15 Aug 2021
Failures have begun under the Biden Presidency
in America

The New Wave via Coronavirus Variants is Biden’s Failure
Mr. Biden, we cannot blame Trump anymore for the new waves of the pandemic. He is not the President anymore … you are the President … it is your job to save the people from Establishment malice and secure them from malicious activities like the pandemic.

  • First Wave – Establishment Malice. The first wave of the pandemic was pure Establishment malice. Every aspect of the pandemic was Establishment malice … right from the spread of the virus to the propaganda, loss in human life, mass spending, hiked up prices of medical supplies, shutdowns and economic losses.
  • Second Wave – Establishment Malice plus Trump. Trump worked with and encouraged Establishment elements to create a second wave of the pandemic so that the elections should be postponed and he could get an additional year in office.
  • Third Wave – Establishment Malice plus Trump. Again Trump worked with and encouraged Establishment elements to create a third wave of the pandemic so that disasters can be created under the Biden Presidency.
  • Fourth Wave – Establishment Malice. The fourth wave via variants is Establishment malice again. This is the second wave of the pandemic under the Biden Presidency and Trump is no longer involved.

If you see all of the 4 waves … it is via Establishment malice with or without Trump encouraging them. And when you don’t take action against Establishment malice then they keep on creating the problem again and again and again … and keep on leeching the world by trillions of dollars. This is something that we learnt from the War on Terror … as long as we allow the Establishment to create events and continue their misleading propaganda of hate, division and fear, then we keep on falling for their wars again and again.

The important thing that Biden should understand here is that … this is happening under your watch … under your Presidency. Hereon, you are responsible and not Trump … you will be held responsible for all failures hereon … no one will be blaming Trump for your failures and inaction.

Example: An Unguarded Bank
A good example to understand the Establishment’s malice against a country is via an “unguarded bank”. If you leave the bank without any guards, without any locks and with doors open … then what will happen? Obviously, it will be the target of thieves again and again. Who is to be blamed for this repeated loot of the bank? The thieves or the Manager that leaves the bank unguarded?

The first person that is blamed for the loot of the bank is the Manager who keeps the bank unguarded. If the bank is fully guarded in every way possible … its then that we can blame the thieves. Otherwise, the bank robbery is the Manager’s fault.

America Unguarded
That’s the exact scenario of America … America is unguarded from Establishment malice. That’s why it is repeatedly attacked, abused and leeched by the trillions in every malicious scheme. We showed Trump both … the normal routes and the routes of Establishment malice in the pandemic. Trump worked only on the normal routes, leaving aside the routes of Establishment malice.

Trump made only a few calls to Netanyahu … thinking that he will stop the malicious spread of the virus. That’s why Trump always thought that the virus would “magically disappear”. He thought that Netanyahu would make the Establishment stop its malice. Heh. Trump trusted his friend, the Devil.

6 months and zero action
Its been 6 months under the Biden Presidency … America is subjected to several crises by the Establishment and President Biden has absolutely no action or policy to address this malice in any sphere whatsoever. The thieves are attacking the country again and again … it’s the fourth wave of the pandemic and it’s the second wave under the Biden Presidency … still we have no action or plan to combat Establishment malice.

Looking for trillions at every turn
Since Biden has got the Presidency … he is looking for trillions at every turn. $2 Trillion here … $3 Trillion there … $4 Trillion here and $6 Trillion there and on and on and on. We are getting 150K American citizens infected per day and about 800 American citizens dying in a day … and still there is no action.

Look at the jobs! Look at the jobs! Look at the jobs!
Some idiot is telling Biden to use Trump’s “do nothing gimmick” of keep on saying … “look at the jobs! Look at the jobs! Look at the jobs!” Trump didn’t do shit during his Presidency and went on bragging about the jobs that the private sector was creating. He had absolutely nothing to do with the jobs … all he had to do was not start any new war, maintain the peace and the jobs would automatically grow.

Biden has spent $4 Trillion to create economic growth … $4 Trillion that were not required at all. Trump didn’t spend a single penny in creating jobs … the key to jobs growth is simply maintaining peace in the country. America has no jobs problem … Trump himself had hit about 97% employment. Bragging about jobs is a “do nothing gimmick”.

Masks and vaccines are not enough
Another thing that Mr. Biden should understand is that … masks and vaccines are not enough to combat Establishment malice.

  • Masks. Masks will protect you only from human-human transmission, which is actually quite less. The larger and more widespread mode of transmission of the virus is via “product to human” transmission. Trump made zero efforts to combat the same … nor have you done anything about it.
  • Vaccines. The duration of immunity after you take the vaccines is 3-6 months. Which means that, even if you are vaccinated, after 6 months you can get infected. The timeline to vaccinate the entire country is about one year. Which means that … at any point in time 50% of your people will be vulnerable to the virus.

Masks and vaccines help … but they are not enough.

Why is a third shot being recommended?
Before they said that … two shots are enough for “full vaccination”. But now, they are saying that we need to take a third shot. Why? Because they are seeing that fully vaccinated people are also being infected and suffering from the virus … their immunity no longer exists. The immunity lasts for a mere 3-6 months.

Now, there is a third shot … then there can be a fourth shot, a fifth shot, a sixth shot and there can be no end to this. It’s a must to secure ourselves from Establishment malice … this is what will secure us from the virus and these repeated waves of the pandemic will come to an end.

Best leaders are the ones who can manage Establishment malice
In this time of massive Establishment crises in several spheres, the best leaders are those who can combat Establishment malice. Obama and Trump had to manage only wars and debt … but now, we have several more layers of malice of pandemics, climate change, socialism and possible international terrorism via Afghanistan. Mr. Biden … you have a lot more on your plate than Obama and Trump ever had.

Failures have begun under the Biden Presidency
Seeing the actions and policies of the Biden Presidency in its first 6 months, anyone can easily see that several failures have already begun under the Biden Presidency.

  • Failing in the pandemic. We are repeatedly getting new waves of the pandemic despite the usage of masks and vaccines.
  • Failing on climate change. Biden is going for massive spending on climate change which is nothing but another Establishment scam. All of these trillions that Biden will spend on climate change, they will go to the same Establishment.
  • Failing on Socialism. Biden is going for mass spending on Socialist policies.
  • Failing on debt. Biden is fast tracking America towards a $50 Trillion debt crisis.

Cost of inaction and not managing Establishment malice
We are getting 150K American citizens infected per day with about 800 American citizens dying per day. In several States, hospitals are getting fully occupied putting enormous pressure on the medical services in each State. Along with that, we are headed towards a $50 Trillion debt crisis on this track.

Michelle Obama should step in
Its high time for the lovely Michelle Obama to step in and change the track of country. Biden cannot manage this on his own … several failures have already begun. It’s a must for Biden to learn, understand and play smarter before his Presidency starts falling apart. It is extremely important for Biden to play smart … otherwise, he will lose big. Michelle Obama is needed.