08 Aug 2021
Happy Birthday President Barack Obama!
in America

Firstly, a very Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama. May God bless the Obamas and help them become a Force for Good … for America and the world … for generations to come.

Obama’s legacy will begin after his Presidency
Do you remember this line? “Obama’s legacy will begin after his Presidency.” I mentioned this about 4 years ago … during the last months of your Presidency. And look what happened after that …

  • Obama has a coalition
  • Obamas are involved in the making of US Presidents
  • Obamas are involved in what policies will be implemented in the country

And you are doing all of this “after” your Presidency without holding any political office. Lol … interesting, isn’t it? One guy sits on the other side of the Ocean … writes a few pages … and the entire country’s direction changes … support, protection and success is systematically and tactically given to you … so that you can lead the country. This is not one guy at work … this is Active Democracy … this is collective action of independent SM Groups at key points in America to do what is right for the people and the country.

Now, you are on the verge of creating a phenomenal legacy for the Obamas for generations to come.

Holy Grail of Politics
I had given this information to Trump also … but he failed to lead the country and he was removed from office. The information that we provide … of Establishment know-how, their malicious activities, exploitation systems, how they mislead the country … this understanding and know-how is like the Holy Grail of politics in America. If you can follow this information and do what is right for the country … then you will be given enormous support, protection and victories in America.

Gone are the days of sucking up to Israel to get victories in America. The equation has been reversed … the more you suck up to Israel, the more likely you will fail in politics in America. The Era of People Power has begun in America … you need to be people centric to win in American politics. People centrism will get you the victories now.

Barack is the platform for Michelle
We were asked by SM Groups to choose someone to lead America and we chose Michelle Obama. There are reasons for that … but at the same time, it does not mean that Barack Obama is nullified in leadership roles … no, that is not the case.

We chose Michelle Obama because she is twice more people centric and has twice the energy in kicking ass to do what is right than Barack Obama. Your better half is definitely better than you. Lol.

Your problem is that … you are too nice and too much of a gentleman. You follow a community based approach where everybody gets to do their shit. This becomes a major problem when we have Establishment monopoly in almost all spheres of life … the Establishment gets to do its malice in every sphere possible. Right now, America doesn’t need a community based approach that approves everyone … but America needs a “fight for what is right”.

From darkness into light
President Barack Obama … we love you. There is no doubt about that … we love you. You are the most lovely and humble family to ever live in the White House. You are a good person. This is the base line from where we start our work with you. We love you and we have lots of hopes for you … this is the base that we are working on.

We might write stuff that might seem against you or Biden or even the Democrat Party. But this does not mean that we don’t like you in any way. It does not mean that we are disloyal or against you in any way.

You should understand that our topmost priority are the “people and the country”. Everything that we say, do or implement … it is centered around in doing what is right for the people in God’s light. This is the base of our work. With this base, we pull in leaders who we think that can lead the country to do what is right in this period of darkness.

These leadership roles that we create … it is based upon what America needs … it is based upon a bigger goal for the good of the Nation and the world. That’s the main reason, why leaders chosen by us are given enormous support, protection and victories so that they can do good, positive and great things for the people.

That’s why … if you see, we chose Trump and he was given a lot of support, protection and victories … but when he failed to lead the country … the support for him was pulled away and now, he is failing everywhere. The bigger purpose is a “fight for what is right for the people and the country”. You need to meet this purpose.

When we show the flaws or mistakes in you or Biden or Democrats … it is not to be against you but it is mainly to help you to do what is right. If you understand what is wrong then you can understand what is right … if you can understand darkness then you will understand light.

Barack and Michelle – The Obama Team
Yes, we chose Michelle Obama but then she is not totally independent from you. She has the power of the First Lady mainly because you were the President. She still needs your Presidential status, connections, influence and authority to make the right moves. She is not operating independently … both of you are a team. We put her in the lead because we know that she will easily surpass not only your flaws but also the flaws of 3 other US Presidents.

Minimal Risk – Backend Role
I know … in this game, there is a lot to understand and manage.

  • You have to rise above the flaws of 4 US Presidents
  • You have to rise above party puppetry
  • You have to rise above Establishment misleading
  • And then you need to know what to do

This is not something that you will be doing alone. You will not be a lonely frontend fighter … we are not putting Obamas on the frontline. There will be detailed analysis and planning involved … strategic and tactical actions will be put into place … and we will create an entire army for you that will fight to implement every step and policy. Your key role is “backend planning and support”. If you can do this much then everything can fall into place.

America needs forces for good
If you see … who was standing up to stop the wars? Nobody. We stood up … showed Obama, Trump and Putin what to do about it … pulled in SM support … and successfully stopped the wars by God’s grace. Now, take a look … who is stopping this multi-trillion dollar debt that is being piled on America every year? Bush added $5 Trillion … Obama added $9 Trillion … Trump added $10 Trillion in one term and Biden is about to add another $10 Trillion in his first term.

Who is stopping this debt crisis? Who is breaking Establishment monopoly? Who is stopping the wealth drain from the country? Nobody my friend … nobody. We only have to do this … by God’s grace and blessings.

America is in a dark phase … headed towards a massive economic catastrophe. Before it was headed towards a war with Russia … we dismantled that temporarily. The next worse thing for America is a massive economic catastrophe … the very base of this economic catastrophe is Establishment monopoly and wealth drain. America needs forces of good … we need leaders who will fight for what is right.

Don’t mind our criticisms of Obama or Biden or Democrats … all of it is for the good. Its all about doing what is right for the people under God’s light. Its for everyone’s good.

After Trump’s disappointing and dismal leadership in this crisis … everyone is hoping and praying that Obamas will at least prove to be a force for good. Trump just sat there leeching and looting … nobody wants a repetition of the Trump Presidency. America needs a fight for what is right.

Happy Birthday again!

God willing, Obamas will be a force for good for generations to come.