20 Aug 2021
People Power through Presidential Eras
in America

Biden thinks that I am not with him … that’s wrong … I am with you Mr. Biden. Because SM Groups are turning against you, it doesn’t mean that I am against you. We are not one entity … though we are connected on a common purpose, we are still separate entities. I strategize and they are at the implementation level … everything that they do at the ground level is not necessarily authorized by me. This is a Democracy and everyone works in their own capacity to do what is right.

I am with you … but the problem is that, you are not with me yet … you still have to work with me. Let me show you what you are dealing with as far as we are concerned. To understand this … you have to understand how “People Power” evolved through Presidential eras. I myself did not expect this track but this is how God is charting out my path.

Obama Era
I was a popular blogger in the Obama Era. My only objective was to stop the wars and get it over with. I was very popular among the SM Network and they connected me all the way to the White House with Obama so that the right decision making could be done. We knocked out Mitt Romney to help Obama get re-elected. Obama knows me as a “popular blogger”.

Issues during the Obama Era
The major issue during the Obama era was that … Obama was mostly stuck with party policies … he followed more what his advisers were saying than what one simple blogger would say. Well, that’s what he thought … that I was nothing but one simple blogger. He had no idea about the SM Network … because we didn’t bother to train him about SM groups and activities … as his only job was to understand Establishment malice and use his Presidential powers to stop the wars. There was no need to understand SM Groups nor did we think that SM coordination was required.

Revolutionary Movements
We were not only about “blogging” … SM Groups had already started implementing our concepts of people power and people centrism across several countries. Several movements were created to boost people power and representation like the Tea Party, Occupy Movement and even the Arab Spring. While I was blogging on what has to be done … SM Groups were creating mass protests and even overthrowing governments in the process.

Yes, there is a massive amount of power and influence involved at the SM level of operations. These revolutionary activities at the ground level are owned and carried out by SM Groups … they are not mine. I only strategize … though, the coordination and synchronization between SM Groups and me provide interesting results.

Obama didn’t follow much … he took a long long time to end the wars. Party advisers and party influence was a major drawback … and also because, Obama was looking at me like a blogger … he did not know the full picture. This phase was very slow via the Presidential route … mostly stagnant … the party had their way and the Establishment flourished using the party.

Trump Era
I was very impressed at the revolutionary moves that the SM Groups were making around the world using my concepts. This dedication and accomplishments made me even more interested in helping them and working with them to take things forward. Since we had accomplished in making massive moves at the ground level in any country … it was “time to make a move to the top”.

Like I keep saying … there are 3 levels of operations in the country:

  • Top Level – Routine Political Parties
  • Establishment Level – The bullshit that the Establishment elements do
  • SM Level – This is the ground level … the people’s level

The Establishment was puppeting politicians at the top level and using their puppets to run their misleading schemes and malice. I had to pause SM activities at the ground level of mass protests and now, start the focus at the top level … to knock out Establishment puppets and put people-centric leaders at all key places.

  • Trump himself was a people centric leader pulled in the White House by SM Groups
  • Trump was given victories in assigning more than 200 judges and 3 Supreme Court Justices … only because we wanted to knock out Establishment puppets from all key places possible to make things people centric
  • Several Senators and House Reps were replaced with new people centric leaders

Again, I did not do this at the ground level … this is SM activity … I only gave them the “strategy” to root out puppets and bring in people centric leaders. This strategy is put into place to combat and end Establishment malice via its puppets.

It is because of this strategy that the combination of “Biden backed by Obamas” was given preference over Trump, as Trump was protecting the Establishment and not taking the lead.

Change in SM Activities
Just putting millions of people on the streets was not enough … we also needed people centric leaders at the top that will work with us in changing systems and creating new people centric systems. If we dominated both the Top Political level and the Ground People’s level … then it would be very easy to knock out Establishment malice in any sphere whatsoever.

From Blogger to the Architect of a New Democratic System
During the Obama Era … I had moved from being a Blogger to the Designer of Revolutions … and during the Trump Era … I moved on to become the Architect of a New Democratic System. You are seeing the “woke culture” in America and in several countries around the world … yup, that’s based on the concept of “Active Democracy”. Each individual, each company, each celebrity, each and every entity gets involved in leading their country … in deciding what is good for the country and holding back what is wrong. This is Active Democracy … this is Democracy in its true form … the rule of the people … its based on People Power.

You think that I am only a blogger … but you are living in a form of Democracy that I have designed … you are trying to be President in a Democracy that I have designed.

Understanding what’s going on
I am not trying to show off here. Lol. I am trying to explain to Biden what is going on. Obama thinks that I am a blogger who you don’t need to worry about … and Trump thinks that all of this public opposition is because of me and thus I am a harasser and extortionist. Lol. Both of them are mostly wrong.

If you follow them then you will remain lost in this new form of Democracy that you are living in. Every entity in America … it might be a person or organization … they have the right to voice their opinion and get involved in leading their country. What they do at the ground level is their decision and they own their own activities. Their activities are not my direct instructions … they may or may not follow me … I am mostly at the “strategy level”.

Understanding the problem and opposition
Yes, the demonization and ridicule of the Biden Presidency has begun and it has begun with a bang that has also surprised me. But here are some points that will help you understand the problem and this opposition that you are facing.

  • SM Groups are nothing but your own American people and American entities … from various walks of life … from the media, legal departments, political level, intelligence, celebrities, corporations and every single individual … they form the SM network. It is nothing but your own country at the ground level.
  • Facing several crises. The American people … your people have been facing several crises of abuse and exploitation … of high cost of living … of being mere employees and not entrepreneurs, of working 3 jobs to make ends meet, of living on 3 credit cards to pay their bills and they are being subjected to one shitty scheme after another by the Establishment of wars or the pandemic … passing on from one President to another … from Bush to Obama to Trump and now to Biden.
  • No change and more debt. 4 Presidents and no one has given them any change. A new guy comes and piles tens of trillions of more debt on their shoulders and walks away sheepishly. This tens of trillions of mass spending … where is this money coming from? All of this is going to be piled on the American people as debt. People don’t get change but they get tens of trillions of more debt on their shoulders because of incompetent and inactive leaders. That’s what pisses them off … that’s what the anger is all about. It has very very little to do with Afghanistan.

Issues with Trump
Coordination was not a major issue with Trump … he was actually very fast in coordinating with us and he changed very quickly on many issues … especially on the topics of wars, disasters, climate change and socialist programs. Trump was actually performing much better than Obama … that’s why he was given immense popularity. He had risen above party puppetry … he was using logic to do what is right … he had wiped out terrorism and stopped many wars … he was getting in sync with the concept of Active Democracy and he was coordinating well to keep America safe.

The issue with him was that … the FBI raids during the Mueller Investigation rattled him a little bit too much. He went in full-scale Devil worship mode … promising to protect the Devil and not taking any action against the Establishment. For the American people, it meant again that they have to live with zero change in the same high cost of living and exploitation systems … while Trump protects the Devil and loots trillions in the process. This is the main reason why SM Groups joined the Establishment in demonizing and ridiculing Trump for his incompetent leadership.

The Biden Presidency – A combo of Obama and Trump flaws
We were not actually pushing you to work with us … as I was already tired of writing hundreds of pages for Trump to show him the crisis and to request him to work with us to save his people. We already knew that you guys know that has to be done … we did not think that we had to write about it all over again and again and again. That’s why we gave you a few months to contact us.

But its been six months and you show no signs of any progress … and everyone is seeing the flaws of both Presidents in your leadership.

  • We are seeing complete party control and party policies being implemented like it was done during Obama.
  • The mass spending is 10 times more than Trump and there is zero action on the Establishment, its malice or on its systems.

For the American people, this means zero change and $50 trillion of debt on their shoulders in your first term. Trump was spending only $1 Trillion per year on Defense … and SM Groups termed him “a thief in a burning building”. What do you expect when you come up with ten times the spending in your first year itself?

You are not right just because you are not Trump
You got elected because you are not Trump … but you are not right just because you are not Trump. Everyone has great expectations from you … everyone is waiting to see great things from you … everyone is keen on supporting to do great things. But you are showing them that you are a Trump ten times bigger than Trump himself.

That’s why we are telling you again and again … do not follow Trump … you do not want to become another Trump. As far as Obama is concerned, policy wise, he is one step behind Trump. You do not have to be Obama 2.0 either. Obama has a completely different role to play … he will support you and empower you to create new systems and policies … that’s his key role. Enabling all of the party based bullshit is not his role. You will understand all of this when you work with us … I cannot put all of this online … it is not in the scope of one website or one person. The fact that I am having to publish all of this online is itself very bad.

If you work with me … then I can help you … otherwise, there is nothing I can do for you. This is what happened to Trump since his second year. The only thing that I showed him for the rest of his Presidency is … who humiliated him, how he is stuck in cycles of humiliation, how he is going to be removed from office, how he has to overcome his fear and how he has to do what is right. We are all really hoping that you will not be a Trump 2.0.

We are with you … but you need to be with us also.