13 Jul 2021
Getting Biden in the Revolution Mode
in America

Kamala Harris wants to be the next President? Well, right now … I need to get the Biden Presidency on the right track. He needs to get into the revolution mode. Then we will discuss about the next President.

You should understand that there are two main factors in deciding the Presidency.

  • Strategy. Yes, I agree … I do the strategy. I show where our country is currently, I formulate how to take the country forward … I show who is coordinating the best … and I show the most suitable candidates and configurations for the Presidency.
  • Implementation. The second most important force in deciding the Presidency is the SM Network. They are the on-the-ground force … they have several tools to monitor and evaluate each candidate in real time. The eventual decision is carried out by SM Groups.

Candidates don’t become President just because I said so … everything is cross checked and evaluated in real time. For 2020, I showed both options of taking America forward … under Trump and also under Biden backed by Obamas. Trump failed the real time implementation checks … he was against us, he was helping and protecting the Establishment and he was stopping even Democrats from working with us. I can strategize great leadership for my chosen candidates but real time implementation should also fall into place for the candidate to get the Presidency. 

For example … Warren. I pulled her in the game … I created SM support for her … but her practical application was total cuckoo. She came up with hundreds of trillions in additional spending and didn’t bother to change even when we showed the adverse consequences of her policies. She failed miserably in the implementation checks.

Thus, we were left with Biden and Trump on the stage. The implementation checks that SM Groups put on Biden were … whether he will change his stance on topics or not? Whether he will work with Obamas or not? Whether Biden will lead the country along with the Obama coalition or not? He passed in all of these checks. Biden passed on changing his stand on defuning the police … he passed in working with Obamas … he passed on holding off hundreds of trillions in spending that Warren was coming up with … and since my Guardian Angel is Michelle Obama who maintains my security … he passed in securing me and working with me along with the Obama coalition.

I had actually warned Trump about these checks that SM Groups were doing during elections itself … “Biden is passing several checks from SM Groups and they are seriously considering him for President” … Trump didn’t care … and Biden turned out to be the most suitable candidate to take America forward from Trump’s hands.

A few things that you should note in this is that …

  • Only strategy is not important … the practical application is also important. The candidate should show the courage, talent, vision and capability to make the right decisions to lead America in the right direction. I design strategies but the eventual decision comes from SM Groups.
  • Revolution is the most important. These are not routine politics where we are handing out Presidencies. The main purpose of the strategy and implementation checks is to pull in leaders that will revolutionize America. That’s the main purpose Trump was pulled in the game for and that’s the main purpose Biden backed by Obamas is given the Presidency.
  • Not plain trillion dollar lotteries. The first thing that these new comers in the game are doing is … going for the trillions. Honestly speaking … both Trump and Biden have shown the same behaviors. We are not bringing outsiders in the game who are Establishment independent just to hand out trillion dollar lotteries to them. The main purpose of all of this effort is to stand against this Establishment in all of its forms and revolutionize America.
  • Trump’s sex setups. We brought Trump in the game … instead of revolutionizing America by working with us … he is busy creating fake sex setups. Looting trillions and creating fake sex setups … that’s not the purpose of giving you guys the Presidency. “I am the President … why should I do this and why should I do that? I am here to make money and not create any revolutions." This is the main problem we got with Trump.
  • Biden backed by Obamas got the Presidency. Another important thing that you should observe is that … Biden alone was not given the Presidency. “Biden backed by Obamas” was given the Presidency. It is Biden backed by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama is where we get the right configuration to lead America out of this crisis. Obamas bring their knowledge and coalition to support Biden … and Biden along with the Obama Coalition collectively lead America into a new era. That’s the main goal of formulating this Presidency.
  • Leave Trump aside. The first thing that Biden and Obamas have to do is … leave Trump aside. He is not needed and not required in the game. If you talk to him or listen to him or involve him in any way … then he will make everything about himself. He will want trillions in share … he will want to root out Biden in every way possible … he will want praise and glory for himself … and then he will want the Presidency for himself in 2024. As far as we are concerned, he will be busy creating fake sex setups to derail coordination. Trump is nothing but “unnecessary baggage” as of now. Involving Trump only means everything for him, destruction for you and derailing of everything for the country. 

Priority is to get Biden in the Revolution Mode
Yes, the next President is decided based upon the strategy that will be applicable in 2024 and how the candidate will be most suited to implement the same. Working on the next President is actually of secondary priority right now. Our number one priority is getting Biden in the Revolution Mode. Once Biden gets into Revolution Mode then …

  • Trump and Republicans will be toast
  • Democrats will make huge gains in the Mid Terms and in the House & Senate
  • Decimation of Republicans will begin
  • A new era for America will get launched
  • Establishment monopoly will get broken down
  • Several reforms, changes and new systems will be created for the people
  • Real time performance of each candidate will be observed and the next President will be decided

We had actually planned great things for Trump … Trump was supposed to be the Founding Father to take America into a new era … Trump was supposed to implement all of the above via his Party. But Trump’s real time implementation was not even close … he was all about looting taxpayer money and then using the loot to save his ass and blow his horn. The only major good thing that Trump did in 4 long years is not start any new war and dodged Socialist disasters.

We cannot commit anything to any candidate … we provide the knowhow and strategies … they decide their fate via real time implementation. We planned good things under Trump when compared to Hillary … they saw Hillary’s real time record and chose Trump to lead America. Now, they saw Trump’s real time record and chose Biden backed by Obamas to lead America.

If Kamala Harris is interested in being President … then please step forward and prove yourself. Who the hell doesn’t want to be President? Almost everybody is interested … you have to prove yourself in real time.