23 May 2021
Getting Putin involved to manage Netanyahu was a good move
in America

Putin, the true peace champion
President Putin has actually been the longest serving active President in the game … who is well aware of Establishment malice and has taken several measures to curb Establishment malice at several levels.  Thanks to President Putin and Russia’s world leadership we got ISIS and terrorism wiped out from the world … and we have peace and protection for several countries including Syria, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and now even Palestine.

President Putin is providing fantastic world leadership to maintain peace in the world. Containing the recent malicious war from Netanyahu clearly shows that:

  • Putin and Russia are an American ally.
  • They will keenly and instantly work with the current US President in maintaining world peace.
  • Putin is keen on stomping out Establishment malice, influence and presence wherever possible.

Biden and Democrats should not look at Putin as a pawn of Trump … he is far beyond that. President Putin is an excellent Diplomat … and he has repetitively shown that he will work with logic, commonsense, power, technology and even force to do the right thing to save the people and to maintain world peace.

President Biden should not look down on President Putin or treat him roughly. President Putin is an excellent world leader, an ally of America and he will gladly work with you when you treat him as a partner on a common mission. You will find President Putin to be a great Diplomat and an excellent partner to do the right thing.

Failing Establishment malice in creating a World War
What Biden and Democrats should also keep in mind is that … yes, it was a good move to pull Putin in the game to stop Netanyahu’s bombing campaign … but it was also a big gamble. As of now, the Jewish Establishment’s key interest is a war between America and Russia. The Establishment is ready to use Israel as bait to start the world war … they can very well use Israel to initiate a war with Russia itself with the hope of pulling America in the war.

The Establishment’s winning tactic is to create a war between America and Russia … if they are able to pitch these two countries against each other then they get the world war that they need. But thankfully, today they have both nations against Israel. America is pressurizing for a ceasefire and Russia is threatening a response. The Jewish Establishment probably never expected to see this day.

Frontend and Backend Approach
Biden needs to be very tactical in managing Israel … he has to follow a frontend and a backend approach to manage the malice from the Israeli government.

You should keep in mind that the majority of the media and corporations in America are still owned by the Jewish Establishment. They need just one wrong statement from you in order to condemn as an anti-Semite. In this scenario, you have to be careful of how you manage the malice from Israel … you have to contain the malice but also not come off as an anti-Semite.

  • Acceptable. It is acceptable for you to become vocal in advising Israel for peace, ceasefire, two state solution, equal rights, following international law and so on.
  • Not acceptable. But don’t outright condemn and reject Israel … don’t generalize and make negative statements against Israel.

Show support for Israel but also pressurize and push them to do what is right and make them follow international law. This will help you balance the act with Israel.

You have far more flexibility when it comes to backend moves.

  • No support in war. You can make it very clear to them that America will not fight in Israel’s favor if Israel starts a war with Russia. They need to know this … they need to know that they will not get a conflict between America and Russia … they need to know that they cannot use Israel as bait to start the conflict between America and Russia.
  • Activate other entities. You can pitch other entities on the vocal frontend against the Israeli government’s malicious activities. Other entities like Russia, the Squad, BDS movement, media entities, Europe and GCC countries. These entities will gladly and freely expose Israel’s crimes and malice to the world … support and protect these entities.

Dealing with Israel is a big gamble
Dealing with Israel is a big gamble … Trump failed in dealing with Israel … he didn’t like anything that could affect his Presidency … he chose to worship the Devil instead of containing its malice. This is what’s at stake when Israel is concerned.

  • The Biden Presidency. Since the Jewish Establishment owns 90% of the US mainstream media … using just one statement they can brand you as an anti-Semite. This can literally put your Presidency at stake. This also actually shows why we should break Establishment monopoly in the media so that a bunch of Satanists don’t have so much influence over the US President.
  • A world war – a conflict with Russia. We are living in times where the Jewish Establishment is gladly trying to use Israel as bait to start a world war. Just in case, Israel goes cuckoo and starts a conflict with Russia … then you have to be prepared to stand down and not get involved in that conflict. And this could mean standing against the US media, politicians from both parties and several political and military advisers who would be telling you to support Israel against Russia.

A military option with Israel is a huge risk … it’s a risk for the entire world. Trump is screwing around with the Biden Presidency by encouraging and supporting Netanyahu to start bombing campaigns. Trump is obsessed about creating failures under Biden and somehow getting a victory in 2024 … but he has no idea that he put the entire world at risk by pushing Israel to start new wars. What Netanyahu was probably thinking that … he has Trump’s support and somehow he will be able to pull America in the war. It should be made very clear to Israel that America will not support or participate in any of its wars.

Diplomacy and sanctions is a safer mode
That’s why … dealing with Israel via Diplomacy and sanctions is a far more safer mode. With patience and diplomacy, you will not give them the war that they need … and with sanctions, their aggressive moves will only backfire on them.

This is a better and safer track to win against Israel.