01 Aug 2021
Planning and Implementation through Presidential Terms
in America

This page should help Michelle Obama understand a few simple things:

  • Why she was chosen to lead America?
  • Her role in the game
  • The planning and implementation that happened during different Presidential terms
  • The coordination and security for our work through different Presidential terms

Planning and Implementation
These are top level games that are designed to dismantle the malice at the more basic levels in the game of party politics and Establishment politics. Party politics is the routine leg pulling that happens in Washington … the Establishment superimposes itself on this level of politics … controls the media and both political parties to run its own level of politics in the country. For this … the Establishment uses two main elements … planning and implementation.

The planning happens at several think tanks that the Establishment has setup to manage its several exploitation systems in the West. Think tanks manage the malice in various spheres of life from politics to banking to industries, manufacturing, finance, politics, media, education and many a times even the Church. The implementation is carried out via Establishment Monopoly in these very fields.

War on Terror
Let me give you an example of how this is done. If you look at the War on Terror, the Establishment used to carry out events at the ground level … publicize the event via its monopoly in the media … and then use its monopoly in politics to run the War on Terror. The Establishment was using its puppets to run the entire show … of fooling people … ripping off countries by the trillions while killing millions of innocent people. Once the War on Terror was busted, ripped up and stopped … the Establishment launched a new scheme of fear and chaos via pandemics.

SM Level of Politics
To dismantle the Establishment’s malice via its puppets … we activated SM Groups all across the country in various spheres of life from politics to media, intelligence, legals, celebrities and corporations. The Establishment was using its monopoly and a few puppet points to run its show … we surpassed the Establishment and crushed their malice via launching a more massive network of tens of millions of SM Groups all across the country.

We trained SM Groups to manage the politics at both the Party and Establishment levels. Thus, SM now successfully manages the very direction of the country. This is nothing but a form of Active Democracy being implemented via millions of key points in various spheres of life.

Planning and Implementation during Presidential Terms
Let’s take a look at the planning and implementation that happened during various Presidential Terms.

George W Bush
This was a dark phase in America. We were not involved in politics … the SM Network was not activated. Millions of Americans poured into the streets to stop the wars but they couldn’t change anything.

Barack Obama
Obama was the turning point in American history against Establishment misleading and monopoly. He was the first President to turn away from Establishment misleading in wars … end the politics of hate and fear … bring job and economic growth … and tried to pull America on a stable track.

However, by the time Obama could stop the wars … his Presidency got over. This was a very very slow phase … the planning that we were doing and the implementation that was happening from the White House was extremely slow. There are reasons for that:

  • Firstly, we took almost the entire first term only to rise to the Presidential level
  • SM was not activated … independent action from SM Groups was not happening … everyone was depending on Obama to lead … the “active” form of Democracy was not in action
  • Obama was following White advice and he was following his party’s policies.
  • I wouldn’t call it party puppetry … but there was a lot of party control as Obama took a Community Organizer approach and allowed everyone to do their thing.

Donald J Trump
The good thing that happened by the time we reached the Trump Presidency was that … SM was fully activated. Trump himself was chosen by SM Groups to lead America. SM Groups were themselves running several movements to knock out Establishment millionaire and billionaire criminals … the Arab Spring, #metoo movement, Occupy Movement and the Tea Party. Huge levels of group level activism were being carried out at the national level in several countries across the world by the time we reached Trump.

Trump himself actually did a fantastic job of ending the wars and wiping out terrorism by coordinating with us. The coordination from Trump when compared to Obama was extremely fast … Trump was very keen in not starting any new wars and in stopping Socialist disasters as well.

Yes, the security was very strong under Obama but the coordination was very slow. But during Trump, the security was like shit … Trump turned out to be a backstabber and a threat to our work … he was a parasite that was glad to leech on our work … he worked very quickly in doing stuff that helps his Presidency.

Trump got a lot of SM Support during his Presidency because he followed us in doing what is right for America. He was given a lot of victories and protection from his lawsuits and scandals. He was actually always one step away from being the Founding Father of Modern America … as he had stopped all wars, wiped out terrorism, risen above party puppetry, he had no financial catastrophes under his Presidency until the Pandemic began and he was using logic to make every decision. Many SM Groups were already seeing him as the New Era President.

Trump flunked big time when he knew that Biden would lose to him and that he would get re-elected anyway. He screwed up the Pandemic … went on a killing spree, creating a genocide … flipped against the purpose that he was chosen for and chose to protect the Devil.

Why Michelle Obama was chosen?
Trump was obviously chosen because we had the lovely Hillary GodDamn Clinton on the other side. She was an Establishment puppet that would destroy the world via a war against Russia. Trump was the right choice when Hillary was concerned. And look … luckily it was the right decision … today we have peace in the world.

Actually, any donkey would be a better President than Hillary. Lol. All that was needed was … that the person should not be an Establishment puppet. And Trump did just fine in stopping wars … and he went hee-haw hee-haw hee-haw … blowing his horn for a full 4 years without doing shit for the people. Lol.

We had a scenario in the country where:

  • Trump had flipped and he wasn’t doing shit … he was completely self-obsessed looting trillions for himself
  • Oprah had walked out from being considered for the Presidency
  • Warren flunked big time with her $133 Trillion plus in new spending
  • And we had Biden … the only logical person on the stage … but he was too brittle to handle any kind of Establishment pressure

We had a huge leadership vacuum and there was not one person fully qualified to lead the country. We needed someone who loved to do what is right, would always stand up for what is right, would be consistent in doing what is right, would be able to handle party and Establishment pressure, someone who was not a Pornstar banger and would lead the country into a new era.

The perfect person in sight was Obama … not Barack Obama but his better half, the lovely Michelle Obama. America is in several layers of crises right now … there is a huge leadership vacuum … and Michelle Obama is simply perfect to fill this void and lead the country.

Since Michelle Obama was not interested in running for President … it made her even more perfect to lead the country from behind. That’s why we suggested a combo leadership mode of Biden backed by Obamas. Since Biden was Obama’s VP … they already have great chemistry and coordination … it would be very easy to work with Biden via the lovely Michelle Obama … and America could be saved in this configuration.

We design how the country should function and who should be given victories and who should be pulled down. This is the suggestion we gave to SM Groups to design the leadership of the country and apparently, it got an overwhelming positive response.

5 Layers of Ongoing Crises in America
Just changing Presidents doesn’t help. We removed Bush because of his wars and we got half a dozen wars under Obama … we removed Trump for his trillion dollar spending and we are getting a ten-fold increase in spending under Biden. Just changing Presidents doesn’t help … there should be a full study and understanding of how to solve each crisis via tactical and strategic measures.

There are 5 layers of ongoing crises in America right now:

  • Establishment Monopoly. It has remained untouched under Bush, Obama, Trump and even Biden has no policy or action to dismantle Establishment monopoly. Trillions are being drained from the country via this monopoly. The tens of trillions that Biden is planning to spend … all of it will go mainly to the same Establishment entities.
  • Pandemics. With the end of the War on Terror, the Establishment has launched a new series of chaos and destruction in the world via the pandemic.
  • Trump’s malice. Trump is running his own level of malice of creating disasters under Biden and trying to pull off every move possible to end his Presidency via recounts and election audits. Trump works for no one but himself … he backstabs everyone.
  • Party Puppetry. Party control and influence has been an issue under Obama also … the same is being seen under Biden. Biden and Obamas should understand that the Establishment runs its malice via both parties … everything that the Democrat Party says is not right … especially on Climate Change and the massive levels of spending. Trump had surpassed party puppetry … you need to learn how to do the same.
  • Biden’s cash problem. The Establishment wants mass spending, Trump is encouraging Biden to go for mass spending to create an economic disaster under Biden … and Biden also loves the trillions in spending … all of this thrusts America into a $50 Trillion debt crisis at a minimum.

One lovely Black Woman Leading America
The lovely Michelle Obama needs to understand a few things so that she can successfully lead America.

  • Surpass the flaws of 4 US Presidents. In order to do what is right, firstly, you have to surpass the flaws of 4 US Presidents. You have to be better than all of them.
  • Surpass Party Puppetry. You have to surpass party puppetry … doesn’t matter if it is your own Democrat Party … you have to learn how to use logic and pull everyone to do what is right for the country and the people.
  • Surpass Establishment Misleading. Then you need to understand and surpass Establishment misleading.
  • Know what to do. And then in each crisis, you need to know what to do … so that, SM Groups can join you to give you success in your actions and policies. Most of the blunders and mistakes happen when you don’t know what to do. Trump is stuck since his second year because he doesn’t know what to do. Lol.

Yes, security is important
Yes, in designing the direction of the country … I have to show the plus and minus of each candidate and party. Yes, I know that you provide security for our work and I am thankful and grateful for the same. But you should understand that security is only the first step … only security will not solve your problems and only security will not give you a revolution in America. We need to be able to do our work.

Let me give you some examples. If the President is given only security and nothing more … no access to media, no political access, no access to intelligence, no access to make any reforms, no resources, no administration, no executive branch, no technology … will the President be able to run the country? Would you even call this person a President? It would be more like a hostage crisis. The guy is secure at one place and unable to do anything.

A Doctor … without a hospital, without any equipment and tools, without any access to the people and without any medications … can he play his role as a Doctor? No, he can’t. Yes, security is important … but security alone doesn’t get things done.

I am mentioning this mainly for two reasons.

  • Trump. Trump will try to use every excuse to turn you guys against us. He will say … “hey, look … you secure him and he is writing against you!”
  • Parasite. The second thing Trump and the Establishment would want is … no coordination and only parasite work … just leeching off on information. Today, we are at a point where no progress in America can be made without direct coordination. Trump had already reached this stage in his second year itself.

On one hand, Trump and the Establishment will try to disable security for the work … or they will try to maintain you guys as parasites on our work. In both of these modes, nothing will change for America. This is one of the reasons, why Trump was removed from the White House … he had become a negative trouble maker that refuses to save his country.

Team Building a Must
There is a truck load of work ahead … not only I have to setup my teams … Biden himself has to formulate several teams to work on each crisis. That’s the only way America is going to move forward away from these crises that it faces.

Dear lovely Lady Michelle Obama … you are needed to save America. America needs you.