18 Jul 2021
Biden needs to snap out of Trump’s puppetry
in America

Michelle Obama – Designing the flow of the country
Let’s introduce the lovely Michelle Obama to the top level politics in the game. Basically, there are 3 levels of politics in motion in America.

  • Party Level. This is the most basic level of politics that goes on in the frontend that you see … the crap that happens between Democrats and Republicans.
  • Establishment Level. Via monopoly in politics, media and corporations … the Establishment runs its own level of politics that cater to its own agenda and interests. This is the Establishment level of politics carried out mostly via Establishment puppets. This level is superimposed over the Party Level of politics to make you seem that its party agenda … but in reality it is Establishment politics.
  • SM Level. Seeing the disastrous results of Establishment level politics like the War on Terror and the massive levels of debt accumulated in the world, there is another level of politics activated in America and in many other countries in the world, especially in the West … this is the SM Level of politics. This superimposes itself on both … the Establishment and Party level of politics.

The SM Network is a massive entity of tens of millions of groups spread across the country … their activities effectively design the flow of the country. If you have SM in your favor then technically … you can run America.

The SM Level is basically the top level of politics … they crush Establishment elements and supporters … they toss Establishment billionaire criminals in jail … they decide who wins and who loses in elections … they help in enabling good things happen in the country and hold back the bad stuff.

This is the most basic information that you need to know as we are creating a backend role for you … in which you can run the country from the backend and always work on what is good and great for America.

First Step – Snap out of Trump’s puppetry
In order to lead the country, you need to understand both the plus and minus of each candidate and party … and then decide what is right for the country and the people … this will automatically give you the right line of action for your candidate and party as well.

We have to move America into Revolution Mode and the first thing that you have to do for this is “snap out of Trump’s puppetry”. Democrats cannot afford to be controlled or dictated by Trump in any way … this is not the reason for giving Democrats the Presidency. No way in hell should a Democrat President be the puppet of a self-obsessed, double impeached, genocidal maniac Ex-Republican President.

This is an important task for the lovely, Michelle Obama. She needs to snap out top Democrats from Trump’s puppetry. This is very important for the country.

I will try to keep this page not biased and not in favor of any candidate … it will help you see a few key pros and cons of both candidates … Trump and Biden … this will help you understand in making better moves for the good of the country and the people.

Here are some key points for the same.

Main problems with Trump’s and Biden’s leadership

Point One. No courage – Trump never had the courage to stand up to the Establishment
If you look at Trump’s 4 year Presidency … then, not at a single place did Trump stand up to the Establishment and do anything against them. In fact, Trump flipped … vowed to protect and support the Establishment and he was busy looting trillions via the Presidency.

As far as our work was concerned …

  • Leech and a parasite. Trump was a leech and a parasite extracting information for his own good … so that he could keep himself safe and blow his horn. Interestingly, even in this mode … we created world peace, ended terrorism and wars from the world.
  • Presidential Harassment! Trump was chosen by SM Groups to save America from a criminal Establishment but whenever Trump was shown the role that he has to play, he always cried “This is Presidential harassment!” America in burning in debt and when Trump was asked to save America … he would look at it as “harassment”.

That’s why … if you look at the end result of the Trump Presidency … because he followed us in managing wars and ending terrorism … we got world peace owing to which we got a roaring economy and jobs growth. But since Trump was too chicken to stand up to the Establishment, thus we got zero change and zero reforms under the Trump Presidency. The Establishment and its systems remained untouched under Trump … as Trump was their protector.

Point Two. Buying out and puppeting Democrats
Problems from Trump did not end with his Presidency … reportedly, Trump is buying out Democrats and trying to puppet them not to work with us … unless he has a share in the work.

Trump will preach as he does
One of the issues that will come if we involve Trump at any level in the work is that … Trump will preach as he does.

  • Parasite. He was a parasite on our work … extracting whatever he wanted and not taking any action on the Establishment. Trump will preach Democrats to do the same as well.
  • Harassment. Trump flipped on the purpose that he was chosen for … and whenever we reminded him the purpose that he was chosen for and asked him to save his people … he called it “harassment”. He will try to preach the same to you as well. He will try to show that our work is harassment for the President. Lol.
  • Turn Biden against us. He flipped, turned against us and tried to use several governments against us. He will also try to flip Biden and turn him against us.

Trump will try to preach exactly what he did … he is probably already doing the same. This is another issue from Trump in designing a role for him in the country’s leadership.

Point 3. Trying to create disasters under Biden
Trump failed in the purpose that he was chosen for and he was removed from the White House. Apparently, now his mantra to get re-elected is “Biden is a disaster and I am the hero that will save America”. He is busy trying to create disasters under Biden so that he can get re-elected. Trump is literally stabbing Biden in the back … he is mostly a nuisance.

Point 4. How will Biden’s revolutions help Trump?
Another point that Democrats must consider in designing a role for Trump in leading the country is … how will Biden’s revolutions help Trump? Trump will gain absolutely nothing when America is revolutionized under Democrat leadership. In fact, Trump and Republicans will get decimated in the process. Why will Trump join and remain loyal in a process where he will get decimated and Biden gets re-elected?

Point 5. Creating a role for Trump can root out Biden
What Democrats should keep in mind is that … Trump is not all bad. He is actually the first President to enter the Active Democratic form of running the country. In Active Democracy, you rise above yourself, above party politics and above Establishment misleading … and chose to do what is right for the people and the country … and then God and SM Groups give you the victory to do what is right. Trump has done this several times by following us in dodging wars and Socialism. Trump stood against Democrats and his own party of Republicans in doing what is right for the country … he did this while ignoring Establishment misleading. This type of leadership was not shown by previous Presidents.

Trump already has a support base from SM Groups that help him in doing what is right for the country. He has 4 years of Active Democracy experience in coming up with new ideas and new actions … completely in solo manner and then going for the win. We trained him to do this. As far as the game is concerned, Trump is far ahead in the game and very well experienced.

If you try to create a role for Trump in the forthcoming revolutions in America … then trust me, he will hog the limelight and stomp away Biden at the tap of a finger. That’s why, we keep on saying that “Biden should first surpass Trump … surpass Trump … surpass Trump” … if he wants to see true success.

Trump’s major issue was that he did not move forward to dismantle the Establishment … but his good point was that he hardly ever moved in the negative direction that will lead to failures … the pandemic being an exception.

Point 6. Biden has a 3 fold problem

  • Party Puppetry. I won’t blame Biden totally for this. The work is a little bit complicated and it is of quite a large scale … too many parameters are at play and Presidents generally don’t know what to do in these crises. Obama took 8 years only to stop the wars … Trump was stuck in the game since his second year itself … and if Biden doesn’t know then it is totally fine. It is not something that was expected … but the issue that comes with not knowing what to do is that … you are surrounded by party advisers and you tend to follow what you hear … which leads to party puppetry … which is exactly what you are seeing in the current Biden Presidency of mass spending on Climate Change and Socialist programs.
  • Chasing Trillions. Biden has a cash problem … this is also not new information … we had already mentioned this while evaluating his Presidency. Like, which President doesn’t have some cash interest? But the issue that happens is … when you chase trillions at every turn then it multiplies the mass spending and leads the country into a massive debt crisis.
  • Trump’s Puppetry. Apart from the Establishment misleading Biden and Democrats via party politics … we also have Trump’s puppetry that is further slowing down Biden and misleading him.

Owing to the above 3 current problems … we are headed towards a minimum of $50 Trillion debt crisis under Biden.

Point 7. The problem for America
The SM Network closely follows us in designing the flow of the country … it is mainly because we look at all parameters that affect the country collectively. Trump was removed from the White House because of his lack of action on the Establishment and he failed in dealing with the debt crisis. But if you look at what is going on with the Biden Presidency … then Biden is literally running Establishment schemes of mass spending on Climate Change and on Socialist programs … all of these trillions will eventually enter Establishment hands … and America will fall into a $50 Trillion debt crisis at a minimum.

So technically, when it comes to standing against Establishment misleading and party puppetry … Biden is actually doing worse than Trump. Trump spent only $1 Trillion on defense in his first year and most SM Groups went bonkers against him. And if you look at Biden … then he is $2 Trillion here … and $3 Trillion there … and $4 Trillion here … and then $6 Trillion there … and his first six months are not over yet.

Yes, there is still no hate against Biden from anybody mainly because the difference between Trump and Biden is that … Trump refused to work with us in taking down the Satanic Establishment and he started doing a long list of favors for them while looting trillions in the process. Trump knew what had to be done and he flipped and changed tracks … while Biden still doesn’t know what to do and he is new in the game.

Point 8. Pay and get forgiveness for genocide
Another issue pointed out by a few SM Groups is that … reportedly, Trump is “paying Democrats” not to take action against him in various legal issues and crimes committed by him. For example in the genocide that he committed by holding off the vaccines, his tax frauds, his Presidential profiteering and so on. What they are asking is … “why is the Democrat leadership in a mode of “pay and get forgiveness for genocide”? Are American lives so cheap and dispensable that someone can simply pay and kill any number of US citizens that he wants?”

What bothers us is that … the bigger issue that comes further ahead in the game is that … what will happen if Establishment elements walk in with a bag of cash? Are we going to turn a blind eye to the crises and exploitation that they levy on the people? Are we going to protect all forms of criminals and genocidal maniacs?

If you look at this issue from a Democrat perspective then … Trump has literally sealed Biden’s lips against saying anything against him … there is not a single line against Trump from Biden. The payout might be hefty but this is bad for the Party. If you observe, Obama spent his enter first term trashing and blaming George Bush … it helped him to a great extent and that was one of the reasons that he got re-elected. If Biden remains mum against Trump … while Trump Team keeps on trashing Biden … then it increases Trump’s chances of getting re-elected, not Biden’s.

Point 9. Where is the breakup of Establishment monopoly?
Trump was removed from the White House because he refused to break Establishment monopoly. Now, if you look at Biden’s policies … where is the breakup of Establishment monopoly in any sphere? In the media or banks or industries or manufacturing or politics? Where are we breaking the Establishment in any sphere at all? Every Establishment exploitation system is untouched … the wealth drain doesn’t only continue but we are multiplying it by tens of trillions via additional mass spending. We are not breaking Establishment monopoly but we are benefiting them by the trillions at every turn.

Point 10. Already predicted … Biden hitting the ground with the wrong policies
Biden hitting the ground with the wrong policies and putting America on a track of mass spending was already predicted by us even before Biden got elected. The info is there on this site only … check it out. It would have been great if Biden had learnt what to do and hit the ground with the right policies … it would be very easy for him to surpass Trump and America would not be on this track of a $50 Trillion debt crisis. But when someone hits the ground with the wrong policies … then there is an additional effort and patience required in pulling back the person from wrong policies and then put him on the right track. This is exactly where we are.

Mr. Biden … everyone is seeing that you are enjoying the Presidential lottery … you are welcome. Can we get to work now?