridiculed for troops withdrawal from Afghanistan? Everyone would be talking about … what a big blunder it was to go into Afghanistan … they would trash the wars … the expense of wars … they would trash war profiteers, the war contractors, the defense companies … and cheer Biden for ending all of this nonsense. This is exactly what should have happened.

But instead of Biden being shown as the good guy … he is being shown as the bad guy. Why? It’s an Establishment “deviation tactic”. The Establishment is successfully deviating the demonization of itself by dumping the demonization on Biden instead. Everyone is busy demonizing Biden and no one talks about the war profiteers. This is the ongoing scheme of the Establishment.

Their gimmick is … “we are not bad … Biden is bad. Don’t focus on us … don’t target our profits … focus on Biden … target Biden”.

Point 02. Bigger problem – SM Groups
SM Groups can help you with Establishment issues but the bigger problem that you have is that … the Establishment has pulled SM Groups in their favor to demonize you. Afghanistan is only a pretext … SM Groups are mostly concerned about the mass spending, no change in policies, the high cost of living and no action on the Establishment. Why will SM Groups demonize war profiteers in order to protect you … when you yourself are giving the Establishment trillions of taxpayer money via several schemes? That’s the bigger problem that you have here.

$1 Trillion was spent in Afghanistan in 20 years … most of it went to war contractors and defense companies. But you are about to spend $10 Trillion in your first year itself … most of this amount will go to the same Establishment. That’s how the Establishment is able to pull SM Groups against you despite the fact that you are ending a 20 year old war.

Point 03. Trump Factor
You also have a constant Trump factor against you … who is always looking for and even trying to create failures and disasters under your Presidency. Trump has been encouraging, financing and supporting Establishment elements to create disasters under your Presidency. He is someone who has already worked with Establishment entities to create two waves of the pandemic … tens of thousands of Americans were killed in the process. A few more dying via a terrorist attacks is no biggie for Trump.

Trump is an additional factor that you always have to keep an eye on. The moment he will facilitate a failure under your Presidency … then he will immediately capitalize on it.

Point 04. Trump and Republicans
It takes a more political turn when the Republican party tries to capitalize on mistakes and failures under your Presidency. All of this is already happening.

Point 05. Afghan Government, a byproduct of a rigged system
One of the main reasons, we are asking you to break Establishment monopoly is so that we can remove the Establishment’s control over our government and systems. What you are seeing right now is a problem created via Establishment monopoly. The Establishment has rigged almost every American Government organization, especially military and defense operations.

They tell you one thing in the White House and something else happens at the ground level on the battlefield. We send our troops and funds to end terrorism but it has always resulted in the increase of terrorists. Our very own funds and weapons are freely supplied for the multiplication of terrorism. This happens because of a rigged system … a system rigged and controlled by the Establishment.

This is exactly what happened in Afghanistan. We spent $1 Trillion in Afghanistan over 20 years … training hundreds of thousands of Afghan soldiers … but the resultant government and Afghan army was so pathetic that … the leaders ran away with cash stacked in their cars and not a single soldier wanted to fight with the Taliban. The entire government collapsed and the country was overtaken within 10 days by the Taliban.

This is what the Establishment delivered … the failure in Afghanistan is not America’s fault … it is not the fault of an American President … but it is a typical problem of a rigged system by the Establishment. This massive collapse of trillions of American taxpayer money and efforts of over 20 years … should show you the need to get rid of the damn Establishment from our systems.

Point 06. Typical Establishment Gimmick
This recent terrorist attack that happened in Afghanistan … is nothing but a routine Establishment gimmick.

  • A terror event happens at a public place
  • Generally, a suicide bomber is used so that you can never actually trace the real people behind the attack
  • ISIS will claim responsibility over some stupid blog or news channel
  • And our politicians will be suggested to go to war against ISIS by the media

This has been a routine drill of the Establishment in the past 20 years of their War on Terror. This is a typical Establishment gimmick. Via this gimmick … they can use any cranky guy to do whatever they want … and then they get to channelize US funds and forces in whichever direction they want. This is a very routine drill that has happened several times under Obama.

Point 07. Taliban Factions
You should keep in mind that Afghanistan and Iraq were under Establishment war contractors for a very long time. These countries were essentially used as “terrorist training grounds” to create armies of terrorists. The US Government did not control these countries but the war contractors controlled these countries.

These war contractors were Establishment entities who would create “factions” from the Taliban or Al Qaeda … factions that were more and more radical … who would carry out more and heinous crimes. There is a possibility of these factions existing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Syria has been mostly cleansed out by Russia.

So, when you are dealing with the Taliban … it is not necessarily dealing with the official main root Taliban. Any activity can be created via factions in these countries. This is a major problem in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Syria is being managed by Russia … the Iraqi Government is managing them in Iraq … and you have just activated the Afghan version. You have to put tools into place to manage them.

Point 08. Internal Terrorism
ISIS was nothing but a faction designed and trained by the Establishment … that was closely linked to Israel. These factions can go about creating any activity anywhere … such as internal terrorism. Foreigners inside Afghanistan can be attacked.

Point 09. International Terrorism
Groups based in Afghanistan … claiming to be factions of Al Qaeda or the Taliban or even ISIS … can create international terrorist events. All of these terrorist events that may originate from Afghanistan has become your responsibility now … unluckily that is.

Point 10. Investigate and punish only the main culprits
An easy formula to manage any kind of terrorist activity is to investigate the event fully … get to the main culprits who actually carried out the event … and then punish only the main culprits. This will save American taxpayers trillions of dollars, tons of resources and everything can be done via a legal, diplomatic and intelligent routes.

It will help you not to start any new war. You will successfully stop any war and also punish the culprits at the same time. When you don’t start any war then the Establishment will lose its interest in creating these terror events … and eventually these events fade away. This is how you manage and end terrorism. The Establishment’s objectives via terror events are war, hate, division, racism, fear, mass spending, destruction and chaos. Don’t give them what they want … and these events will fade away.

That’s exactly how we ended the War on Terror. We stopped starting new wars and launched several investigations to go after these Establishment elements who created the terror events. The Establishment was not getting any benefits and it was getting a huge problem from the investigations … thus they ended their show.

Point 11. Get Russia involved
Russia is a great ally for world peace. The best thing about Russia is President Vladimir Putin. Putin calls the shots in Russia and not the Establishment. Russia doesn’t have a problem of a “rigged system” … thus their intelligence and military action is immensely successful in eliminating terrorist groups.

Be Putin’s friend … he is a good person … he is not owned by Trump … he is very intelligent and smart … and he will use his powers to help you. Russia will win where we fail because of our rigged system. Russia played a major role in the end of ISIS and terrorism from the world.

Point 12. International Diplomacy and Sanctions
Afghanistan is a dependent country … it has no oil resources … without aid, it will starve. It’s a must for it to comply with international rules and regulations. Without the support of the international community, Afghanistan cannot survive. This is an additional channel that we can use to control and manage the Taliban … their domestic policies and also to manage any terrorist group in their country.

We are in a phase … where we are controlling cranky countries like North Korea via sanctions and Russian support. Taliban are very orthodox but they are less cranky than North Korea. Even Taliban can be managed via diplomacy and sanctions.

Point 13. Strikes at terrorist groups
You will be eager to strike at terrorist groups … but if this is done in coordination with the Taliban or Russian support … then it is better. Because you don’t want a tit for tat response … which would lead us into a new war all over again. So, the more Afghan government you involve, the more internal influence you will have. The more internal influence you will have, the more are your chances of curbing terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

“Terrorism” is a major concern when the Taliban has taken over. If terrorism starts all over again then Biden will be blamed for it. You have to put in tools to manage any kind of terrorism that would originate from Afghanistan.

Point 14. Capitalizing on Taliban’s mistakes
Trump and Republicans will be very eager to capitalize on every mistake or blunder that the Taliban will make inside or outside Afghanistan … because it came to power because of your withdrawal of forces. This is a great opportunity for them and a political baggage for you.

Summary – Sticking to a positive track
Doesn’t matter what the world says … stick to doing what is right using facts and logic. It was a huge political blunder by taking this move right now … but what’s done is done. Stick to what’s right and move on … don’t start any new wars, use diplomacy and sanctions, involve the Taliban as much as possible, pull Russian coordination, keep the world safe, knock out any terrorist groups and maintain the Taliban on a moderate track.

Focus on the main goal
After a year’s time … what the world should see is that … you have ended the war, you brought thousands of American soldiers back home, saved trillions of taxpayer money and kept the world safe. If you can do this … then you will be the winner standing tall at the end of the day … and the noisemakers around you won’t matter.

You will win as far as the Afghanistan issue is concerned … there are many other major issues that you have to work on within America. Things are not that simple … some noise makers are not just noise makers … they have some genuine concerns … but as far as Afghanistan is concerned … stick to the main goal.

Good luck Mr. Biden … God bless us all and keep all of us in His love, mercy, grace and light.