18 Aug 2021
Biden needs to stop being Trump
in America

Biden is saying that “we need to stop making mistakes of the past” but he does not realize that … he is repeating many of Trump’s mistakes.

  • He is going for multi-trillion dollar spending at every turn
  • He is taking no action on the Establishment
  • He is not breaking Establishment monopoly in any way
  • He is bringing no change in the cost of living
  • He has made zero coordination with us yet
  • When it comes to spending, Biden is actually spending 10 times more than Trump and literally put the Establishment in party mode as all of the trillions that Biden will spend … most of it will go to the same Establishment

Biden baffled on Afghanistan
Biden must be baffled on Afghanistan … the entire country is against him including his own party members and media outlets. Let’s help him understand what is going on.

Trump was seen as the peace champion and he went about bragging in his campaign rallies of how he brought peace in the world, pulled troops back and ended wars. It served as a huge plus point for Trump … on the other hand, Biden must be freaking out “why has the country gone ballistic against me on Afghanistan? When bringing troops back home is a good thing … when ending wars is a good thing … why am I being ridiculed and demonized?”

These are very good questions Mr. Biden. The world out there is a little bit complicated … let me make it easy for you to understand.

3 major forces at play creating 3 layers of operations in the country
As of now, America has 3 main forces at play:

  • The political parties … this is the routine politics.
  • The Establishment … it screws around doing negative bullshit.
  • SM Groups … they manage both of the above.

The parallel mode of operation of these 3 major entities is creating 3 layers of operations in the country.

The Taliban takeover is Biden’s Helsinki
Let me use an example to explain what is happening. The Establishment hates all of the current US Presidents … this includes Obama, Trump and Biden. All of these Presidents are chosen and protected by SM Groups. All of these are people centric Presidents that are not Establishment puppets. SM forms a much larger force in America than the Establishment. The only way the Establishment can make moves against the President, most of the time, is by pulling SM groups in its favor.

The Establishment rallied among SM groups against Trump … for his inaction on the Establishment, mass spending, looting trillions and not caring for his people. And then they needed a “pretext” to openly hammer and humiliate Trump.

Trump meets Putin at the Helsinki Summit
Trump met Putin at the Helsinki Summit. If you observe … this is a perfectly normal thing to do … it is nothing wrong and not illegal or criminal at all. But the entire nation went ballistic against Trump for this meeting. Trump was hammered in the media, ridiculed, investigated and even Congressional meetings were held to discuss “what did Trump talk to Putin about”.

The whole Helsinki thing was total bullshit … it was just a pretext to hammer Trump using any excuse. The main reason why Trump was ridiculed and humiliated was because of his inaction on the crises that his country faces, protecting of the Establishment and backstabbing the purpose that he was chosen for.

Since Trump was a backstabber … the Establishment pulled SM Groups in its scheme of demonizing and ridiculing Trump throughout his Presidency. Eventually, Trump turned out to be the most humiliated and demonized President in all of US history.

In reality, Putin and Russia was not the issue at all
Just like you are baffled right now … even Trump was baffled after Helsinki. Putin and Russia was not the main issue at all. The Establishment was getting a 3 fold victory in this gimmick:

  • It was turning SM Groups against Trump … Trump was losing more and more support for his Presidency.
  • It was hammering Trump in the most vicious manner.
  • And it was also targeting Putin and Russia at the same time.

It was a very well planned gimmick to target several elements via one scheme. Trump could have been hammered on his mass spending or the debt crisis … but that would create a monetary loss for the Establishment and put the focus on their malice. That’s why they chose the subject of Russia and Putin.

Taliban is Biden’s Helsinki
The Establishment has repeated the same scheme under the Biden Presidency … it is using the same excuses to hammer Biden:

  • No action on the Establishment, mass spending at every turn, no change in high cost of living and so on.
  • The only difference is that … it is using “the Taliban” as the pretext this time

If you see … ending wars is a good thing … pulling troops back home is a good thing … then why are they calling you “a disaster, disgrace, a failure and that you should resign in disgrace”. It does not add up. This ridicule is not for Afghanistan … it has very little to do with the Taliban takeover … it has everything to do with your inaction on the Establishment, mass spending and no change in the cost of living for the American people.

Become Trump then get treated like Trump
We have been telling you again and again not to follow Trump. Please stop following Trump … he will make you who he is. This is exactly what is happening to you … you are becoming Trump and thus you are being treated like Trump was treated. And that’s very bad.

The Establishment is technically getting a 3 fold victory in this scheme when it gets to turn SM Groups against Biden:

  • They are turning SM Groups against Biden and using them to give the “Trump treatment” to Biden of ridicule and demonization.
  • They are saving their own ass and monetary benefits by not going after Biden’s mass spending or climate change. They are tactically targeting Afghanistan and the Taliban … this is subject that creates zero monetary loss for the Establishment.
  • Trump and Republicans get a victory via the ridicule and demonization of Biden.

The Establishment, Trump and the Republicans looking for failures
All of these entities are looking for failures under the Biden Presidency … in fact, Trump was so eager that he himself was designing failures in your Presidency. But now, with the Taliban takeover … they have got an excuse … everything that is wrong with the Taliban will be blamed on Biden. This has technically already begun. They are blaming Biden for all of shit that the Taliban is doing or will be doing.

Trump had it lucky … we could not afford an anti-Russian propaganda as we could not risk a war against Russia. It was important to keep Putin in the game. But the same doesn’t apply to Afghanistan or the Taliban. It’s a good pretext for Trump and the Republicans to carry out their anti-Biden propaganda.

SM position on this
As far as we are concerned, we are only strategists … we were not involved in the Helsinki outrage against Trump … nor are we involved in the outrage against Biden on the Taliban issue. But if you want to understand why SM gets pissed off at Presidents who don’t do shit is because …

  • SM are tens of millions of entities of your country
  • They are your American people … who voted for you
  • They protect you, support you, give you power and victories
  • Not taking action on the Establishment is backstabbing the very purpose that they chose you for
  • For them, it means that they have to live in exploitation systems in high cost of living while politicians pile $50 trillion of debt on them and walk away not doing shit for them

Understand them … they are your people … who have the right to voice their concerns and ask for change. If you are going to listen to them and be a good leader for them … this is your choice.

As of now, they are seeing that you are betraying them like Trump betrayed them. You were not chosen to be Trump … it is not difficult not to be Trump. If you had said before elections that … “hey, I am going to make Trump my Guru and do everything that Trump tells me to do. I am going to be a Trump, 10 times bigger than Trump” … then nobody would make you President. Nobody expects or wants Biden to be Trump.

You need to stop being Trump.

Biden has to be better than Obama and Trump
What Biden should understand is that … you don’t have to follow Obama or Trump … you have to be better than both. Things are far more complicated than under Obama or Trump … you have much more to handle than both of them combined.

Every President will say and ask you to do as they did.

  • Obama. He will say … “take it easy … the Active Democracy guy is a blogger. Do your thing and you don’t need to listen to him.” He told this to Warren also … Warren followed Obama’s advice. She dumped all of the junk from the Democrat Party in her policies and refused to listen to anything … she didn’t change and she was booted from the Presidential race. Yes, during Obama I was a popular blogger but now things are very different that Obama also does not know.
  • Trump. He will say … “look! All of this opposition is because of the Active Democracy guy! He is harassing you! This is extortion! Shut him down!” Well, you can see whose work has been shut down. Lol. It’s the Trump Presidency that has been shut down. Trump had zero courage or interest in standing up to the Establishment thus he was a failed President.

Both Obama and Trump don’t know what has to be done … following them will get you nothing but stagnation or ridicule. You need to leave Trump aside and then work with Obama on the “implementation part”. The actions, policies, strategies … we will work with you on all of this.

This is one of the reasons we said … “Obama cannot be in the lead … it is Michelle Obama that we have to pull in the lead” … mainly because everything new has to be done that both Obama and Trump don’t know. You need to keep an open mind, be flexible to change and new things … work with us and take America forward.

You are extremely late … so late, that the ridicule and demonization has begun. We have to quickly change this tide … you cannot be another Trump. You need to quit following Trump. You have to better than both … Obama and Trump.

Dear Michelle Obama … please help him.