20 Apr 2021
China is selling crap in the name of vaccine. DO NOT buy the Chinese vaccine for Covid.
in America

Which vaccines work and which don’t
An interesting inference that can be made after a few months of vaccinations in several countries around the world is … which vaccines work and which don’t.

A fantastic positive example – UK
UK has been using AstraZeneca, Pfizer and it has also authorized Moderna. As of today, 65 doses have been delivered for every 100 people in the UK. The vaccines are showing a very good response and the number of cases and deaths have reduced phenomenally.

An example where the vaccines are not working – UAE using the Chinese Vaccine
UAE has opted for the Chinese vaccine … maybe because of the price and availability. Because of the high demand of AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna … it is difficult to procure these vaccines. Some countries are opting for the Chinese vaccine. UAE has delivered 100 doses for every 100 people as of today … which means that every single person in UAE has got at least one shot of the vaccine.

But surprisingly the results are not the same as seen in the UK. The Chinese vaccine is having the “opposite effect” … it is not immunizing the people but it is making them more prone to the virus … it is multiplying the number of cases and deaths. Take a look at the charts of the virus in UAE to understand this.

Before using the vaccine, the number of cases was of about 1000 per day … and after using the vaccine, the number of cases has increased to 3000-4000 per day. That’s a 3-4 times of INCREASE in the number of cases. The vaccine should protect and immunize the people but instead of that … it is doing the opposite.

Before using the vaccine, the number of deaths was 10 per day … after using the vaccine, it is hitting to 20 deaths per day.

China is selling crap in the name of vaccine
The results are the same even in other countries where the Chinese vaccine is being used. The WHO should warn countries NOT to use the Chinese vaccine. The Government is thinking that they are vaccinating the people and the people are thinking that they are vaccinated from Covid … but its total crap what they are taking.

  • It is not protecting the people from Covid
  • It is not providing the immunity required
  • In fact, it is making the people even more prone to the virus

Brazil, UAE, Bahrain and Chile – All using Chinese vaccines show high infections
These 4 countries are using the Chinese vaccine and all of them show a high level of daily infections even after a huge number of vaccinations are carried out.

International Concern
This matter should be of international concern because:

  • Several countries are using the Chinese vaccine … mainly because they don’t want to wait in line to buy AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna. They are thinking that the Chinese vaccine works.
  • Not only several countries are being duped but it is providing a false surety of vaccination.
  • This is maintaining these countries still vulnerable to the virus … the millions of people that are taking the Chinese vaccine … they are still vulnerable to the virus.
  • These countries think that they are vaccinated … but in reality they are not and they are even more vulnerable to the virus.
  • Vaccine Passport – This raises the question of travel advisory … of going to these countries and allowing vaccinated people from these countries to come in our country. Can we trust the vaccine passport created using the Chinese vaccine?
  • Brazil is one of the biggest victims of Corona and they are using the Chinese vaccine at a large scale. Should we turn a blind eye to countries using a vaccine that does not work? Are we going to allow people from Brazil into our country when in reality they are not vaccinated?

The WHO and all Western Governments should immediately study the efficacy and adverse effects of the Chinese vaccine and all other vaccines being used around the world. Because very soon the vaccination is going to function like a travel passport. We have to know which vaccine actually works … so that we can endorse and trust that vaccine … and thus accept their vaccination passport.

If the WHO and Western governments remain silent on this issue … simply because they are not using the Chinese vaccine and it is someone else who is using the Chinese vaccine … then this can become an international problem.

  • If this issue is not addressed then we will get vulnerable people from these countries who have used the Chinese vaccine.
  • Secondly, these countries themselves will suffer having vaccinated millions of their people with a vaccine that does not work … and then they have to vaccinate their people using another vaccine all over again. This will cost them billions in more funds and it will cost tens of thousands of people’s lives in the process.

Monitoring the number of vaccinations
It was an excellent move to monitor the number of vaccinations being given in each country. This is exactly what is helping us monitor the efficacy of each vaccine in each country. Now, the WHO and Western governments should come into action in monitoring the efficacy of each vaccine in every country of the world … and provide guidance and inputs to each government whether to continue on a particular vaccine or not.

The government has the right to choose whichever vaccine they want for their people but the WHO and the West can step forward to say …

  • Hey, this vaccine does not work and
  • Vaccinations via this particular vaccine will not be accepted for travel in our countries.

Such steps will protect countries from fake vaccines as from China.